A new generation of Apple Watch or discard press physical buttons | will use analog buttons

According to an earlier KGI report, it predicts that the Apple Watch Series 4 debuted this fall will have a larger screen (or higher screen share), and the battery capacity will increase further.

Today, Fast Company broke out again. According to informed sources, the new generation of Apple Watch will abandon the original push-button physical design and use the Taptic Engine vibration mechanism to simulate the feeling of 'press-to-go'. Before the iPhone 7 era's 'solid-state home button + pressure sensing' combination.

According to the report, the new Apple Watch still retains the side buttons and Digital Crown. Including Digital Crown, it still supports rotating operations, but the action of 'pressing' will be entirely replaced by Taptic Engine.

To put it plainly, you still have the feeling of 'pressing' with these two keys, but they are actually simulated by vibration.

Apple will kill Apple Watch's physical buttons is not too strange. On the one hand, eliminate the button, the pursuit of integrated design has always been the ultimate goal of Apple products. From the development of the iPhone we can see, Apple touch feedback interaction There is tremendous potential, even if the solid-state Home button is used, the multi-level vibration simulation brought by the linear motor can also ensure a good feel.

According to the plan, the new Apple Watch will be officially unveiled this autumn. However, people familiar with the matter will not dare to put it to death, so we do not rule out the possibility that Apple will postpone it until 2019.