The 2018 Elite Training Conference of the Dutch Emperor Sui Completed Successfully

On May 11th-12th, 2018, the Dutch Emperor Shunde successfully held a training conference for the dealers and sales elites with the theme of “Cultivating together and becoming the best; concentrating on winning the future” as the theme.

The Dutch Elite 2018 Elite Training Conference is designed to create first-rate professional sales professionals in the Sui Dynasty, gain a higher competitive edge in the highly competitive building materials industry, and be able to adapt to the growing trend of the Sui Di brand in the Chinese market. Inspire dealer morale, improve sales team's overall quality and sales skills, and create a strong terminal sales division.

The Dutch Elite 2018 Elite Training Conference has undergone thorough planning and integration. It has developed a set of training content for some of the dealers and sales elites who come to attend the training, and invited teachers with extensive market experience to explain. Brand development, product knowledge to sales skills, promotion programs, etc., carried out two days of meticulous training in all aspects.

Through the course study, on the one hand, it improved the comprehensive competitiveness of Sui Di dealers in the market; on the one hand, it strengthened the sales skills of terminal sales staff.

Study endlessly Improve your professional skills

The teachers of this training conference used humorous cases, vivid and interesting language, and video elements to analyze the different marketing methods and strategies for different types of markets.

Multi-form, comprehensive explanation mode

The students are absorbed in learning and carefully record the highlights of knowledge

From welcoming to the second invitation, detailed analysis of the interpretation, interpretation of the sales staff need to cultivate the quality of self-cultivation, explain profound theories in simple and easy way, so that the students successfully learned more marketing skills, and quickly improve marketing skills.

From theoretical basis to practical exercises

In the face of unpredictable market conditions, it is particularly important to build and shape excellent teams, to participate in the competition for enterprises, and to increase the cohesiveness and combat effectiveness of the enterprises. In order to deepen the team awareness of the students and improve the team's cohesion and collaboration capabilities, the instructors are trained. In the process, through simple interactions, we not only mobilized the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of everyone for learning, but also allowed the participants to fully participate in it and interact constantly.

New product promotion confirms Group R&D strength

In the Dutch Elite 2018 Elite Training Conference, Sui Di also met with Chinese consumers and formally announced the launch of the 2018 COLDEC Emperor's new product - the sconce baby silk platinum infant wall paint, and the Emperor Dirkala color art. Series (symphony).

Superior Wall Paint

Silk Platinum infant wall paint

100% European original imported products, through France's indoor environmental protection standard 'A+' certification, designed specifically for the protection of children's health of the wall series products, specifically for the Chinese decoration market.

Decora Art Series

Dekla Color Art Series (Symmetrical)

100% imported European products, certified by the French “A+” environmental protection standard, has a pearl-like decorative effect and is designed to create a high-end wall art style.

Over the years, the company has continued to introduce products that are highly praised by consumers, demonstrating its innovative capabilities and leading position in the coatings industry. At this new product promotion meeting, the new products of Sui Emperor have shown their respective highlights, with their own The different characteristics, to meet the needs of subdivided areas, diversified to meet consumer needs.

The launch of this new product has not only enriched the product line of Sui Di, but also demonstrated the importance of the Dutch COLDEC Group to the Chinese market, and further confirmed the powerful R&D capabilities of the Dutch COLDEC Group, constantly developing new products based on market demand and leading the art coatings. The industry's constant innovation and development.

President meeting encourages team morale

At the end of the training, Mr. Bleize, President of COLDEC Group in the Netherlands, and He Zong, General Manager of the Dutch Sui Di China, visited the conference and had a meeting with many dealers and sales elites.

General Manager of the Dutch Sui Emperor China

Mr. Belize, President, COLDEC Group, Netherlands

At the meeting, the president stated that he hopes that the trainees will be able to use this training to upgrade their professional qualities and marketing skills, strengthen the fighting power and cohesiveness of the terminal team, and use the acquired knowledge to use the terminal market to enrich themselves. Change itself and contribute to every strength, and truly shoulder the heavy responsibility of Sui Di’s development and construction in China, and turn it into an important cornerstone for Sui Di’s constant advancement.

Through this exchange, various dealers and sales elites once again strengthened their sense of belonging to Emperor Yang and strengthened their goal of radiating youth and blood for the development of Emperor Yang.

After the Dutch Emperor Sui Emperor's elite training session in 2018, all the trainees expressed their great interest and were deeply inspired. They also indicated that they will apply the learned knowledge points to their work and do a good job in terminal marketing and construction. Create a bright future for Sui Di!