Fine grinding fine delicious | beautiful multi-functional broken dishes machine evaluation

As the saying goes, in April and May, you don’t lose weight. It’s sad all summer.

If you want to eat less and keep a balanced intake of nutrients, healthy fruit and vegetable juices become the standard drink for the “slimming force.” However, it is not so easy to get a nutrient-rich fruit and vegetable juice because it is rich in fruits and vegetables. The plant biochemicals are found mainly in the skins, slag and seeds, and this part is often the most easily overlooked and discarded. To fully utilize the nutrients of fruits and vegetables, it is a good choice.

The so-called 'broken wall' is the use of external forces to break the cell wall, so that the vitamins, minerals, plant bio-chemicals, protein, and moisture in the ingredients of cells are fully released. Nutrition experts pointed out that after breaking the fruits and vegetables, their nutrition Absorption rate can be as high as 90%.

Midea's PB12Power304 is a 1200W high-horsepower motor. It is equipped with Japan's stainless steel 8 blade cutter and 6D spoiler cup. It can be used for fruits and vegetables with different hardness. It is more durable; the unique spiral noise-reducing air duct makes it break. Wall work process is more quiet.

At the same time, the product has a smart appointment anti-spill technology that directly solves the problem of food spillage and maximizes the nutrition and essence of food ingredients. The perfect combination of anti-overflow valve and intelligent spill prevention ensures that the ingredients are not wasted and the peace of mind is well managed. .

They say that they don't know how to practice and say nothing, they say so many advantages, and they can't do practical things. The Xiaobian who is known for their actions will start testing everybody's favorite fruit and vegetable juices. .

Summer sunshine is sufficient, and it is also a breeding ground for acne. A cup of delicious fruit and vegetable juice blessing will definitely help facial skin detoxification. The carrot and kiwifruit slimming fruit and vegetable juice just meets the demand.

Carrot kiwi fruit juice preparation

According to the recipe requirements, take 70g kiwi fruit (about one), apple 50g, carrot 30g, a teaspoonful of honey, place the ingredients in a borosilicate glass mixing cup, and then add clean water to 220ml water level.

Add ingredients and water separately

We chose to use the 'fruit and vegetable juice' program to cook this delicious dish. Select a preset 'fruit and vegetable juice' program with one click and start the button with the start button.

Select the default 'fruit and vegetable juice' program

In just 1 minute and 30 seconds, a glass of carrot kiwi fruit and vegetable juice was done. During the operation of the machine, there was no obvious shaking of the machine body, and no drop of juice was spilled, and the sound was smaller than similar products on the market. Many. Details can refer to the noise test page.

Fruit and vegetable juice production process

The process of pouring the juice out of the mixing cup can be seen that the homemade fruit and vegetable juice is thicker than the outside, and it tastes more mellow.

Pour the juice into the cup

A cup of fragrant carrot kiwi fruit juice

As a great drink for summer beauty and acne, you can enjoy a cup of delicious food in just 1 minute and 30 seconds. Healthy fruit and vegetable juices not only save costs, but also provide healthy nutrition.

In addition to refreshing fruit and vegetable juices in summer, milkshakes are also essential for refreshing artifacts. With yogurt, it is both beautiful and healthy.

Avocado Yogurt Beauty Face Smoothie Preparation Material

We put an avocado in the cup, pour 500 ml of milk and half a cup of yoghurt, friends who like sweets can put some sugar according to their own taste, press function key to select 'milkshake' function, then press start button That's it.

Select 'milkshake' function key

The time for making milkshakes is shorter than that of fruit and vegetable juices. It takes only one minute to finish quickly.

Milkshake making process

The produced milkshake was fragrant and scenting, and its mouthfeel was smooth and lubricious. The taste was indeed very different from the one on the market. The tip of the tongue touched the smooth surface of the milkshake, and it was able to feel extraordinary. Thickness.

Pour milkshake into cup

Thick avocado yogurt beauty cream

Compared to the milkshake bought outside, home-made products are not only clean and hygienic, but also the ingredients can be freely selected. The types of taste are more suitable for you. You can drink it in the refrigerator for a while.

For the broken food processor, running noise is a problem that consumers are particularly concerned about. Due to the need for high-speed rotation of the cutter head to break wall ingredients, the noise of the broken food processor is often very large. In order to test the beauty of the PB12Power304 multi-purpose broken cooking machine The noise, we continuously tested the machine's noise changes during the food process.

Environmental noise 33.6 dB

Maximum operating noise 68.7 dB

In the room where the ambient noise is 33.6 decibels, the maximum operating noise of the aircraft is 68.7 decibels. Compared with similar products on the market, the noise is really very low. This is due to the excellent design of the aircraft in the shock-proof structure and duct noise reduction. .

In order to reduce the impact of vibration during operation, the aircraft uses a triple shock structure, namely 'silicone mat mushroom head, noise cushion, thickened and solid body', while maintaining the stirring stability while doing bass operation; and internal Spiral noise reduction duct design greatly reduces the low-frequency noise generated by the motor during operation, and provides more heat to the air outlet to reduce the noise to a reasonable range.

Although only fruit and vegetable juices and milkshake dishes were produced, the powerful function of Midea's PB12Power304 is more than that. The machine has preset 11 kinds of kitchen cooking functions, namely, 'grain cereal paste, corn juice, and grain pulp. Lean meat porridge, borscht, thick soup, milkshake, grain powder, fruit and vegetable juice, fast soymilk and insulation', all the foods we need daily can be easily handled with a single key. There are also corresponding productions in the manual. Method, even if you want to change tricks, the machine can easily handle.

Midea's Multi-function Breaking Machine Features

300 to 800W precise temperature control heating, the use of fire at the beginning of the rapid boiling of the cooking, time-saving and efficient; late small fire continued fine, perfect preservation of nutrients ingredients, best of both worlds.

Intimate double overflow cup design, is a gospel of careless groups, and the cooking process no longer has to bother. The internal nine-piece broken foam overflow valve has a multiple double-resistance loop structure, which allows the foam entering the valve to burst quickly. Overflow of the fire. The intelligent anti-spill probe, rapid identification and monitoring, intelligent adjustment cooking program, to prevent overflow occurs.

Top anti-spill design

There is also a 55°C warming function. When you are caught in your daily life and can't enjoy the food in time, Midea's PB12Power304 can help you maintain a healthy warm drink at 55°C.

In addition, the unique 'Intelligent Altitude Recognition System' is also a major feature of this machine. It allows the machine to automatically adapt to the water temperature and the altitude and voltage of the region in real time during the work process. The function production process is adjusted to the optimal state to ensure the nutrition of the food ingredients. Fully released to prevent problems such as unfamiliar ingredients, spillage, and stickiness due to altitude and voltage changes.

'Intelligent altitude recognition system' operation diagram

In addition, cleaning is also one of the highlights of Midea's PB12Power304 multi-functional food cutting machine. This machine is specially equipped with a 'clean-in-one' function. After each user finishes the food, he only needs to pour water and then press ' Do not let go of the “JOG/Clean” button. The machine will enter the cleaning mode by itself. It will wash the residue and wash it, so that you can use the random cleaning brush to wash it. This saves time and effort.

'One-click cleaning' function running process

It can be said that the use of functional and cleaning aspects of the key design, the use of the United States PB12Power304 multi-function cooking machine is very good.

For a full-fledged appearance control, the appearance of the product is definitely not to be overlooked. The beautiful PB12Power304 multi-function dish-breaking machine body is made of high-quality steel body, simple and elegant, durable. The bottom of the machine adopts thick design. , Strong and stable.

Beautiful multi-functional broken food machine appearance

The main body of the fuselage with IMD touch big screen, perfectly integrated into the body, the button feels comfortable, control process is quite enjoyable.

Midea's multi-functional wall-breaking touch screen

High borosilicate glass mixing cup, with five layers of thick composite layer, so you don't have to worry about possible bursting problems due to sudden heat and sudden heat. You can use it safely.

High borosilicate glass mixing cup

Using Japanese steel eight leaf blade cutter, increase the contact frequency of the blade and the food, thus forming a downward stirring vortex, smash the edge angle of the food layer, and enhance the broken wall and delicate effect.

Eight leaf cutter head

Top cover security copper lock

In terms of safety, the machine's top cover adopts a mechanical security copper lock, which can be used to start the machine after being buckled to ensure stability and safety. The top of the spill-proof design avoids possible scalding due to hot air splashing.

Through the detailed test of Midea's PB12 Power304 multi-functional wall-breaking machine, we summarize its advantages and disadvantages as follows.

As a food material management equipment, the machine is very powerful, with as many as 11 preset cooking functions. It can be used to produce a lot of healthy and delicious foods like lean porridge, borscht, milk shake, corn juice, etc. , fast, convenient, and healthy, very practical.

The high-quality stainless steel 8-blade cutter head combined with the high-borosilicate glass mixing cup not only can finely grind the food, but also does not have to worry about safety issues. It is safer to use. The double overflow cup design is even more The gospel of the careless crowd is also not to worry about other things during the cooking process. There is also a 55°C warming function after cooking. It can be said to be a healthy food at any time. As for the firepower, 300 to 800W of precise temperature control heating is used. With the fire boiled and slow fire the essence of the slow, perfect ingredients to retain the nutrients.

The powerful internal strength also needs a beautiful appearance. The machine adopts an all-steel body, which is simple and generous, durable, and easy to handle. The front IMD touch screen is perfectly integrated into the body, and the buttons feel comfortable. The control process is quite enjoyable.

The machine also excels in difficult-to-control noise and subsequent cleaning. It can be said to be a very comprehensive product.

Overall, the beauty of the PB12Power304 multi-function broken cooking machine looks beautiful, powerful, excellent silent effect, and one-click cleaning function, is the best choice for home cooking nutrition and healthy food.