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The recent 'chicken-eating game' of the Jedi survival (PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) is hot across the country, but due to the nature of the game, the game requires a slightly higher computer hardware configuration, and many gamers will use the home computer to play this game. Very card, we recommend here a few desktop computers that can play games. Players who want to change equipment can quickly get rid of it.

A desktop computer by a plurality of hosts are composed of different hardware, such as CPU, video card, motherboard, memory, power supply, hard disk, chassis, etc. and then the routine computer operating speed is associated CPU, the CPU different game Dependencies are also different, so be careful when choosing a CPU for yourself.

Second, in addition to the CPU requirements for playing games, some large-scale games require even higher requirements for the graphics card. For example, the above-mentioned game of the “Jade for survival” requires high performance and memory requirements for graphics cards, and various stand-alone games. The same is true of masterpieces. There are also online games that do not require high graphics, such as League of Legends, Adventure Island and other online games. These are online games where the graphics card requirements are relatively low. Select the graphics card based on the graphics chip and core frequency to select.

Third, in addition to the above two major items, the computer needs a motherboard to connect various hardware, but there is no rigid demand for the motherboard (DIY high play skipped), memory has a subtle impact on the loading speed of large-scale games. It's okay to choose enough to use when purchasing. There is also a particularly important place for solid-state drives. Without a solid-state drive, the daily operation of the system and the slow reading speed of the game can be maddening. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a computer. Pay attention to whether the computer is equipped with a solid state drive.

Fourth, based on the above situation, here to recommend several mid-range desktop computer host, you can perfectly run the chicken game and most online games.

A: Thunder Century Avengers V137P

This desktop host has I5 8500 CPU, clocked at up to 3.0-4.1GHz, six-core six-threaded, with such a powerful CPU is also able to open the live broadcast, I believe it can meet most users. Graphics card is Gigabyte's GTX1060 6G WF, with 6GB of big memory, bashed the motherboard with a B360M D3V that is also Gigabyte. This motherboard is also enough for gamers to use, with dual memory slots and multiple hard disk interfaces, leaving room for future expansion and upgrades. The memory is a Kingston memory with a frequency of 2666M. The SSD uses Kingston's M.2 high-speed solid-state hard drive. The heat dissipation uses the Brilliance B41. This heat dissipation is highly praised by most players. enough.

B: HP Light Wizard 580

Different from the A model, the Light Wizard 580 uses a slightly lower hardware configuration, such as the CPU uses the I5 7400, this CPU clocked up to 3.0G-3.5GHz, quad-core and four-threaded, use the computer for daily multi-threaded And the game can be more open to deal with, League of Legends and the like is even more involved. The graphics card uses the GTX1060 3G, 3GB of memory is also based on support for multi-play games and large-scale games, in the face of 'eat chicken' It is to cope with. Peer also has 8GB of memory and 128GB solid state hard drive and 1TB mechanical hard drive, to meet the daily system running games quickly read, but also provide certain resources for the storage of big data.

C: Lenovo Saver Blade 7000

Lenovo saver is Lenovo's computer game series, which is optimized and developed specifically for the game. It is powered by the 8G Core I5 ​​8400. It has good performance and power consumption. The graphics card is GTX1060 3G with gaming level. , There are special game optimization and performance optimization. Playing games for a long time will not change the card. The motherboard is also using the e-class Z370 motherboard, native equipped with Dragon Gigabit low latency e-Sports network card and 802.11AC wireless network card, support for wireless networks It also gives the computer better environmental adaptability. The memory and hard disk are 8G DDR4 2666M high-frequency memory and 128G M.2 SSD, 1TB mechanical hard disk combination, to ensure the player's space usage.

D: ThundeRobot 911 Black Knight A56

Raytheon's this host uses its own research and development of the chassis, the wind direction is relatively good, there is a good cooling function. Configuration is also the mainstream I5 8400, memory 8G, full blood GTX1060 6G, 128G M.2 solid state drive, 7200 rpm 1TB machinery Hard disk. Raytheon is also a company focused on e-sports. The selected configuration is also optimized for eSports. It can bring players a comfortable experience.

to sum up: There are always a few machines that are suitable for you, and are running smoothly for various popular online games. The most recent June 18th is Midtown Shopping Street. Friends who want to buy desktop computers can look at the major e-commerce companies. Constant, constant surprises.