Hisense air-conditioning saves the action struck | Help the World Cup

From the close of the World Cup in Russia in 2018, the fans have become more and more excited. As the official sponsor of the 2018 World Cup, Hisense’s attention has been rising.

With the widespread outbreak of high temperatures throughout the country, how to comfortably watch the ball has become a big 'difficult' for fans. From June 9th to 18th, Hisense Air-conditioner launched a nationwide "Stop Action" through a series of comfortable frequency conversion products for the World Cup. Powered by. Comfortable frequency conversion products represented by Hisense X-air conditioners, World Cup trophy 'Harry' air conditioners, collocations with five key provincial highlights and exclusive gifts, sending a touch of cool in the hot summer season, during the high season market Fully open the popularity of 'conversion frequency'.

Five Hearts Comfort Upgrade

Every season, the air-conditioner needs to be strengthened. Consumers will always be eager to buy air-conditioners that are free of trouble in terms of product quality, service, etc. However, the actual purchase will always encounter such problems. This troubled air-conditioner, Hisense Air-conditioner launched the 'Smooth Movement', from the brand, products, services, prices, activities and other aspects to create a 'green channel' air-conditioning purchase.

The event will be held from June 9th to June 18th. During this period, Hisense's flagship 360° comfort series, comfort and comfort series (humidity and humidity control), clean and comfortable series, and nanoeTM will be the Passionate summer brings extraordinary cool experience.

In order to assist World Cup events, during the event, he will purchase the World Cup trophy 'Harry' air conditioner, and also enjoy the limited edition Addidas World Cup official game ball 'Telstar'. Male X series air conditioning as the activity's 'star product', buy L200 new products Cabinet machine can get exclusive air purifier for the bedroom, buy L100 cabinet machine, can get a set of goddess hang up for free, at the same time have the opportunity to win the iPhoneX award. In addition, the specified explosion model freezing price also brings consumers a full discount.

In addition to preferential efforts, Hisense’s activities also focused on new service upgrades, especially for users who purchase the “Comfortable Inverter” series of products. The designated products can enjoy free shipping, high-altitude operations, drilling fees, support fees, and extensions. Expenses, lengthen expansive bolts, empty air conditioners for cabinets, no-cleaning fees for one year, free replacements for one year, and 'zero exemptions' free of charge for fluorinating charges for one year.

Experience the upgrade Leading a comfortable and cool

Hisense Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. took the theme of brand, product, service, price, and activity as its theme, explained the concept of 'comfortable frequency conversion' in a comprehensive manner, focused on building quality inverter air conditioners, and led the upgrade of domestic inverter air conditioners. Consumers are comfortable and cool.

“The weather has continued to heat up recently. Air conditioning has become a necessity. It used to be that air conditioning can only be used to cool and heat. Now it is more concerned with the comfort and conveniences it brings. Summer is not just about cooling. There is comfort. 'Miss Wei in the Hisense store to buy the male god X air-conditioning said.

Under the tide of consumer upgrades, consumers are not only looking at the product itself, but also the core concepts expressed by the product. Hisense air-conditioning, which is based on 'comfort frequency conversion', is even more popular in the market, not only for consumers. It's cool, it's a comfortable air conditioner.

From the innovative introduction of the third generation of comfort frequency conversion products to the joint China Institute of Electrical Appliances, the "White Book on Comfortable Inverter Development in the Air-Conditioning Industry" was released to define a comfortable frequency conversion standard, to the "Hong Hai Action" comfort frequency conversion popularity plan, and now to become a sports cup for the World Cup. Marketing, Hisense air conditioners continue to increase the popularity of 'comfort frequency conversion' to promote the use of frequency conversion products, comfort experience, innovative technology to impress users.