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In the information age, we are receiving electronic information every day and using electronic products to bring us convenience. It can be said that electronic devices have long been an integral part of our lives. Especially computers, Whether it is home or work, the desktop is an extremely important existence. It can bring us life improvement. We almost need to use it.

Recommended products: Yun Yue mini J5

Haier Yunyue's mini computer is similar in size to an 8-inch tablet computer. Its front face consists of two parts. The larger part is created by the metal wire drawing process, while the smaller part is created by the piano paint process. , On the top there is also a power switch and indicator, below is a simple and beautiful Logo Haier, This design makes the product look more beautiful and not monotonous, people look relaxed and comfortable.

In terms of configuration, Haier Yunyue Mini2 adopts Intel Celeron J1900 processor, clocked at 2.0GHz and overclocked to 2.4GHz, built-in Intel HD Graphics core Video card At the same time did not use a discrete graphics configuration. Storage uses 4GB DDR3RAM And 500GB HDD machinery hard disk With.

Recommended reason: Haier Yunyue Mini2's body is made of composite materials, which has reduced its own weight to a certain extent. The whole is like a black box. Whether it is its small size or lightweight weight, it is portable for it. For service, many social workers need a host that is light, workable, and entertaining.

Recommended Products: Dell 7050MFF

Dell's 7050MFF is relatively small, using a standard quadrilateral design, black body with silver LOGO, fully uphold the consistent style of the Dell Business Series. For microcomputers, the air volume requirements are quite high, The design of the fences on the fuselage is a breathable net. The front grille and the air inlet on the back form the Optiplex 7050 cooling air duct.

In terms of performance, it is equipped with Intel Core i5-7500T processor, with 4GB of memory and 500GB HDD, up to optional Intel Core i7-7700T processor, 16GB memory and 256GB SSD+1TB HDD combination, in the update and hardware upgrades The design on the maintenance is very convenient, rich and optional accessories combination, enough to meet the needs of most companies.

Recommended reason: Dell's 7050MFF can be said to be small, fully-equipped: Small in size to support a variety of hardware combinations, and the back of many interfaces, has a high degree of scalability, can be comparable to large desktops, to meet the needs of most people. In addition, it can be fixed on the wall or on the back of the monitor, saving more desktop space for business users.

Recommended products: Acer small 囧 RL85

The Acer RL85 uses a screw-free, stacked design. The whole unit is integrally formed. The fuselage angle is very soft and natural. It has only one Acer macro logo on the front, which is concise and clear. All interfaces are arranged behind the fuselage. At the top, there are three status indicators and a card reader. The appearance is simple and fashionable, and the color value is high. In addition, only a 15.5-cm-high body looks similar to a 5.5-inch mobile phone and is made of composite materials. The texture is mellow and exquisite. It can be used as a small fresh style desktop display.

Otaru equipped with Intel Core i5-5200U processor, with Intel HD Graphics 5500 card , 8GB of memory and 3TB of large storage capacity, and also supports multi-screen output (up to 3840 × 2160 4K output). However, 3TB of storage capacity is not the whole of the machine, Xiaoyu provides up to 6TB of storage capacity! The hard disk slots are not two as we see, but three, and one slot is hidden inside the fuselage. This little guy is quite practical and the performance is very awkward, responding to the family's daily entertainment It's nothing at all.

Recommended reason: The small beak is equally attentive in terms of detail. For example, the four rubber feet at the bottom not only can prevent shocks, but can be placed more stably. It can also enhance the convection at the bottom and assist the heat dissipation. The small and exquisite, lightweight and simple body, will not be violated And, apart from practicality, it can also play a decorative role and reduce the space occupancy rate. If the sister saw it, such a small and exquisite appearance will surely have a feeling of sensation.

Recommended products: Qixi N20

The 7-none N20 model is the standard of the mini-host. The front bumps are intertwined, but it looks simple yet elegant. One of the sides has two small exhaust vents. Between the main power switch and the balance of the United States. All kinds of plugs are placed on the back, a small part on the front, after the shunt, the real application, it does not seem disorganized, affect the sense of beauty.

It is equipped with Intel Celeron j1900 processor, and equipped with 4GB of running memory, and 500GB HDD + 128GB SSD dual hard drive, reading speed performance is quite dazzling, this has a more powerful effect for work or daily entertainment, and 500GB The mechanical hard disk can also meet the storage requirements of ordinary users. The fluency and robust performance of the system will surely bring more possibilities to families and work.

Recommended reason: The seven-nine N20 is small but equipped with an Intel Celeron j1900 processor. The performance is quite stable. It supports dual-drive combination to meet the needs of high performance and high capacity. Whether it is the stable performance of performance, or good The heat dissipation design can give the user a good experience. It can be said that its appearance and quality are guaranteed, and the brand's after-sales service is also very good.

to sum up: Compact, portable, stylish, energy-saving, environment-friendly, silent and other vocabulary are the best generalizations for mini-hosts. Mini-hosts make up for the deficiencies of traditional desktop consoles. They also fit modern people and become assistants to work while satisfying companies and Family location change, or work and entertainment are not wrong. The pressure of social work is getting bigger and bigger, and the computer as a work assistant naturally has to be one of our tools to relieve stress, so we must work and take care of it together. The computer is the real good helper.