On the refrigerator, this most important indicator has been ignored

Refrigerators are one of the most frequently used household appliances in our daily life. Generally, when people buy refrigerators, they usually pay attention to functions, quality, energy consumption and appearance. These indicators are important, but refrigerators are in direct contact with food. Liner material is often ignored by people. The refrigerator liner is in direct contact with food. The quality of the material used in the refrigerator liner plays a decisive role in quality and safety. However, many people do not care or understand the material of the refrigerator liner. The importance of this indicator of the refrigerator liner material was introduced by Xiaobian.

Domestic refrigerator liners mainly include PS, HIPS, PS6 and other materials. These materials are all in accordance with national standards. Generally, liner materials are marked in refrigerator liners. Among them, PS is a thermoplastic plastic with its mechanical strength. , Wear resistance, poor resistance to characterization, and brittleness; HIPS is a modified PS, that is, HIPS is a PS plastic modified PS material, is essentially PS material, modified in impact resistance; HIPS The impact strength is greater than that of PS, an engineering plastic.

Focusing on the material of the PS6 liner, the bottom of the plastic we use daily, we can often see the digital grade of the material. The higher the grade, the healthier, of which PET-1 is generally used for mineral water bottles; HDPE-2 is commonly used in bath products; PVC- 3 used for plastic pipe; LDPE-4 is used for cling film; PP-5 is commonly used in microwave meal boxes; PS-6 is often used for baby bottles, long-term use does not release harmful substances, to ensure the safety of use.

By comparison, it is not difficult to find that the interior material of refrigerator is of high quality grade PS6>HPIS>PS. Other materials are not as environmentally friendly and safe as PS6. PS6 is a liner material that can be in direct contact with food, and has a strong bactericidal effect. The role of bacteria, long-term use does not release harmful substances.

In the past two years, under the two-child policy blessing, the 'family of four' has gradually become the mainstream of family structure in the entire society. For new mother groups, how to store maternal and child foods healthier and safer has become their focus. As we all know, the storage conditions of maternal and child foods are extremely demanding. All these have put forward higher requirements for the use of the refrigerator and the functions. The use of PS6 materials in refrigerator liners will result in more maternal and child users.

Xiao Bian found in the recent market research that the only domestic refrigerator product in the domestic refrigerator market is the PS6. The reason should be related to the strict control of export quality. It is understood that the Omar refrigerator has been exported to the EU for 10 consecutive years. First, European countries attach great importance to food safety. The use of PS6 materials in refrigerator liners and shelves is a basic requirement. It is also China's refrigerator access to Europe. However, Omar refrigerators have been implementing the 'three standards', namely exports and domestic sales. The products are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards of the European Union. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the domestic market, it is not surprising that the key components of the Omar refrigerator liners, drawers, shelves, etc., can be used in direct contact with the food PS6 material.

According to industry sources, the use of Omar PS6 materials in refrigerators allows consumers to enjoy fresh, nutritious ingredients at the same time as breakthroughs in product innovation strategies. This also means that they are competing in the 'healthy refrigerator' market. , Omar refrigerator has taken advantage of the EU-level quality to take the initiative, will lead the market in a new round of consumer upgrades.