Baichuan water-based paint + UV paint + smart paint - help furniture door assembly | 'oil to water' | Green Coating Industry Summit

Increasingly severe 'atmospheric defense'

The release of a series of questions and policies has released a strong signal:

When environmental protection has become the main theme of today, the revolutionary storm of 'oil to water' has also come in strong.

Under the high-strength environmental protection policy, the furniture industry is the first to bear the brunt.

Some paint industry figures predict that: China will become an important engine for the growth of the waterborne coatings market, and domestic waterborne coatings will have at least 10 times more room for growth in the future. Now, furniture companies have also transformed themselves into higher-performance, environmentally-friendly water-based coatings.

However, the construction process of water-based paints differs from that of conventional solvent-based paints. This requires manufacturers of water-based paints, furniture wooden doors, and equipment manufacturers of water-based paints to work together. According to the characteristics of water-based paints, suitable processes are designed and manufactured. Based on this, the 2018 Chinese furniture wooden door assembly 'Oil to Water' green coating industry summit on the Baichuan paint brought us the 'oil to water' environmental protection solution, Baichuan paint oil to water program, mainly focused on the following aspect:

1, in-depth furniture companies, analysis of business conditions;

2, through the scientific test and data analysis custom coating process;

3, according to the furniture company to use the substrate to choose the right coating assembly;

4. Vigorously promote and popularize coating training, so that all employees of furniture companies can master the process and equipment operation.

When more and more furniture wooden door companies pay attention to the wood door accessory products, Baichuan paint will no doubt provide an excellent solution for the furniture wooden door enterprises.