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At this stage, China’s commercial vehicle industry is most concerned about what the problem is. The answer is probably that the non-state 6 emission standards are the 'cloudy weather' and end-users are inevitably worried about an incident: At the same time as the emission standards are further upgraded, Does the engine performance and fuel economy performance remain? Vehicle companies also have their own concerns: As a new product, can its entire life cycle reliability be guaranteed?

Cummins Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Cummins (China) Peng Lixin

For these issues, Cummins Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Cummins (China) Peng Lixin gave a positive answer. In 2017, Cummins (China) business development achieved a record high in history. The total installed capacity of engines in China exceeded 500,000 units. , an increase of 32% year-on-year. Peng Lixin said that this is mainly due to two major factors - first of all, the total heavy truck market in China's truck market in 2017 is in large demand; secondly, Cummins's market in China is strategically precise, ie it is always available to customers. Advanced technology, in line with demand products, and continue to introduce new products. 'Cummins' products are suitable for the Chinese market, fully meet customer needs. 'He told reporters, 'In 2018, Cummins will still achieve good results in China.'

Having cheats for the simultaneous upgrade of product emissions and performance

Regarding the concerns raised by commercial vehicle customers around the Sixth National Standards product, Peng Lixin’s words impressed the reporter. He said: “Six emission levels of engine products are doing better. If the performance index declines, customers are reluctant to accept it. There is no way to talk about environmental protection. 'As a result, Cummins, who realized that the key issues were early realized, set targets at the beginning of the development of the Sixth National Product. While reducing emissions, it also needs to maintain its leading position in terms of power and fuel consumption.' Cummins Development The country's six products, fuel economy performance better than the country's five products, and dynamics have been further enhanced. Compared with the five national products, Cummins has improved the torque of all six products. Peng Lixin told reporters.

In the process of emission upgrading, engine performance and fuel consumption are constantly challenged. This has also become an important reason for engine manufacturers concerned about the implementation time of new emission standards. Cummins's S6 products have achieved simultaneous emission, performance, and fuel economy upgrades. Therefore, the face of the next market battle with confidence, eager to try. The outside world can not help but have this question, Cummins is how to do it?

According to reports, as early as 2005, Cummins set out to study engines that meet Euro VI emission standards and mass production in 2014. Years of research and development, manufacturing experience has made Cummins more understanding of the SVI-6 engine. 'We actually found that On the other hand, it is also the component with the highest damage rate in the engine system. This not only increases the cost, but also affects the reliability of the engine. These are not what users want. ' Peng Lixin said.

After an engineer's research day and night, Cummins has mastered a more advanced technology - a new engine intelligent control system, which allows the company to achieve the Sixth National Standard without using EGR. ' Cummins may be the world's first available from 2.8 L to 14L is a six-engine product company that does not use EGR technology. We bring the most advanced technology to the Chinese market to meet the needs of our customers. ' Peng Lixin also emphasized that 'we clearly understand that only the most advanced Technology can support the product to get the highest recognition from the customer. '

It is understood that Cummins's adoption of SCR and DPF to achieve the Sixth National Standard has the following advantages: First, the advanced intelligent control system will eventually show the advantages of fuel consumption. Secondly, after the emission standard is upgraded, the price of the whole vehicle will increase, and Cummins Sixth Products will increase. Helps to reduce overall costs. Peng Lixin said that the Sixth National Standard not only requires new products to meet emission standards, but also guarantees that emissions up to 7 years/700,000 kilometers will be qualified. 'For this long-term discharge' shelf life', Cummins was very well prepared. 'He said, 'We have years of experience in R&D, manufacturing of Euro VI products, understanding the working characteristics of DPF, familiarizing ourselves with the decay process, and knowing how post-sales services should be developed. These are powerful competencies. '

Peng Lixin also added that Cummins's Sixth National Product is based on foreign testing and has undergone domestic testing to fully adapt to China's working conditions. He said: 'We have conducted more than 200 vehicle trips in China for actual road testing. Experiments were conducted in various environments such as, plain, high temperature, alpine, etc. to satisfy the actual needs of domestic users as much as possible.

The new national six product will win the global market opportunity

Cummins, with its advanced technology, has enough strength to launch new products. Following the launch of new products last year, at the end of May this year, Cummins will release four new products.

According to reports, some of the four new products are designed to fill market gaps, and some extend the Cummins product lineage. Peng Lixin told reporters: 'With the addition of four new products, Cummins has achieved 2.8L in China, 130 Horsepower to 14L, 600 horsepower in the entire system layout, product torque up to 2800N · m or even higher. '

It can be foreseen that the adaptability and competitiveness of Cummins in the Chinese market will be further strengthened.

For S6 engines, repair and maintenance is a thorny issue. The DPF used in the S6 engine has a higher requirement for maintenance and repair technology. 'Peng Lixin said that Cummins has done a good job in this area. Prepare. Cummins has been upgrading the engine digitally. The products are equipped with an intelligent network-linked system, which allows service personnel to no longer be limited to passive service customers. They can also provide proactive services in advance. 'Some failures occur before or when they have emerged. Our service personnel will be able to find out in the background of the car networking, they will tell customers which parts may malfunction, to take the initiative to carry out services. 'Peng Lixin said.

Cummins's six-nation standard product layout not only facilitates the expansion of the Chinese market, but also provides sufficient preparation for its entry into Europe. 'According to certain requirements, the Sixth National Standard is more strict than the European VI, and therefore the Sixth National The market opportunity for the product is very important to Cummins. 'Peng Lixin said, 'In Cummins, this project is not only called Guoliu, it is also called 'Global-six', which is the sixth stage in the world because of this time China's emission standards. In front of Europe, we will develop the China Six products in China to the European market in the future. 'It is understood that the 2.8L, 3.8L and 11L products that Cummins developed for the Chinese market have subsequently entered the European market one after another. It can be seen that Cummins regards China as a high-tech market, maximizing new technologies and new products to meet customer needs.

Good preparation for smart and new energy

At the stage of implementation of the National Sixth Standard, the wave of smart, grid-connected and new energy vehicles will continue to impact the commercial vehicle market. As the leader of engine technology, Cummins will naturally not lag behind. 'The first step in the intelligentization of commercial vehicles It is necessary to automate the powertrain. 'Peng Lixin said, 'Most trucks are still using mechanical transmissions. Such a system is not conducive to intelligence, so we must promote the automatic transmission and make the powertrain intelligent. 'Peng Lixin revealed that the next step for Cummins is to strengthen the concept of powertrain and recommend the Cummins series of engines and transmissions as a whole solution to customers. He also said: 'It needs to be emphasized that this recommendation is not exclusive, it is only for Customers provide more choices. 'And Cummins's second step is to achieve digitalization, that is, the vehicle is connected to the Internet. ' Cummins spent five years building a car networking system, more and more related products, every time we You can get the operating data for the moment and analyze and provide support for future big data upgrades. ' Peng Lixin told reporters, 'After these two conditions are met, I think the business Intelligent car is straightforward. '

In the face of the development trend of the overwhelming new energy vehicles, Cummins is still keeping its own pace and moving steadily forward. ' Cummins had previously set up an electric drive business division. The research scope includes batteries, motors and electronic appliances. It is expected that new energy buses will be launched in 2019. Products. 'Peng Lixin told the reporter, 'Given that the fuel cell and pure electric technology still need to be broken, we believe that the market will be diversified in the next decade. Cummins will continue to deepen its strengths in the diesel engine, and also make new energy automotive products. The advancement. '