WWDC 2018 Developers Conference iOS 12 Update: Finally solved the system Caton

In June of last year, Apple officially pushed iOS 11 system updates to users, but it was followed by a bad user experience and a lot of problems. This also led to Apple's unusually frequent updates to iOS 11.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that Apple is preparing to work on iOS 13, and iOS 12 is more to fill in the pit of iOS 11, to increase the user experience. At 1 am Beijing time, at the WWDC 2018 Developer Conference, we Finally met iOS 12.

So what does iOS 12 bring us? The user has already been impatient with the iOS 11 version. Numerous bugs and rattles make people hate it.

In iOS 12, Apple will focus on the performance of the upgrade, and more is the 'to repair too fluent bugs on the iOS system'. And iOS 12 will start to respond 40% faster on older devices, keyboard startup speed will be Accelerated by 50%, the camera will start faster by 70%.

According to the actual situation of users upgrading iOS 12 system, the speed of opening native software is obviously improved, and the speed of opening third-party software such as QQ WeChat is normal. However, when the application is used, the interface switching or sliding screen is obviously much smoother than iOS 11. The power is not bad, but the fever phenomenon still can't be solved effectively.

iOS 12 has also been updated in AR, introducing a new file type 'USDZ', which can expand the flat web page into a three-dimensional three-dimensional image, useful for users who love Taobao shopping.

iOS 12 introduced a software 'Measure' specifically for AR functions. And ARKit 2 adds multi-user support, which allows multiple users to share an AR interface with multiple devices. The more practical function is AR measurement. Accurately measure the distance and size in the screen. However, some netizens said that after the software is opened, the phone will overheat.

Apple's artificial assistant Siri has also been upgraded. Siri further learns that users are accustomed to synchronization. It then prompts the user for the next step. Shortcuts are added to set specific commands for specific applications.

Similar to the Google I/O Conference, iOS 12 also responds to the serious problem of mobile addiction in today's society. It has introduced a new 'Do not disturb mode' that can make you wake up at night and watch time with your mobile phone. You'll see notifications sent by someone during your sleep. You can also set exclusive Do not disturb times for individual applications.

After reading these iOS updates, I believe everyone is puzzled. 'Hey, this is iOS 12? It's not so much iOS 12 as iOS 11.5. It's completely buried in the pit, updated to solve the iOS 11 bug, I hope Apple will use Snacks!