Kyung Dong Nabian & Five Star Appliance | Strategic Win-Win Helps New Trends in Home Appliance Retail

From June 4th to June 9th, 2018, Jin Yongfan, Chairman of Beijing Qingdong Nabian Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., and Mr. Jin Chengjia, Deputy General Manager, together with Mr. Pan Yiqing, President of Five Star Electronics, and Mr. Chen Wujun, Vice President, etc., at Qingdong. The Nabion West Charcoal Factory took a week-long visit.

 Technical strength, usher in brand cooperation and win-win

For this visit, five-star president Mr. Pan Yiqing said, “Kingdong Nabian is the world’s fourth-largest thermal equipment brand, with excellent technology and strong team strength.” At the same time, Qingdong Nabian is the industry’s The first foreign brands that entered the Chinese market have a strong market share and brand reputation in many countries around the world.

The West Charcoal Factory visited this time was the single largest and most automated factory in the industry. Kyung Dong Nabian Chairman Kim Jung-Fan pointed out that 'The West Charcoal Factory has always been adhering to the basic concept of 'flexibility in responding to changes in the market', from the factory Logistics, all aspects of all aspects have been automated management, and to ensure that the ex-factory product is 100% fine, it also represents the leading level of production automation, intelligent production. '

With the advent of the information age, the 'new retail' market has occupied the heights of the times. Kyung Dong Nabian is also committed to opening up a new phase in the development of branded retail channels and industrialization. It is also actively promoting Nabi'an's retail channel construction and retail industrialization. The five-star electrical appliance is a leading modern home appliance retail chain in China and the top three in China's home appliance retail industry. It has more than 200 self-owned stores in six provinces including Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Henan, Sichuan, and Yunnan. The stores and more than 100 Wanzheng Township stores have multiple customer channels. In the country's 'coal to gas' project, the Chinese heating industry has undergone a comprehensive transformation and upgrading, the concept of terminal consumption has been continuously improved, and O2O's new retail model has intensified. Dong Nabian water heater and five-star electrical strategic cooperation, leading retail new fashion.

It is worth mentioning that with the maturity of the Chinese gas water heater market and the brand transformation and upgrading period, Kyung Dong Nabian and Five Star Electric have cooperated to create innovative leading-edge water heater products in the retail sector, with the addition of Cing Dongna. Bi'an Water Heater's professional technology, excellent quality, has been highly recognized in the terminal market in the five-star electrical channel. In the future, both parties will continue to complement each other and jointly expand China's broader gas water heater market.

During the visit, Kyung Dong Nabian chairman stated that 'The cooperation with Five Star Electric is the consideration made by Kyung Dong Nabian from the current new retail development trend in the industry, and the future market is the new retail market. In terms of technology, products, and channels, Beyonn is constantly performing market segmentation and localization of its products and services. As the top three in China's home appliance retail industry, Five Stars is a company that can promote Qingdong Nabian. The important channels that bring better products and solutions to consumers are also in line with the new retail market trends.

 Based on the market, gain a large harvest in the retail sector

After visiting the factory, Mr. Pan, President of Five Star Electric, expressed sincere praise to the automatic production capacity of Qingdong Nabian, its professional product technology and strong brand strength. At the same time, he pointed out that 'Kingdong Nabian and Five Star Electric's cooperation , to put strong technical strength into the Chinese market, multi-category sharing will be a major advantage for the new retail market.

To build a beautiful society in China and deepen the background of the concept of green environmental protection. In the general environment, Kyung Dong Nabian responds to the call of society, leads the development trend of the industry, continuously updates advanced production facilities, and contributes a lot to the clean heating market in China. Strength. In this regard, Mr. Kim Jong-Fan said, 'Kyung Dong Nabian has been the world's leading green company for the creation of a comfortable living environment' since its entry into the Chinese market. It continues to bring comfort to consumers in the Chinese market, save energy, and protect the environment. Product and comprehensive solutions, continuous success in the retail market.

Kyung Dong Nabian and Five Stars have been working together for two years together. The friendly cooperation between the two parties will definitely promote the rapid development of the 'new retail market' for Kyung Dong Nabian's development in the Chinese market. In the future, Kyungdong Nabi Safety will join hands with Five Stars to welcome the future with a new attitude, more mature technologies and better products!