Korean media: Samsung Gear S4 smart watch will debut with Note9

According to recent news, Samsung will release its new flagship Galaxy Note in early August. 9. According to the latest news disclosed by Korean media, Samsung will launch a new generation of smart watches, Galaxy Gear S4, in addition to mobile phones.

There is not much news about this smart watch that we know so far. Recently, the microblogging active enthusiast @i Ice universe revealed that the Gear S4 will have a larger battery than the previous generation model. It is worth mentioning that the recent explosion of the god Evan Blass also said that Samsung engineers are testing smart watches running Google Wear OS. It is worth noting whether Samsung will switch systems.

Mentioned smart watches, Apple's Apple Watch currently dominates the entire market, Android smart watch performance is not ideal. Samsung's Gear series smart watches, although also very popular, but has been running its own Tizen OS system.