What is the brand of red teeth? American heart promise XNUO red teeth out of the box evaluation

This home appliance for red teeth has long been a must-have item for foreign families long ago, and it has only recently begun to pay attention to the maintenance of the oral cavity in the country. Xiao Bian is naturally not listed, and as curiosity becomes more and more important, Watched for a long time on the Internet, from a number of red teeth brand selected a recent good reputation of red teeth products - heart promise XNUO portable X609.

There are so many brands of red teeth on the market. Why did I just choose it? A lot of it was due to the technology used by Heartwell.

▼Red teeth reducer technology is roughly divided into four types of technologies: active oxygen type, jet type, direct injection type, and high-voltage pulse type. Among them, the most comfortable and efficient one is the high-voltage pulse technology. Xiaobian was then used by this technology. The attraction, coupled with Xinuo's reputation has always been good, is also a medical technology company in foreign countries, so it is decided it.

▼ Since I always wanted to try my teeth errands, I had been looking forward to it from the time I placed orders, and I couldn’t wait to open them after I received them. There was also a dedicated express box outside of my own box. It was very safe to protect the interior. The machine is not hurt, especially intimate.

▼ Take out a total of the machine itself, charger, two nozzles and a carrying bag, are carefully wrapped in bags, forgive me for using it to remember the family photo.

I look forward to such a long time, of course I can not wait to study it again, first install the nozzle, a total of two to meet the needs of two people, the nozzle can be rotated 360 °, so that when cleaning the inside of the mouth can be very convenient Transform the angle.

▼The installation process is very quick, press and hold down the button and then insert the brush head into it. Basically, it takes two seconds to complete all the actions, and there will not be any shedding phenomenon.

▼Before receiving the small series is still very worried that the red teeth operation will not be very complicated, but the heart of the red teeth panel is very simple, the operating mode is clear, there are three kinds of flush mode can be selected, and the body uses the IPX7 Waterproof design, it can be safely flushed.

'On/off' is the key

'Mode' is a menu for selecting a mode

'Normal' is the standard mode, it is the basic daily cleaning oral mode

'Soft' is gentle mode, rhythmic for sensitive teeth and friends with gum discomfort

'Pulse' is a massage mode with a 2-minute rhythmic deep cleansing of the mouth and massaging gums

▼ The “Normal” standard mode is suitable for the daily flushing needs of most people. The water flow is a continuous and continuous impact. It is highly effective to penetrate the oral cavity. It can be seen that the strength is sufficient, and the market will not appear soft and clean. phenomenon.

▼ Use mirrors as reflectors, everyone can see its impact, not stimulating but very efficient.

▼The difference between soft mode and standard mode is that the soft mode is a rhythmical impact, which has a regular impact of '呲.. 呲.. 呲.. 呲. .' It is also comfortable to use, because the impact frequency of the intermittent frequency is weaker than the standard mode, and it just fits the use of sensitive people.

▼ The frequency of the 'Pulse' massage mode has also changed, '呲.. 呲呲.. 呲.. 呲呲.. 呲. .' The frequency and soft mode are more regular and use it to massage the gums. It's like having a spa.

These three modes can actually meet the daily needs of most people. However, after all, it is a portable version. If you want more fine pressure adjustment, you can actually choose the home version, and the standard model of portable money is enough for me in daily life. , There is also sufficient impact to clean the gum sulcus without feeling irritation or sharpness.

The charging head of Xinuo is located at the bottom of the operation panel, and the portable version is naturally convenient to charge. As the charging line of Xinnuo is traveling, it can save space when traveling, and it is very light.

What I like most is that it also comes with a soft plug on the charging head. Although this red teeth is waterproof, it is still safer to do double protection. It is said that this soft plug also prevents the charging head from rusting. Features.

▼ The capacity of the water tank for the red heart rinser is 200ml, which can basically meet the needs of an ordinary cleaning, and the capacity is not too small, and the two sides are marked with different scale expressions. This small detail is also very intimate.

▼In the early stages of purchasing red teeth, I saw many people's assessments. Many people use water tanks that have been used for a prolonged period of time to cause scaling. I am still more worried about this. The water tank is detachable, which means it can be cleaned. There is no need to worry about the appearance of scale, and it is very fast in the disassembly process.

▼ There is a water inlet at the back of the tank, the switch is very convenient, does not require a lot of effort, and the water injection port is located at the bottom, the water flow can also be more comprehensive outflow.

▼ look at the overall body design, the lines are particularly smooth, give a natural feeling, simple design does make me like it, very texture.

▼ There is a good detail in the grip. On the back of it there is a curved design that can be humanized and non-slip, but giving me the greatest feeling is to feel more comfortable.

▼ The whole body is also very lightweight and portable, and it really does not live up to the 'portable' title. Even if it takes to travel, it will not occupy a lot of space.

After observing and using a circle, my first experience of red teether can be scored as 100 points. I heard so many benefits and I feel really good about using it myself. Technology companies, the product processes and technologies that have been shown to me are very delicate, especially there are many small and portable details.

The red teeth, as a must-have accessory for many overseas families, certainly has its advantages. It also enhances personal happiness in the care of our mouth. We hope that everyone can purchase one at a time when they have the ability. After all, oral health is always greater than matter, and we hope everyone can have a good tooth.