Hisense male wisdom air conditioning, black technology air conditioning is worth having

The 21st century can be said to be the age of science and technology. With the increasing heat in the summer, the role of air conditioning is becoming increasingly important. Here is a very cost-effective air-conditioning. The appearance, size and size of air-conditioning will affect our choice, but There is always one you want, today is the introduction of the sea KFR-72LW/A8X720Z-A1 (2N24) male God Xiaozhi air conditioning. The following will have a detailed introduction, I hope you can help!

You can intuitively see the golden appearance, the center inlaid with tuyere. Simple atmosphere, without any embarrassing to say the high-end atmosphere on the grade. When the popular oval shape this Hisense KFR-72LW/A8X720Z-A1 (2N24) male God Xiaozhi Air conditioning, innovation in the structure and process innovation, making the appearance of the air conditioning to a cylindrical appearance, in the living room can make people bright, can not be ignored. Of course, this air conditioning is not only the charm of value, but more importantly, its connotation and details.

Colorful three-color light can change colors with different modes, so that you do not have to go to see what mode, you can directly glance. Highlight led three three-temperature display, even during the day can easily see the air conditioning display panel According to the data, this Hisense Xiaozhi vertical cabinet machine can also use modern technology, such as voice control technology allows you to warm up the temperature in the pre-cooling home before you can enjoy the cool or warm, never to appear Home now open the current situation. This air-conditioning also has self-diagnosis of failure, for you to eliminate the hidden features, can be described as a housekeeper.

The highlight of this Hisense male small wisdom is the next to introduce the lfeel, the meaning of the lfeel is smart portable, start the air conditioning somatosensory function, the air conditioner will automatically detect the temperature around the remote control, and then feedback to the host to conduct a The series of indoor temperature adjustment makes the indoor temperature more uniform, making the human body feel more comfortable around. After watching so many functions, everyone will certainly worry about his power situation. This air-conditioning has three horses and the energy efficiency level is Level 1. Hisense uses DC variable frequency drive technology, which greatly reduces the energy loss, and effectively increases the heating and cooling speed while also saving energy.

Choose this air conditioner, you also have a comfortable life! It not only has many functions, but also meets the requirements of your use of quality is also the top. Do not worry about the problem of service life, Hisense warranty service, but also let him look It is worthwhile. I believe that these introductions have been very detailed. How is it? Is it very exciting? Then act quickly!