95% of dry cleaners use perchloroethylene | hand wash, dry cleaning and injury!

As the weather turned hot, many families started cleaning and storing heavy winter clothes such as down coats, cashmere sweaters, and velvet coats. However, most households had headaches for the cleaning and care of these clothes. Usually, the clothes were washed. The methods are: Dry cleaning, hand washing, gentle washing with a specific washing machine program. These methods have a common drawback:

As the demand for 'high-end care' among middle- and high-income consumers is increasing, dry cleaners are often the first choice for them to wash their winter clothes. However, the clothes retrieved from the dry cleaners will not only be 'wounded', but also 'injured'. On the clothing level, dry-cleaned garments often lose their initial softness and smoothness. If they are observed with a high magnification microscope, they may also find more serious problems such as internal fiber breakage, adhesion, etc.; in terms of physical health, Incomplete statistics, about 95% of domestic dry cleaners use tetrachloroethylene as a solvent, and tetrachloroethylene has been listed as a 2A carcinogen by international research institutions, which poses a great threat to human health.

So, can the hand-washing and machine-washing avoid this problem? This is not true. Strictly speaking, high-end fabrics such as cashmere and suede must be cleaned by professional laundry workers, and should not be washed. Users often cannot wash their hands and can not master the strength and technique of rubbing. , Slightly inadvertently, it is easy to cause surface villi breakage, internal fiber damage, and hand washing. Because of long-term contact with detergent, the damage to the skin is great. In response, many high-end brands have developed specific cashmere care for washing machines, down jackets. Washing and nursing procedures provide a machine washing program for high-end garments at a soft speed and a suitable water temperature. In fact, the washing machine's 'mechanical' washing method is not suitable for all high-end clothing, cashmere, cashmere and other animal wool clothing. Animal wool clothing contains animal protein fibers, which can easily shrink, dry up, machine-washed cashmere, and fluffy cashmere can no longer restore the original fluffy texture.

The real solution to the high-end clothing care problem is Casa Di Air Wash, which has opened up the world's third way of washing in addition to washing and dry cleaning. Micro vapor molecular treatment technology with infiltrated clothing fiber can quickly eliminate many bacteria. , Dust, Odor, Dust, etc., Restoring the original texture of the clothing. With the Casa Di Gemini dual-tube, fiber 601mm the world's largest diameter and RFID original identification technology, Casa Di can create large clothing for the user Professional nursing, zoning care, exclusive care and other solutions to meet the needs of high-end fabrics such as suede, goose down, silk and winter heavy clothing, high-end bedding, health, and efficient care.

It can be said that a Casa di washing machine can not only improve the state of high-end clothing, but also ensure the family's physical and mental health. Since then, the washing of high-end clothes and large clothes is no longer a problem, even if the user wants to wash large silk quilts. You don't have to go to the dry cleaners again.