The successful bidder and Haier released the first thermal comfort model

On May 12th, Haier Air-conditioner United States and America Electrical Appliances released the industry's first self-cleaning air-conditioner with high-speed comfort in Beijing, Jinbo self-cleaning air-conditioner to achieve user comfort and upgrade. At the scene, China National Institute of Standardization and Haier released “Human Body Heat” The Comfort Research Report ("Report"), which is based on the study of thermal comfort in China's physique, has released China's first person's thermal comfort model. It is reported that this model has been applied to Haier's comfort. Clean air-conditioning products, ensure that self-cleaning air-conditioners blow out comfortable air suitable for the Chinese physique on the basis of their own cleanliness.

From studying air conditioning to researching people The air conditioning industry first studied human thermal comfort

Thermal comfort is the subjective satisfaction rating of people in the surrounding thermal environment. According to the “Report”, people spend 80% of their lives indoors, and when they are in a state of thermal comfort, their thinking is observed. Ability, operational ability are all the best.

As an indoor air conditioner, the air conditioner has a great influence on the comfort of human body by changing the indoor air temperature, humidity, air flow, etc. However, traditional air conditioners mostly study the speed of cooling and heating, and use the remote control to set the temperature and room temperature environment. The temperature difference of the temperature is used to calculate the frequency of the air conditioner motor operation. In particular, air conditioners inevitably have problems such as 'low air temperature and poor comfort' in the summer, which easily induces a series of air-conditioning diseases such as colds and dizziness. uncomfortable.

Zhao Chaoyi, director of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Key Laboratory of the China National Institute of Standardization, introduced that Haier upgraded air conditioners from researcher to researcher as early as 2010. Both parties established China's first 'Human thermal comfort research center' in 2015. The research center involves China. Basic physical and psychological heat characteristics of the human body, user habits preferences, thermal comfort environment parameters, subjective thermal sensation evaluation, bionic person environmental thermal comfort evaluation, human body thermal comfort evaluation standard and other items, both parties study optimal comfort air suitable for Chinese physique surroundings.

The first thermal comfort model that meets the Chinese physique was born

In response to the problem of poor comfort in traditional air conditioners, Haier United Tendering Institute conducted analysis of light, temperature, humidity and wind speed for 28,600 samples of different regions, ages and genders, and researched and developed the industry’s first intelligent bionic person, simulating 30 human body regions. Twenty kinds of human metabolic activities and 17 types of warm and cold environments can be used for comfort testing in different states such as stance and sitting posture to improve the comfort of air conditioners. Up to now, the two parties have exported PMV equations and first-person bodies that meet the human physiological characteristics. The thermal comfort model also produced two national standards for comfort experience of air conditioners to fill gaps in the industry. It is reported that research results on human thermal comfort are applied to Haier's self-cleaning air conditioners, allowing Haier's self-cleaning air conditioners to blow clean and comfortable air.

According to the introduction, the speedy and comfortable self-cleaning air-conditioner announced this time is the latest application of the human thermal comfort model. The new product also uses a dual temperature differential PID inverter technology and patented self-cleaning technology with 65 patented inventions to achieve speed and comfort. , Clean air experience. An experimental data show that in the process of indoor temperature from 30 °C to 26 °C, Haier speed self-cleaning air conditioning is 28% faster than ordinary air conditioning, which means that Haier air conditioner can quickly reach the most comfortable Temperature. Under the leadership of the 'one-man-one-in-one' model, Haier took the lead in getting rid of traditional hardware thinking, shifting product research and development focus from air-conditioning hardware to home air solutions, and achieving a transformation from 'air-conditioning' to 'air-making'. The published "Human Comfort Research Report" and the ultra-quick and comfortable self-cleaning air-conditioning are the theoretical and technological achievements in practicing 'air-making'. Chai Jianyun, Director of the Institute of Power Electronics and Electrical Systems of the Department of Electrical Engineering of Tsinghua University, commented that 'industry 30' For many years it has been the research of frequency conversion energy conservation. Haier's first proposal for comfortable frequency conversion innovation fills the gap in the industry, which will convert energy into frequency Comfort of turning to the mark. '

According to the latest data released by Euromonitor International, Haier has achieved the highest sales of globally connected air conditioners (including smart air conditioners) for 2 consecutive years, with a share of 30.5%.