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In the era of Internet ecology, new thinking brings new breakthroughs, and new models create new futures. On May 12th, a theme salon event entitled 'Integration and Creation and Change - Chint's Internet Awakening' was successful in Hangzhou 'Chintworld'. Hold.

CHINT’s senior leaders in cross-border joint industry, e-commerce innovation experts, media elites, brand strategy consulting agencies, and jointly explore how the real economy can take the initiative in leveraging the Internet transformation to win the future under the “Internet Plus” background. Through the collision of ideas, we can further help enterprises. Transformation and upgrading and innovation and development.

At the meeting, Chen Jianke, Director and Vice President of Chint Group, Nan Junxia, ​​General Manager of Zhengtai Network Technology Co., Ltd., Senior Partner of Roland Berger, and Ren Guoqiang, Head of Brand and Marketing Center, shared the topic respectively. With practice, the case of “Taiji Crowdfunding” innovative mode to empower Zhengtai civil industry to transform and share cases caused great concern and active discussion among the guests. The atmosphere of on-site interactive exchange was enthusiastic.

Innovation drives development, and transformation takes the lead

From the IT to the DT era, we have seen new opportunities for the transformation and development of enterprises, and also deeply experienced new challenges in the process of innovation. ' 'Chengtai's informatization, digitalization, intelligent exploration and practice have never stopped and will continue to be Continue. '

In the theme sharing, Vice President Chen Jianke stated that as one of the important representatives of China's manufacturing industry, CHINT started from low-voltage electrical appliances, focused on industry, and relied on innovation to gradually create power generation, transmission, storage, substation, and power distribution. Electricity as one of the power equipment industry chain.

In the new era, Chint seizes important opportunities such as global manufacturing revolution and 'Made in China 2025', deeply implements new development concepts, promotes the digital transformation of the corporate Internet, develops a 'one cloud and two networks' strategic layout, utilizes the Internet of Things, big data, and cloud Computing and other technologies, accelerate the deep integration of information and industrialization and platform construction, and promote the upgrading of enterprises from 'manufacturing' to 'intelligence'.

He further emphasized that the establishment and development of Zhengtai Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Zhengtai Network Technology) is of great significance in the course of Zhengtai's Internet practice. As the civil sector pillar company of Zhengtai Group, Zhengtai Network Technology has been global since its establishment. The development of the vision has been driven by two-wheel drive of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, which has driven the real economy into new vitality and formed new advantages, injecting new potential energy into Chint's overall development.

Breakthrough in thinking guidelines, crowdfunding and empowerment

Nanjun Xia, general manager of Zhengtai Network Technology Co., Ltd., stated that Chint's 'Internet +' practice has always penetrated the Group's strategic development, and it has also settled on daily innovations.

In the process of industrial upgrading, the Thai home circuit breaker launched by Zhengtai Network Technology, from positioning to marketing to dissemination, breaking the industry convention and exploring the road to innovation, is a typical case of Zhengtai industry leveraging the Internet transformation practice.

On the one hand, Taiji home circuit breakers have broken the deep-rooted industrial product positioning of traditional circuit breakers, shaped the 'home boutique' positioning of products, focused on C-end users, and achieved circuit breaker product transformation and high-end upgrades;

On the other hand, Taiji Home Circuit Breaker was the first in the industry to launch O2O investment, develop online and offline integration, and leverage e-commerce financial platform to launch 'crowdfunding' activities to integrate the advantages of the Internet and traditional enterprises and open up new trails for industrial development breakthroughs. ;

In addition, with the use of internet tools, CHINT Network Technologies has initiated the “One-One-One-Code” micromarketing campaign for the Taiji home circuit breakers to strengthen the interactive connection between products and consumers, extending service and communication.

After Tai Chi Jingdong Crowd Funding went live on April 8, crowdfunding broke 10 million in 58 hours, 50 million in 20 days, and exceeded 83 million in May 12. The data continues to grow. On a crowdfunding day, the data is expected to break through 100 million yuan. The practice of integrating Taiji's innovative thinking into the Internet has aroused the attention of the guests.

Sharing aggregative wisdom, building a dream to win the future

In the shared and open Internet ecosystem, 'people' is the core, which occupies an absolute position. Focusing on the enterprise, facing a new round of consumption upgrading, how to create high-quality, differentiated and personalized lifestyles for consumers? It is not only the key to winning the favor of the corporate brand, but also an important issue for the transformation and development of the company and society.

Roland Berger Senior Partner, Ren Guoqiang, Head of Brand and Marketing Center After the wonderful sharing of 'Internet age, brand belongs to consumers', Sharon enters the guest sharing session.

At the meeting, guests were invited to give insights and opinions about Zhengtai's Internet transformation practice, industry development and brand promotion, and participating experts.

Everyone affirmed that Zhengtai’s achievements in the internet, big data, smart manufacturing, etc. for many years expressed its approval of Zhengtai Civil Panel Network Technology Co., Ltd. since it was established to explore new technologies, new models, and innovative applications in an international perspective. , And positively put forward suggestions on Zhengtai's informatization, dataization, and intelligent future development. Frequent on-site interactions and new ideas and ideas that cross-border thinking collided have injected new wisdom into Chint's future development plan.

Director of Zheshang Museum, executive chairman of Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Federation, executive chairman of Zhejiang Zheshang Research Association of Zhejiang Province, vice president of Zheshang Research Institute of Zhejiang Gongshang University

Founder of Zheshang Magazine, Executive Director of Zhijiang Business School Zhu Renhua

Zhengtai Group Senior Consultant, Han Meilin Art Foundation Press Director, former Liberation Daily Senior Reporter, Liberation Weekend Editor, Liberation Press Group Cultural Forum Director Gao Shenying

Vice President of Hangzhou Bajiuling Culture & Creative Co., Ltd., Director of Integrated Channels of Hangzhou TV Station Zhu Yongxiang

Li Lu, Director of Jingdong Crowdfunding Division, Lu Nan, Head of Jingdong Crowd Innovation, and Ms. Li Jinping, Jingdong Crowdfunding Senior Project Manager, delivered their opinions on the recent “Taijing Home Circuit Breaker Jingdong Crowdfunding” issue of Zhengtai Network Technology. , They said that since the Taiji Home Circuit Breaker landed on the Jingdong crowdfunding project, it has achieved outstanding performance. On the day of crowdfunding, the data is expected to break through 100 million. This will be a phenomenon-level data in the circuit breaker industry. Zhengtai Taiji home-use circuit breakers have It may become the next product to refresh the record of the crowdfunding project of

Director of Jingdong Crowdfunding Division, Director of China Industrial Design Association Li Lu Sharing

The essence of crowdfunding is an innovative marketing model. Through crowdfunding, the consumer's degree of consumer participation and enthusiasm for preferential purchases are enhanced. This time, Tektronix's new home crowdfunding synchronization offline O2O investment will bring offline business opportunities. Combining with the Internet, making the Internet an effective supplement and aid for offline marketing is a useful attempt to integrate the advantages of the Internet and traditional corporate marketing. Under the general trend of the Internet, it is a case that traditional industry marketing breakthroughs can learn from.

Jingdong Crowdfunding Technology Innovation Leader Lu Nan Live Sharing

Jingdong Crowdfunding Senior Project Manager Li Jinping Live Sharing

At the same time, senior media experts from the Financial Union, Pear Video, Daily Economic News, and International Finance News shared their views on the practice of corporate Internet convergence from different perspectives.

General Manager of Hangzhou Zhengtai Transmission & Distribution Equipment Co., Ltd. Zhang Jianjun Share

Deputy Director of Zhengtai Group Office, Head of Group Cultural Communication Center Liao Yi

At the end of the sharing, Nanjun Xia, general manager of Zhengtai Network Technology Co., Ltd. expressed that the guests' understanding of the Internet convergence and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the company's business made them benefit from it. The company's 'Internet+' practice is a constant search for innovation. Process, product thinking, user thinking, service thinking, platform thinking, ecological thinking, etc., need to run through the entire process of enterprise development.

Zhejiang Zhengtai Network Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Nan Junxia Share summary

The future is integration, sharing, innovation, and win-win. Nanjun Xia said that Zhengtai Network Technology Co., Ltd. will continue its efforts in product, brand, marketing, service, ecological platform and team building, and more outstanding companies, outstanding Entrepreneurs, excellent talents, together with the Chinese manufacturing process to the world, are committed to the development of our time.

In addition, in the live interview of Sharon, the guests also praised Chint's “Internet Plus” practice, which helped Chint Tai’s extremely popular activities.

As the Internet has grown to the present day, it is not just the internet company's internet, it's everyone's internet.

Utilize the new technologies and new models in the Internet era to empower the transformation of enterprises, create new corporate values, create new corporate advantages, upgrade in adherence to industry, and transform in the Internet of Everything. Zhengtai pursues and practices the Internet convergence and pursuit ......