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With the increasing pressure of social life, many urban white-collar workers choose to travel as a way to release stress. After all, life is not only the immediate ambiguity, but also poetry and distance. However, while traveling, sudden tasks are always annoying. , So, many people will bring laptops. Carrying a heavy notebook not only troubles but also affects the mood when traveling. What to do? Look at these light and thin books. There will always be one for you.

Recommended Products: ASUS Ling Yao U4000UQ

ASUS Lingyao U4000UQ is designed with a slim, lightweight design to bring elegance, nuance and outstanding performance. U4000UQ is made of a solid aluminum alloy, and is adorned with a concentric circular hairline pattern that is full of Zen. The thickness is only about 18.85mm. In addition, 1.4kg light weight allows you to easily carry travel; Clear 14-inch wide viewing angle display provides a comfortable, enjoyable visual experience.

It is equipped with i5-7200U processor, 8GB memory and 940MX discrete graphics card to provide users with more smooth video viewing and gaming experience. Dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection speed; Bluetooth® 4.1 allows you to easily connect the surrounding In addition, it also has a new generation of USB Type-C positive and negative connectors that provide high-speed access to high-performance peripherals. Its HDMI interface allows easy connection to monitors, TVs, or projectors. Multitasking is effortless. , Smooth playback of video and quickly enable the application - Ling Yao U4000UQ meets your needs at all times.

Recommended reason: The stunning beauty of U4000UQ, whether it is exquisite and elegant appearance or humanized micro-frame design, can not be ignored. The powerful performance not only provides users with daily office convenience, but also can meet the user's work Decompression requirements for entertainment, brings a good experience for users.

Recommended Products: HP Star 14-ce0027TX

The HP Star 14-ce0027TX uses a 5.52mm micro-frame, with FHD IPS high-resolution display full color gamut, to bring a more pure visual experience. At the same time, support 4K UHD HDR content, so that the picture details are more clear. Star 14 The C-surface adopts a one-piece design. The touchpad has been manufactured using a CNC diamond cutting process, which enhances the aesthetics of the entire C-plane. The full-size backlit keyboard is equipped with a 1.5-mm keystroke.

In terms of configuration, it is equipped with the eighth generation Core i5-8250U processor, with the MX150 graphics card, in addition to 8GB of memory and 1TB + 128GB hard drive configuration combinations. At the same time it also has a wealth of settings in the interface , Including 2 x USB3.1, Type-C, Headphone Microphone Composite Interface, Security Keyhole, Fingerprint Identification Module (RH), HDMI, RJ45, Card Reader Slot and Power Jack. Whether in Hardware or Interface Settings , Star 14 can meet the daily needs of use.

Recommended reason: In this age of pursuing beauty and individuality, those products with common design and serious homogeneity can no longer meet our needs. The HP Star Series 14 is undoubtedly a good choice for us, whether it is a unique feature or not. The appearance design, or excellent hardware configuration can bring a good user experience.

Recommended Products: Acer Hummingbird Swift3

Hummingbird Swift3 is equipped with a 14-inch ISP screen full HD display. The viewing angle and color performance are guaranteed. The left and right frames are 6.3mm. It can bring a more realistic visual experience. It uses a chocolate backlit keyboard, allowing you to enter at night. More efficient. It is worth mentioning that it uses Blu-ray shield technology to reduce 54% of the blue light emitted from the display, while protecting your health while working.

Configuration, Hummingbird Swift3 equipped with the new eighth-generation Intel Core processor, 8GB DDR4 memory dual-channel high-speed memory, plus 128G solid state drive and 1TB hard drive capacity to meet daily work needs. When carrying out, 17.95mm thickness can bring Excellent portability, and up to ten hours of battery life can save users from worrying about power.

Recommended reason: Acer's hummingbird Swift 3 is a popular model of the hummingbird family. It has a colorful and stylish design, coupled with outstanding performance, while at the same time fulfilling its own personality, it can meet all the requirements of work and entertainment.

Recommended products: Lenovo YOGA730

Lenovo YOGA730's 5.9mm ultra-narrow frame brings an ultra-high screen ratio, up to 4K resolution screen, coupled with Dolby Atmos panoramic sound immersive sound effects, to bring audio-visual feast to the journey. It can be turned 360 degrees, Bring you a variety of modes, work, entertainment and heart switching. In addition, standard Lenovo Active Pen2 professional stylus, to bring you a more natural writing experience.

In addition to the eclectic and beautiful appearance, YOGA730 performs equally well in terms of performance. It is equipped with an eighth-generation Intel® CoreTMi processor, and its performance is 40% higher than that of the previous generation. It is equipped with 8GB of memory and 256G SSD ultra-fast solid-state drive. While running at a high speed, it also provides users with more storage space. At the same time, it supports 1*1AC wireless network card in the 5G band, making the Internet experience the ultimate.

Recommended reason: Lenovo YOGA 730, in addition to its own private consultant 7*24 hours waiting, more records are inspirational standard professional pressure stylus, and up to 12 hours of battery life and fast charge brings a good travel guarantee, of course, narrow border design The high face value and the performance of the eighth Core processor are also a highlight. If you like this product, don't miss it.