Tesla first established overseas factory | Finalized factory address Shanghai, China

Earlier there was news that Tesla would build a factory in Shanghai, China. The news was confirmed today. According to Ren Yuxiang, global sales director of Tesla, at the shareholders meeting, Tesla will establish the first overseas factory in Shanghai. Of course, this is also related to the policies issued by the previous government. The relevant policies allow foreign electric vehicle manufacturers to build factories entirely in China.

Tesla CEO and Chairman Elon Musk stated at the shareholders’ meeting that Tesla’s upcoming Dreadnought factory in Shanghai is different from its first plant in the United States. It can produce batteries and complete assembly at the same time in the factory. car.

Some time ago, Tesla had always been building a plant in Shanghai. There had been related people from the Shanghai Municipal Government. Tesla had signed relevant documents with the Shanghai Municipal Government in May this year and reached a cooperation. The site will be set Shanghai Lingang.

In addition, in the conference call for financial report analysis in the first quarter of this year, Musk also stated that he will set up a factory in China. Under the current relatively relaxed policy environment, I believe we can purchase Tesla electric cars at a lower price in the future. .