Heating speed becomes an important purchase standard for air conditioners.

In summer, temperatures are high, and air conditioners become the most reliable refrigeration appliances for everyone. However, if the air-conditioning cooling is slow, it is very painful. With the improvement of the quality of life, the user's demand for air conditioners gradually shows a variety of individualized , The requirements for appearance and comfort are getting higher and higher.

Air conditioning comfort becomes a pain point for users

'Summer arrived, air-conditioning use frequency has gradually increased, but the home's air-conditioning cooling is very slow, too long to blow is also very uncomfortable. 'Young Ms. Liu Bailing to the Internet to ask for help, she said that the home air-conditioning experience is very poor, It takes only half an hour to cool down, and the wind is hot and cold. It is very easy to cause air conditioning. She hopes to find a comfortable air conditioner.

Actually, there are not a few users who complain about air conditioning like Ms. Liu. Traditional air conditioners generally suffer from user pain points such as slow cooling and heating, large power consumption, unstable operation of extreme climate regions, and direct improvement in the quality of life of users. According to data from the Bureau Social Opinion Survey Center, consumers are increasingly demanding air-conditioning comfort, and consumers who care about the comfort of air-conditioning account for more than 70% of respondents. The survey results released by relevant agencies also show that For consumers of inverter air conditioners, comfort has become an important purchasing factor that is second only to energy efficiency. Some consumers even put this factor first.

Heating speed affects air conditioning comfort

As we all know, the main function of air conditioners is to create a comfortable indoor environment for our lives and work through the functions of cooling, heating and dehumidification. Therefore, the comfort of air conditioners ultimately also comes down to the comfort of the environment they create. This is consistent with temperature uniformity. , temperature fluctuations, temperature fluctuations and other factors related. According to Song Liqiang, director of the Center for Basic Research of the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, when people turn on air conditioners, whether they are cooling or heating, they always hope that they can quickly reach their desired temperature. The warming and cooling rate is an important factor to measure the performance of the product.

He further explained that the traditional variable-frequency drive technology used in ordinary air conditioners is limited by technology, and it is usually chosen to ensure the reliability of press operation by reducing the frequency of high-frequency operation; in addition, in order to avoid out-of-step and abnormal shutdown during the start-up of the compressor, The use of a lower rate of upsampling results in excessive fluctuations in the temperature of the room, causing people to feel hot and cold, creating an uncomfortable feeling. Therefore, temperature fluctuation is an important indicator for evaluating the comfort of the air conditioner from the time dimension. The speed is too slow and seriously affects the comfort of the air conditioner.

The industry’s fastest air conditioner

In response to this problem, many companies improve the user experience by increasing cooling and heating speeds. On May 23, 'Very Disheartening, Only ONE Enthused', the commander of the air-conditioner's new product, released the industry’s fastest commander. L.ONE air conditioning, detected by the National Day-use Electrical Appliance Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, after the commander L.ONE air conditioner started normal air output, the temperature change rate can exceed 10 seconds and 10 degrees. It innovated 'Radio frequency technology', will constant torque The compensation control is applied in the high frequency area, which makes the cooling and heating effect more powerful, which greatly improves the temperature efficiency and comfort.

At the same time, the commander experienced the honey crystals displayed in the store, and the experiment of defrosting also allowed users to witness the speed of the air-conditioning system of the commander. The 'fastest air-conditioning' achieved rapid popularization. One-key adjustment of indoor temperature and humidity, 'HOME One-Key Comfort Technology', up to 10 seconds of 10-degree 'Radio Frequency Technology' and other subversive technologies, to bring users a simple and comfortable fashion lifestyle, become a real fashion technology leader By.