Summer air conditioning greedy and cool, careful air conditioning!

Since May, the country has entered the 'spring-summer' season-changing mode. The most urgent thing is nothing more than cooling the air quickly to the body, but the problem has also come. The temperature has dropped, but this is a hot and cold one. Excessive temperature difference, coupled with sedentary air-conditioned rooms, prone to air-conditioning disease. So, how should we be healthy air-blow?

Air conditioning disease from a medical point of view, not human disease

For patients, air-conditioning is not a disease, because there is no medical record of this 'disease'. Strictly speaking, people often say that air-conditioning disease refers to long-term use of air-conditioning, some people appear nasal congestion , Runny nose, cough, fatigue, dry itchy throat and other uncomfortable conditions, and most people leave the air-conditioned room after a period of time, all kinds of discomfort usually eased and disappeared.

From a technical point of view, air conditioning disease is the disease of air conditioning

Why do people get air conditioning? 'Cause' In air conditioning. In the face of air conditioning, doctors often give this advice:

First, adjust the temperature of the air conditioner to ensure that the temperature difference between the room and the outside does not exceed 7 degrees Celsius, and maintain the room temperature at around 26 to 28 degrees Celsius. Do not stand directly in front of the hot and cold winds. Second, pay attention to the circulation of air. To open the window to ventilate, to prevent the room oxygen concentration decreased; In addition, to increase the air humidity, the humidity is controlled at 40% to 60% is the most appropriate; Finally, the air conditioning must be cleaned in time. Before using the air conditioner in summer every year, it is best to ask the professional chef. Thoroughly repair and clean the air conditioner.

Therefore, to solve the problem of air-conditioning disease, change the air-conditioning habits is a permanent cure, go to the hospital is only a temporary means to slow down the symptoms of the symptoms.

Is changing the habits of air conditioners or replacing air conditioners?

Consumption has been upgraded, but also allows users to change their habits? The 21st century, the real God or the user, only from the traditional hardware thinking to the user needs is the king.

Previously I thought that what I wanted was just an air-conditioner that would cool and heat. After I had air-conditioning, I knew what pain was. Consumers needed a true 'cure line' to comfort.

The author saw a message that Haier has a comfortable air-conditioner with high speed, comfortable air-conditioning, and constant temperature and comfort. It also “holds a bath.” Haier United Research Institute for Successful Biologists, through a sample of 28,600 people from different regions, ages and genders. Analysis of lighting, temperature and humidity, wind speed, etc. established the first thermal comfort model that meets China's physique, and applied the research results to this new product to solve the problem of air-conditioning comfort. Air-conditioning has a self-cleaning technology to quickly peel off the interior of the air conditioner. Dirt, the equivalent of air-conditioning to take a bath, to avoid the trouble of manual cleaning.

This summer, users should look for this standard when they buy air conditioners: Air conditioners are clean, they must not be air-conditioned!