Blowing Air Conditioning = Smothering? Zhong Nanshan pointed out that air conditioning has become | 'Indoor killer'

Since the beginning of summer, temperatures in many parts of the country have picked up significantly, and air-conditioning is about to enter peak usage. However, people are only eager for comfort brought by air-conditioning, but few people are aware of the dangers of air-conditioning.

In fact, the high temperature and humidity environment inside the air conditioner can easily breed bacteria, mold, and other contaminants that endanger the respiratory health of the family. Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the National Center for Respiratory Disease Clinical Medicine, reminds:

'The weather is getting hotter now. Clean the filter before you turn on the air conditioner.'

Air-conditioning mold, bacteria detection rate as high as 100%, ranking first in the pollution source

According to a survey conducted by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention of China, the results of air conditioning and sanitation surveys showed that in the air-conditioning dust collection and dust accumulation in air-conditioning systems in more than 60 cities, air-conditioning ducts with serious pollution accounted for 47.11% of the air-conditioners. The proportion of 46.17%, qualified only 6.12%!

The "2018 White Paper on Indoor Air Health" also pointed out that air conditioners accounted for 42% of pollution sources.

Give two more real-life examples that are more visual and appetizing:

When Ms. Wang’s home cabinet air conditioner, who lives in Qingdao’s Shanshui Mingyuan Community, washed the evaporator, the outflow of water appeared black like ink, and white foam appeared in the barrel from time to time.

Use a clean white towel and put it on a three-year, unwashed, air-conditioner outlet for a night. The color of the towel near the air outlet becomes directly black, and it also has floc-like dirt.

Experts said: 'Normal home air conditioners do not clean for 3 years, evaporator dust accumulation, more than 60 times dirty than the toilet'.

Dirty air conditioning causes indoor pollution and endangers human respiratory health

The data shows that 70% of households in China have air-conditioners that have been used for more than 5 years, but the number of households that do professional cleaning within the last year is no more than 30%.

The accumulation of dust on air-conditioning filters and evaporators can breed pathogens, fungi and aphids, can cause influenza, measles, runny nose, scarlet fever, legionella and other pathogens, and seriously threatens human respiratory health.

There is a well-known, lung-pollution index formula based on a large number of cases and data: Use uncleaned evaporator air conditioning 0.5 hours = Heavy haze weather walking for 16 hours.

What does this mean?

According to the daily use of dirty air-conditioning for 5 hours at home to convert, it is equivalent to bathing in the imperial city with heavy haze for 160 hours. However, the reality is that we live in an air-conditioned environment almost every day of the summer, if the air conditioning is not Timely cleaning, the harm can be imagined.

Air-conditioning cleaning, breathing more healthy

Air-conditioning is so dangerous, but the hot summer can not be separated from the air-conditioning, how to protect indoor air quality through effective measures?

Filters are the most frequently cleaned and most easily cleaned areas. However, the real source of air conditioning is not the filter but the evaporator. Therefore, old air conditioners at home must be cleaned at least twice a year.

If you think that air-conditioning cleaning costs are higher, then upgrading old air-conditioning to Haier self-cleaning air-conditioning is a good choice.

Self-cleaning air conditioner adopts patented cold expansion technology, which can strongly strip the evaporator dirt and keep the interior of the air conditioner clean.

On this basis, iterated the 'empty and clean one' self-cleaning air-conditioning clean room, but also from the air-conditioning clean to clean air upgrades, completely eliminate the secondary pollution of indoor air.