Most precious clothes are washed | 'washed' | Bad! Wash dry cleaning Please be careful!

With the continuous improvement of consumer awareness, people are increasingly pursuing refined and quality clothing. However, it is also accompanied by the development of pain points for washing. Because water washing and dry cleaning will cause varying degrees of damage to clothing. The China Textile Industry Federation estimates that China produces more than 20 million tons of waste textiles each year in production and consumption. The loss of high-end clothing is countless. In the end, what kind of misunderstandings we have to do with laundry has led to these washings. Trapped bad clothes frequently occur?

There are only two ways to wash expensive clothes: washing and dry cleaning

In the home, we usually choose to wash in ordinary clothes. The washing first expands the fibers of the clothes so that when washing, the detergent will penetrate into the fibers and it will be difficult to clean. The remaining detergent will attack the fibers. The surface makes the fiber brittle, resulting in a decrease in the life of the clothing. This is the real reason why our usual clothing is not bad but can be washed.

Can that dry cleaning be 100% safe?

At present, the demand for 'high-end care' among middle- and high-income consumers is increasing. High-end fabrics such as wool, silk, and silk are neither hand-washable nor machine-washable, so dry-cleaners often become the only choice for high-end users. However, the clothes treated by the dry cleaners appear to be clean and tidy, and the fabric does not have any significant differences in hand feel. However, if you look under a professional microscope, you will find that there are various problems such as fiber breakage and adhesion. More serious Yes, according to incomplete statistics, about 95% of the domestic laundry industry uses tetrachloroethylene as a solvent laundry, and tetrachloroethylene has been listed as a 2A carcinogen by international research institutions, which is extremely damaging to human health.

Can not be washed, can not dry clean, luxury fabrics into disposable supplies

For many high-end fabrics, washing can not be achieved, dry cleaning can not do exclusive washing, and will cause residue. In April of this year, Ms. Zhang sent a Burberry brand fur garment, which was purchased for 48,000 yuan, to a leather goods company. Washing. When leather garments were found, left back leather jacket, left cortex and other lack of cortical, hem seam shrinkage and so on. After investigation, Ms. Zhang learned that the dry cleaners are dry cleaning with tetrachloroethylene, causing serious decolorization, high drying temperature plus tetrachlorine. The meltdown of ethylene dry-cleaning liquid caused the separation of the epidermis and the bottom layer. Although complementary color repairs were done afterwards, the original furnishing price of 48,000 pelts could no longer be restored as new.

Affected by consumption upgrades, the popularization of high-end fabrics such as goose down, cashmere, cashmere, and silk has accelerated. However, due to the limitations of the washing methods, there have been countless cases of failed water washing and dry cleaning. After the upgrade, the customer demand side, the supply side lags behind, the high-end fabric washing and care market is still in a blank state. Many consumers have purchased LV, Hermès and other luxury fabrics but do not know how to wash, 100,000 or even hundreds of thousands of Clothing shoe bag became a 'disposable supplies'.

The third type of exclusive high-end fabric care: Casa di air cleaning

On March 12th, US local time, an article on 'air washing' published by the world-renowned media “Wall Street Journal” attracted much attention from the world's care industry. It was praised as the third type of washing after dry cleaning and dry cleaning. Casa Di Air Wash, original Micro Vapor Molecular Treatment infiltrate the clothing fibers, quickly remove a variety of bacteria, dander, odor, dust, etc. to deepen the fiber to restore the original texture of clothing. Whether it is an expensive cashmere coat , still difficult to care for goose down, silk and other fabrics, Casa di 'air wash' can make it a new look.

In the era of only washing and dry cleaning, users can't choose to only accept the “washing” of precious clothes once and again. But now users around the world do not have to worry about water washing damaged fabrics and dry-cleaning residual chemicals, Casa Di’s “air wash” is nothing more than The best choice for high-end fabric washing.