Traditional knob out, Hisense washing machine turns on the era of full-screen touch

In the past year, Hisense Washing Machine's growth rate was 42.07% year-on-year, and the growth rate was among the highest among the leading companies. At the same time, Hisense also completed the launch of the world's first 'one machine, three barrels' high-end duplex washing machine to achieve high-end market performance. Leading the way. In 2018, Hisense continued to maintain a good momentum of continuous innovation and development. In pursuit of the escalation of consumer demand, Hisense continued to open up entirely new areas, and launched a black technology with a more interactive experience—a full touch screen. This is the current industry. The first frequency conversion drum washing machine with touch screen in the market.

With a smart full-screen washing machine, consumers can experience a large amount of information and easy-to-use user interface that is just as intuitive as a smartphone, bringing a new laundry experience to users.

Hisense/Hisense HG100DAA122FG

'Comprehensive' -- more than a screen

The rotary button of the traditional washing machine is cancelled. It is equipped with a large 9-inch full touch screen. The minimalist design style is equipped with a smart and exclusive user interface. With easy-to-understand pictures, icons and typesetting, consumers can easily and conveniently control the washing machine. All operations through the fingertips, reducing the rotation error, so that the washing machine can also be as smart as a mobile phone tablet, sensitive, efficient. Comprehensive human-computer interaction, bring new laundry experience to the user.

'The king of motors' --BLDC frequency conversion, silent energy saving and water saving

In the selection of washing machine motors, the frequency conversion is better than the fixed frequency, and in the variable frequency motor, the upgraded version of BLDC frequency inverter provided by Hisense is recognized as the “king of motors” in the industry, and the sound is less than or equal to 55 decibels when electronic speed washing, which brings you books. Hall-like enjoyment; the highest level of market - a level of energy saving and peace of mind; smart and flexible speed control, refused mechanical movement, energy saving and water saving; it is worth mentioning that this washing machine enjoys 12 years of motor free of charge Bao Xiu, long repair period is undoubtedly a strong guarantee for the quality of Hisense washing machine!

A variety of washing programs, user choice

The most important function of the washing machine is reflected in its washing program. A good washing machine can be equipped with a variety of washing modes to meet users' different laundry needs in all four seasons. Hisense Washing Machine has an accurate insight into this, and it is a collection of internationally certified wool washing. Baby washing, disinfecting washing, down washing, speed washing, air washing, washing and other cleaning procedures are installed, the user can choose. Attentive human design, bring more laundry for the user.

In addition, this washing machine also has a 95 degree high temperature inner cylinder self-cleaning, 10KG large capacity, star drill inner cylinder and other powerful features, is a really comprehensive washing machine for the sake of users.

Only deep insight into user needs, and technology to create human products, to bring better user experience, products that help users achieve a better life will be recognized and liked by users.

At present, this product is being fully listed on Suning, deposit of 11 yuan arrived at 611 yuan, only 2099 to the hand price, drying and then send a single instrument, surprise price is not yet hurry.