65m2 exquisite little home, create a warm world for two

This is a simple Scandinavian style case with an area of ​​only 65m2. How big is the 65m2 two rooms and two rooms? In many people's minds, it seems that the answer will not be particularly satisfactory. But the owner of the case, Torie and her husband used super. A lot of good things put out a place that is not large, but it looks refined and spacious, full-fledged beauty home, full range of literature and art! How to build a small house in a small apartment design a warm and stylish home, take a look The result of the joint efforts of Torie and her husband! (Image courtesy of Torie; Edit: Mathilda)

PART1 Her story

Current Guests: Torie Foreign Employees & Home Owners

Toire: 'Leo after 90', VIP member of the Society of Appearance, and his family are design students. After graduating, he insisted on the Bank and I worked for a research foreign company. In the first two years, he finally bought the first in life with the support of his parents. The house, though old, is the warmest harbor in our heart. '

'House Information'

Address: Shanghai Jinshan

House type: 2 bedrooms, 1 hall, 1 bathroom

Area: 65 flat

Cost: less than 200,000

Decoration period: half a year

In fact, many people say that we are dedicated to the personalization of the decoration is from our design profession, but in fact we are completely ignorant of these before we study some of the decoration style, all on their own to learn again and again , Before the renovation of a house, they are all starting from zero. The biggest feeling of this decoration is to do anything. We should try our best to do everything. We need to find a treasure for the color of the material. A Virgo is really not a bad thing.

What is the space created by the small budget that makes you very satisfied? How much is it spent?

'Torie'Her husband's work area, from the living room dug a square meter of space, purchased desks and other furniture in IKEA and Taobao, spent a total of 2000 yuan to create a mini-workshop.

The throne of the family's money making district.

Her husband liked this IKEA desk and couldn't find a desk that was the same size as our wall. Hey, Pseudo-Virgo We sigh at every ten centimeters we saw.

The relationship between the living room and the workspace.

A corner of the workspace.

''The dress up of the kitchen is not only full of smoke but also maintains the consistency of the overall space decoration. It is beautiful, how to balance the two?

'Torie'In fact, the two complement each other. Many netizens said that they liked the design of my home's see-splicing and clapboards. At first, it was really for the sake of storing the bottles and cans in the kitchen. It was not possible to waste a little space. Choose the style of color texture material and the overall style, the final rendering effect is practical and beautiful.

One of the most loved homes in the family, the entire family's face value is the non-kitchen. Later on, a number of partitions and hooks are used in the corners that can be used.

By the way, all the things that can be on the wall in my house are all on the wall. There are basically no nail-free objects at home. We only seek for prison!

The corner of the kitchen is full of fireworks.

Three thousand years of Ukiyo, I love three days, the month and the Qing. The day is the morning, the month is the moon, and the Qing is the dynasty.

The torie that cooks eggs in the kitchen, the woman, the gentleman.

The dress of the bathroom has a unique sense of exquisiteness. It is a sense of ritual that contemporary fairies like. How did you think of creating such a space?

'Torie'The bathroom was originally a large bathroom with only one door. We added a wall in the middle according to our own thinking, separated into wet and dry separation. It was also because we thought that a smaller house would need to be fully-equipped. The wall surface uses a net. The red and white bricks and black-and-white geometric patterns use the barn doors that they have always liked. They installed bathtubs under the pressure of their families. Because they enjoyed bathing in particular, they felt that their homes still needed a sense of ritual.

With the kitchen cabinets is a set of custom wash cabinets, washbasins is the American standard on the stage basin, than the value of the value of the stage basin deep Torie favorite.

A corner of the bathroom, a small ornament of the plant.

Torie asked the storekeeper before buying the barn door and said it was waterproof. Torie: 'Since the barn door was in the bathroom, it was mostly for the sake of value. It was painted white and other colors, but I only liked it. Wooden color, then you have to pay for your willfulness. If you really suffer from cracking and rotten, then you will change another one. It's not so tangled.

Torie is under the pressure of her family's bath. She enjoys bathing and enjoys the comforts of a small ceremony in her life.

Most want to share the decoration with the Raiders is?

'Torie'The color tone of the home must be determined before decorating soft furnishings. For example, the color of my home is black and white gray, and the water green is added. There can be no more than 3 colors. Try to keep the color system a.

There is no special formal entrance in the house. Only the shoe is placed on the right hand side of the door.

Specially made a place to prepare to replace the shoe bench, inside and outside the security door color, inside is a wooden color crying ~ This shoe bench can be included as a stool or feel very satisfied, the main door with my good ride.

The final effect, as seen from the living room, is like this.

The living room is divided into two areas, because there is no extra study room for the family office, so you can only draw him a piece in the living room, and the rest is used as a formal living room.

The decorative paintings on the wall are printed by the figure they are looking for, because they must match the overall color and elements.

Pillow is also a combination of carpet pattern, marble coffee table, decorative painting color, my care is that the picture still hides our wedding photos, family members designed their own, pleased.

Me and my friends, photo wall is a good background.

Originally, the living room wanted to have a projector, but because the balcony was a floor-to-ceiling window, I felt that the light was actually affecting me. I still bought a Sony 65-inch TV. I feel very fortunate at the time when I feel so glad that the TV is not eliminated. There must be reason for this!

The corner of life gas, the exquisite sense of small things embellishment.

Reading area floor lamp tiger chair decoration paintings are IKEA, small corner is a horse father home.

The floor-to-ceiling windows of the balcony are seen from the living room. The living room and balcony have been partitioned with IKEA shelves, but there is no good book to put on. Finally, we know what to call the book when it is used!

Balcony laundry cabinet, continuation of the sense of color of the living room's black and white ash series, plus the green plants to escape layering.

Many home decorations are beautiful. Can you share some of the more unique things?

'Torie'Home water heater ugly foil design; Half-wall hole board design; Bedroom upright cabinet design.

Water heaters that do not make cupboards can lower the kitchen image by n files. After seeing the message of remodeling the water heater, the family members immediately bought a film to transform it. To give the family members the hands-on ability to call, I am very satisfied.

Grandly introduce this hole board, the family members personally played, and asked him why he should do it himself. Originally thought that he would give me something to commemorate the answer to experience one time, I did not think he told me because it was customized It's too expensive. It can be said to be a money-saving boy. Later on, he updated some pictures of him when he was doing it by hand. It is not easy to save money.

2. The bedroom is made of an upright wardrobe, and the value and storage coexist.

The bedroom didn't know how to design the curtain after it had been installed. The brain was blank. Fortunately, after the late furniture came in, there was inspiration.

Give the dresser a close-up.

Now it seems like I really want to start researching which nature cover looks good.

Originally wanted to install neon lights, I asked the price to shrink, honestly let the family design the two paintings, the right is the power of the game lines, too like, and the moral is also very good.