iOS 12 system update: iPhone 6 experience is like using silky

iOS 12 finally met with everyone on WWDC 2018. Apple made efforts in this system version to fix bugs on iOS 11, optimize old devices, and devices that support updates also include iPhone 5S, iPhone6, etc. Type.

Compared to the previous generation of iOS 11, this iOS 12 app starts up to 40% faster, while it has been optimized in AR, photos, Siri, and other official applications such as news, stocks, voice memos, and reading.

Among them, AR is the main function of this iOS 12 upgrade, which includes the launch of ARKit2, improved facial tracking, real infection, 3D object detection, etc. At the same time, an augmented reality measurement tool was introduced: Measure, and demonstrated at the conference. AR games.

The iPhone 6 is the highest-selling model in the history of the iPhone. Its total shipments have already exceeded 100 million units. Even today, the iPhone 6 is still selling, and sales are still very impressive.

IPhone6 ​​as a product four years ago, configuration early and can not keep up with the current flagship model, after all, there are only 8 million of rear, 1.2 million front camera, and 1GB of storage, battery life 1810MAH does not support Fast charge and so on.

However, for Apple's mobile phones, the competition has always been not the hardware, IOS system or is a good magic weapon in the performance of Apple iPhone, and is currently accompanied by fierce competition, iPhone 6 has also dropped to 1800 yuan, as the cheapest iPhone, Still quite attractive.

iPhone6 ​​can basically meet daily needs, and after the upgrade of iOS 12, the mobile phone experience is better, the system is more smooth, but due to the problem of its own battery capacity, it seems a bit tight in terms of battery life.

At present, users of the iOS 12 version launched by Apple are also experiencing it. Therefore, it is recommended to use the iPhone 5S. Old iPhone 6 users can wait and see. Don't worry about upgrading iOS 12. Do you know if iOS 12 still has any bugs?