Reshaping Smart Living Scenes | Fiji Smart Family Adds Three Trump Technology Products

On June 8th, Midsummer Night, 2018 Fiji's summer new product launch event will be held in Haitang Bay, Sanya. This event will be based on the theme of 'Wisdom to the United States, Leading the Waves of the Future', 'Smart Router K2T, Smart Sports W3, Smart. Body fat scales S9' Three ace technology products, with new smart technologies deep in the three areas of smart home, family health, sports and health, so that the wisdom of data-driven human overall efficiency evolution, to bring the world's leading intellectual beauty life.

Fidelity Smart Router K2T, Smart Home Data Hub

Traditional routers suffer from many limitations such as many network cables, small coverage, weak signals, etc. With the emergence of K2T, an iterative new product of the K2 star smart router K2, Fiji has demonstrated its ability to perform with wisdom and value.

The Fidelity intelligent router K2T adopts a separate design of network port and fuselage, adapter integrated network port (integrated design of network cable and power line), and is equipped with 5 kinds of patented interfaces and power supply technology, becoming the world's first TypeC interface router. Top Netcom vendors, including QUALCOMM’s solutions, have wired, wireless full Gigabit and high-speed wide coverage to build top-notch performance that is “strong without a wall”. In addition, the PhiJoin connection protocol initiated by its world’s first router end, complete with 5s free distribution network, Fidelity smart router K2T to redefine the future of the router's posture again subverted.

Not only is the aesthetic design of the future full of science and technology bringing sublimation to home life, but users can share the innovative features of the WiFi envelope to achieve a high-value-added experience that allows the router to help you make money at home. It may be easy to spend thousands of dollars monthly. Realize, really know how to live, also 'benefit' to make money. - Fiji smart router K2T, wireless, let Yan value online!

Fiji smart body fat scale S9, family health management expert

In order to proactively promote a healthy lifestyle and remind people to pay attention to their own health data, Fisital launched the world's first integrated innovative design intelligent body fat scale, based on the intelligent body fat scale S7. Scale S9.

Precise internality, exquisite externality, is the spiritual totem of Fiji's intelligent body fat scale S9. In addition to carrying a powerful personal health management platform, the high facial expression performance is equally impressive. The fidelity body is represented by Almighty artist Chan Wai-tak in person. Gree scale S9 in appearance design, with a kind of almost ultimate way, inherited and carried forward the pure spirit of the aesthetic design spirit, see the word like noodles.

In terms of product performance, Fiji's intelligent body fat scale S9 continues the innovative design of the S7 'split-type electrode'. Through the self-developed high-precision electrode wire, the hand electrode and the scale body are perfectly connected, which not only guarantees the accuracy of measurement, but also flexibility. , And fully guarantee the scale body is simple and beautiful.

The 8-electrode multi-frequency liposuction technology, combined with high and low frequencies, can not only measure the extracellular fluid impedance, but also can measure different cell nuclear impedances in depth to ensure more accurate raw data acquisition.

Twenty-three health indicators, including heart rate, weight, and BMI, allow users to pay attention to their own health status from time to time and achieve refined physical management.

1 set of personalized healthy living plans based on feedback from each person's measured health data, data collection through Fiers' IOT platform, data analysis combined with Fiji Health Cloud Platform, scientific presentation of data results on the APP side for healthy living Provides intelligent management. - Fiji smart body fat scale S9, precise internal, exquisite external!

Fijian smart sports bracelet W3, new sports and health forces

What kind of smart watch, can be set fitness instructors and health management experts in one, Fijian smart sports bracelet W3 tell you the answer.

The United States is a kind of extreme. The Fijian smart sports bracelet W3 is the first semi-translucent screen sport bracelet in China. No matter how strong the sun is, the contents of the bracelet display are waiting for your review; the United States is an action. Go out and run in the mountains and wilderness more dreams. The United States is a kind of life. The protection brought by the Fijian smart sports bracelet W3 is every minute, every second.

Corning gorilla glass, high screen ratio, with the narrowest body of similar products, creating an industry first.

Suitable for running, swimming, cycling and many other sport modes. It can stand alone at any time. Leading Instant Spot location algorithm can support multi-star intelligent switching, speed positioning, fast recovery when lost star, low power optimization; W3 bracelet not only has a double star fast positioning function, but also applies inertial navigation technology for vehicle navigation for the first time to the sports wristband. In the case of weak signals, the movement trajectory is consistent with the actual route.

The Fijian smart sports wristband W3 supports 7X24-hour uninterrupted intelligent heart rate monitoring and intelligent sleep monitoring in parallel, covering user movement, sleep, sedentary, calorie consumption and other daily routines, using big data as a scientific basis to give users optimal health management Reference, leading the scientific fitness light paradigm. - Fiji smart sports bracelet W3, live out power!

From big data application to smart life, Fidelity smart router K2T, smart sports bracelet W3, intelligent body fat scale S9 are slowly changing people's perception of technology products, bringing about a new change in life. The leader has reshaped the scene of smart life and subverted the industrial structure. What is even more commendable is that Fiji has infinitely amplified this spirit of continuous innovation and will eventually witness the arrival of a new era of wisdom.

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