Drying racks hand crank internal diagram | How to hand drying racks

The hand crank plays a very important role in the hand drying racks. Once the hand crank fails, the hand drying rack cannot be used. In many drying racks, the hand drying racks are not good. In the installation process of the hand shaker, we need to understand what are the main components in the hand crank. If there is a problem with the hand crank, what should I do?

Clothes hanger hand crank interior illustration

Let's take a look at what constitutes a hand-operated clothes hanger? The self-locking principle of the hand crank: When it is stopped, it is a huge frictional resistance generated by the tension of the spring, resulting in a 'self-locking', rising or falling. , The spring tightens, and the spring cup reduces friction, so it can move smoothly.

This is very important in the construction of the hand crank. The maintenance of the lifting rack wire rope is also very important. It can apply a certain amount of lubricant on the surface to improve the smoothness of the lift. Note that the lubricant is still special. Do not use vegetable oils and solid butter.

It can be seen that the hand-cranking device still plays an important role. Installation step of the airer lifter - the corner device is installed at the corner just above the hand crank, or just above the hand crank, near the ceiling of the corner. We strongly recommend that it be installed on the ceiling. It cannot be installed on the ceiling. It has to be installed on the wall. Note: Corners can be installed wherever there is a 'mountable surface'; however, it cannot be installed on the 'blank' marked 'installation blind'. Place. The so-called 'installation blind zone': The corners of the connection of the two top brackets (referred to as the double wheel top brackets) cannot be installed on the extension line, because the two lifting ropes will overlap and rub the brackets.

How to hand drying racks

With regard to hand-operated drying racks, we find that it has a very important role in use. In China, 'drying racks' can be divided into two types according to the product type, one is 'lifting drying racks', or so-called ' Electric drying rack', manual, electric two, manual (hand) is more popular, electric (smart) is the trend of development; the other is 'floor drying rack', the main airfoil, X type, single rod, double Rods and other types, these products are relatively simple, composed of stainless steel pipe or spray pipe and plastic connectors, easy removal, without special installation, deeply loved by the crowd.

In fact, hand-drying racks are still very good. Adhering to the 'rational luxury, stable, reliable' concept of German products, the combination of aesthetic realm, human care and intelligent technology, Ou Ke intelligent clothes racks, as a healthy airing cultural advocates , Focus on improving the quality of modern people's clothes, and communicating the concept of healthy clothes to more people.

When compared to other styles of drying racks, we found that hand drying racks have their own charms. In other words, as long as the function and quality are universally recognized, the drying racks will be a household appliance as a necessity for residents' daily life. The fiercely competitive future, low price, high quality or the most important factor to attract customers.

In today's description, Xiao Bian mainly talked about the accessories for hand-operated drying racks, especially the hand cranks for hand-operated drying racks. I hope that through Xiao Bian’s explanation today, everyone has a hand drying rack. A comprehensive understanding. In summary, our opponent has a good idea of ​​shaking the clothes hanger.