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In today's era of business, the patterns of notebooks are endless, and the most annoying thing is that they are not paying attention. Their own notebooks have been 'peeped' by others. How to make your own privacy in your own notebook Very good protection, at this time you need a business notebook to solve your troubles.

1, what is a business notebook?

The business notebook is a notebook computer specially designed for business applications. Security and stability is the foundation of the business notebook. The security and stability of the notebook computer are very important for ensuring the security of the user's data information and improving the work efficiency. In the pursuit of security Based on the above, notebook manufacturers have also introduced various notebook series with distinctive features for different customer needs, making the appearance more beautiful, filling the identity and taste.

2, business laptop where?

Business notebooks pursue higher security and stability, and practicality is the most important standard for business machines. In the business environment, security is a problem that business notebooks need to consider. For business users, the importance of data is very large. If the data is acquired by a person with ulterior motives or the destruction of the virus, the loss may be very large. Therefore, many business opportunities encrypt and protect files and e-mails on software and hardware, and also implement intranet and extranet isolation to effectively prevent from the network. All kinds of intrusions and damages to prevent data from vandalism and loss. The easy-to-use data backup and recovery function can easily restore the backed-up files or system to prevent the system from being fatally damaged.

3, pay attention to when purchasing

There are many considerations for choosing a business notebook, such as processor, memory, graphics card, price, etc. Some brands will choose low-performance processors to use in mainstream graphics cards, and then use 1T mechanical disk to achieve large memory. Article, let the customer think that the graphics card with enough memory, you can make the notebook smooth to the extreme. In fact, this can not meet the needs of business notebook customers.

When we purchase, we can see from the basic configuration of the laptop that its performance level, so as to choose according to their own needs. In the case of a price difference is not very big, I suggest you buy the brand hard, good reputation brand, reputation High-end shops; Pay attention to after-sales service Because laptops have a higher technological content and require specialized repairs, good after-sales service is very important. Choosing a good after-sales service shop will save you a lot of trouble. Worries.

4, recommend several business books

HP Battle 66 Pro G1

The HP Battle 66 is a 14-inch thin business notebook, weighs about 1.64 kilograms, thickness is about 19.95 millimeters, is very convenient to carry. It uses this stylish silver appearance design, the top cover has fine metal color texture, C surface use Metal wire drawing process. In addition, it is equipped with i5-8250U processor, with 8GB large running memory, 256GB solid state drive + 500GB mechanical hard drive, obsessive-compulsive disorder no longer have to worry about memory shortage.

The HP Battle 66 Pro is equipped with a full-HD 1080P IPS wide-angle matte screen with anti-reflection and glare, which can greatly reduce the strong reflection and glare of the mirror in a direct light environment, providing users with a comfortable visual experience. It is worth mentioning that , This screen also has 100% sRGB color gamut, which can fully meet the needs of professional design and fine drawing. At the same time, rich color gamut can directly enhance our viewing experience.

ASUS Ling Yao 3

The overall appearance of ASUS Ling Yao 3 continues the family's brushed concentric circle design. Under light, the cover of Lingyao 3 can show a strong metal texture. It looks very high-end atmosphere, with a sufficiently slim body, quite Meet the requirements of the business office crowd for notebook devices. In the screen section, Lingyao 3 has chosen a very hot and narrow frame design with a border width of 7.6mm, which brings 82% of the ultra-high screen ratio, with a small 12.5 inches Size screen, display effect is delicate enough. In addition to the left earphone microphone interface, Ling Yao 3 is equipped with a Type-C interface for data transmission and power supply.

ASUS Lingyao 3 has not been dragged down by its thin and light body. It uses an Intel Core i7-8550U processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD solid state hard drive to provide powerful support for its performance. Sufficient. It can be said that Ling Yao 3 found a perfect balance between the value and performance.

Dell Spirit 7000 II

Dell's spirit, the more the 7000 II comes with a metal body, uses a diamond cutting process, so that the body is more stable, the appearance is more dazzling. At the same time, it also uses a three-sided 7mm panoramic micro-border design, subvert the traditional screen border Layout 14-inch screen 13-inch body, not only makes the body compact and portable, stunning appearance, but also improves the visual experience. Dell's spirit is more burning 7000 II is equipped with an eighth-generation quad-core processor, with NVIDIA MX150 graphics card also Let the picture quality be even more flammable. Not only does it play 4K videos smoothly under multitasking, but it also allows you to easily play mainstream game masterpieces.

The Lingkook 7000 II is also equipped with a full-size island keyboard with a skin-like coating on the surface of the keyboard. The touch is not only delicate, but also has a weak friction, making the finger contact experience perfect. In addition, Ling Yue flammable 7000II On behalf of the keyboard also uses a backlight design, support for two brightness adjustment, allowing users to accurately operate even in low light conditions, to avoid errors. And the interface design is also very comprehensive, whether it is external storage expansion or video output without pressure.

Lenovo's new trendy 7000 14

Lenovo's new trendy 7000-14 continues the simple and elegant design style of the new series. Apart from the LOGO and logo stickers, the A surface does not have any additional visual influences. The streamlined appearance matches the air metal material of the 5 Series aluminum alloy. The body is sturdy and also light and thin. And on the spray paint is also used glass beads sandblasting texture process, touch, Lenovo's new trendy 7000 14 comfort can be said to be very good.

In terms of hardware configuration Lenovo's new trendy 7000-14 can be said to be very eye-catching, using the latest Intel Core i8-8250U processor, 8GB DDR4 2400MHz memory, and up to 2GB GDDR5 memory NVIDIA Geforce 940MX graphics card, work Natural entertainment can be relaxed and relaxed.

to sum up: It has become the norm for people to carry computers out of office now. But when they go out, they are most worried about being 'peeped' by others. The above several business books have a good performance in data protection and can solve this problem to a large extent. .