Drink healthy nutrition | Beauty juice machine understands your taste better

In summer, the country’s hot weather continues, air conditioning has long been turned on, and naturally cold drinks are the company’s companions. However, carbonated drinks are not healthy, and fruit juices bought from the market are either priceless or compounded with additive additives. Nutrition, and its entanglement, it's better to have fresh juice with your own hands!

Juice drinks placed in the supermarket

After watching the video, did you also think that the juice was much better than the high-speed juicer?! In the actual experience, Xiao Bian found that the high-speed juicer had a high speed, but the noise was also great, and the juice and residue Mixed together, especially affect the taste. But high-speed juicer is not useless, it is more suitable for crushed ice, meals and other food work.

During the experience of this beautiful juice machine, first, whether it is installed or disassembled, it is separated from the main machine. It is also convenient to install and disassemble the various components. Secondly, it is very easy to use and there is no complicated operating procedure. Select the type of juice you need, and turn the button to start. Third, the noise during the operation is very small. This is not in the same level as the noise of the high-speed juicer. Finally, the machine accessories are also very rich. Fresh juices, vegetable juices, etc. can also be used to make milk shakes and ice creams to meet the taste needs of different people.

The United States juice machine JS2007A

From the actual operation of this product, the operation interface of the U.S. juice machine is extremely simple, and it is easy to select the corresponding production process. At the same time, compared with the ordinary juice machine, the filter is also easier to clean. For the food processing electrical appliances , I personally prefer this simple mode.

The most important thing to mention is the large size of the machine. In the video, you can see ordinary juicers or even most juice machines. The feeding port is not very big. For oranges, oranges and other fruits, you also need to cut them. It's really troublesome to put it into pieces. The 87mm large-caliber machine, oranges, oranges, apples and other ingredients can all be put into the press and save a lot of processing time. I like this!

The inner parts of this product are made of imported Tritan material, which is healthy and durable. The screw shaft in the inner center adopts a 7-section double-flow large screw design, which can increase the extrusion process of the fruit, and the juice yield is higher. The internal high-light non-stick filter Net, 360° free installation, easy to dismantle and wash. As for the mute mentioned above, the machine adopts a silent DC motor, and the sound is smaller during the pressing process. It will not affect the mood of making juice because of noise.

Having said so much, everybody must want to know what kind of drink can be produced by such a juice machine? Then Xiaobian is also a showman. According to the product characteristics, they made orange juice, cucumber juice, grapefruit milkshake, etc. During the process, I felt the convenience of this product. The color and texture of the juice are not different from those on the market, but nutrition is more assured. After all, it is your own production! Well, if you also Want to make a summer drink, this product is a good choice!