Germany Snowkin Develops World's First All-Electric Feed Mixer

Sinking is a global leader in the feedstuff mixer industry. Recently, it was learned from related parties that the company recently developed the world's first electric self-propelled feed mixer, and put it into use in the German agricultural pasture.

Snowkin Electric Self-propelled Feed Mixer

The feed mixer is fully electric, achieving zero emissions. There are three volumetric specifications of 8, 10, and 14 cubic meters respectively. All driving and mixing use electric power, clean, low noise, and the equipment is simple, compact, and the failure rate is low. The highlight of the combination of new energy and sustainable agriculture in livestock farming machinery.

Founded in 1983, Snowkin has been focusing on the development and manufacture of mid- to high-end feed mixers for more than 30 years. Its products include stationary, trailed and self-propelled feed mixers. Snowkin has annual sales of over 50 million Euros.

Snowkin Electric Self-propelled Feed Mixer

According to reports, Snowkin sold a total of more than 8,000 mixers of various types in the European market, of which 2,500 were sold in Germany. Traction mixers accounted for 80% of total sales, and self-propelled mixers accounted for 15% of total sales. In Germany, the market share of traction mixers produced by Snow Gold is 24%, while the market share of self-propelled mixers is as much as 33%.

Since 2014, Snowkin has brought high-end innovative products to decisively advance into the Chinese blender market and has already owned a number of users in the domestic market.