China National Nuclear Corporation has made breakthroughs in overseas breakthroughs | China National Nuclear Corporation independently develops accelerators for export to Turkey

On May 14th, in China's important accelerator research and development base, with the acceleration of the van truck slowly out of the China Institute of Atomic Energy, the nuclear non-destructive testing linear accelerator developed by China National Nuclear Corporation was officially shipped to Turkey. The Group's first export of high-end manufacturing equipment for accelerators indicates that China's electronic linear accelerator technology has reached the international advanced level. This is a significant step for China National Nuclear Corporation to implement the 'One Belt and One Road' initiative and enhance its international influence. It is of great significance to open up the international market for nuclear technology and application industries. Members, Deputy General Manager Cao Shudong attended the departure activities.

Electronic accelerator is the source technology for nuclear technology application. It is the most advanced radiation device in the world. It is the most complex and the most core equipment for non-destructive inspection systems such as containers and vehicles. At present, only the United States, Germany and a few developed countries have the ability to manufacture nondestructive testing accelerators. The accelerator for this export is the 6MeV dual-energy non-destructive testing electron linear accelerator which has a completely independent intellectual property right at the Institute of Nuclear Energy. This accelerator has an energy regulation function and is the most advanced non-destructive testing accelerator. Users use this accelerator as a high-energy X-ray source. Safety inspection of large container vehicles.

In the activity, Cao Shudong pointed out that as an important supporting force for the innovation and development of CNNC, the Atomic Energy Institute should further emancipate the mind, accelerate the pace of reforms, focus on enhancing the ability of scientific and technological innovation, and make important breakthroughs in nuclear-based scientific research and national major project tasks; it is necessary to deepen science and technology Institutional and institutional reforms will accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of researchers, accelerate the application and promotion of nuclear technology, promote the in-depth development of military and civilian integration, and make new contributions to the promotion of national nuclear technology and the development of the group's industries.

This year coincided with the 60th anniversary of the completion of the “one reactor” (China's first heavy water reactor, the first cyclotron) in the Institute of Atomic Energy. For 60 years, the Institute of Atomic Energy Accelerators has successively created a number of domestic scientific and technological achievements, and The professional direction of the electron linear accelerator developed detection and irradiation accelerator series of nuclear technology application products. It has developed the first non-destructive testing electron linear accelerator, the first high-energy low-power electron irradiation accelerator and the first high-energy high-power irradiation accelerator, etc. The overall technical level has always been at the leading position in China and has achieved significant influence in the domestic market. On May 9, 2017, since the release of China's first international standard for general nuclear instrumentation, the Institute of Atomic Energy has used electronic linear accelerators for non-destructive testing. International influence has been greatly improved, and many foreign equipment integrators have purchase intentions.

It is understood that in January 2018, the Atomic Energy Research Institute and the Chinese company jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the transfer, transformation and industrialization of Accelerator's scientific and technological achievements. It is planned to cooperate to build an industrialized company in the field of accelerators for China National Nuclear Corporation, and accumulate accelerator technology in the Nuclear Energy Institute. The results can provide CNNIC with an industry scale that further expands, and provides an important source of technology and driving force for further enhancement of industrial capabilities. At present, the two parties have reached preliminary consensus on the cooperation in the detection of three products: linear accelerator, radiation accelerator and PET cyclotron.

China Nuclear Power Group's Ministry of Science and Technology and Information Technology Department, Market Development and Capital Operation Department, International Cooperation Department, Military and Civil Integration Office/Nuclear Technology and Applications Industry Department leaders and related persons, and relevant leaders of the Atomic Energy Institute attended the departure activities.