Water purifier industry has been scaled up | Market coverage is increasing again

Now more and more families have installed water purifiers, or are choosing to do it – after all, in their opinion, nothing is more important than the water quality of the entrance. It is also based on the more developmental momentum of the domestic institutions. It is predicted that by 2020, the market for water purifiers is expected to reach 33.48% in urban households.

At present, with the increasing demand for quality of life, new types of home appliances such as water purifiers, water purifiers, formaldehyde detectors, and fresh air systems are gradually becoming one of the most intense categories of consumer purchase intentions. Business opportunities, have increased investment, expand production, expand the market. Although the domestic water purifier market development momentum is good, but as a niche products, still need to continue to eliminate consumer sense of distance to the water purifier, around the daily application of the scene In-depth product promotion.

In recent years, the growth of the water purifier market is encouraging. According to public information, in 2017, China's water purifier market was close to 100 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth exceeding 30.84%. Currently, water purification equipment is mainly divided into microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. Three major technologies. Among them, reverse osmosis water purifiers have high effluent quality, the market share has exceeded 51%, production companies are close to 3847, and annual sales volume has reached 10 million units. According to forecasts, the sales volume of water purifiers in 2018 is also Will maintain more than 15% growth, the overall scale of the industry chain will exceed 32.7 billion yuan.

In the eyes of people in the industry, a new generation of environmentally-friendly products represented by water purifiers and fresh air systems is becoming an essential element of Chinese home appliances. In fact, at different stages of economic development, consumers have formed a standard home The standards, as it was 50 years ago, represented the 'three majors' of sewing machines, bicycles and watches, and the 'new three-pieces' represented by color televisions, refrigerators and washing machines 40 years ago. Today, the green economy is booming. , Green appliances, including water purifiers, are constantly adapting to the needs of the 'new middle income group' for quality of life.

As a modern home appliance, the water purifier can provide a convenient and healthy way of drinking water processing. Its precise and controllable mode can restore the original taste of water resources. Water purification has advantages in ensuring healthy drinking water and low-carbon circulation. The traditional water production process can effectively solve the problem of high water consumption and lead the industry in improving water efficiency. The industry believes that the water purifier can replace a lot of human work, such as filtration of heavy metal ions, scale, bacteria and other impurities, and far more than artificial Intelligent, digital.

Looking at the business opportunity of water purifiers, household appliances companies have increased investment, expanded production, and actively expanded the market. From the perspective of user feedback, in order to meet the public's demand for water resources, the frequency of use of water purifiers is emerging. The market's response to water purifiers is also relatively good. Everyone feels it is very convenient to operate. 'Water treatment often originates from demand, but clean water can infiltrate everyday life. ' The water purification technology is constantly improving and the products are more practical. Easy to use, water purifier will become one of the essential products of Chinese household appliances.

Although the domestic water purifier market has a good momentum of development, it also faces some challenges. At present, domestic water purifiers have low penetration rate and low product awareness. Many consumers are still unfamiliar with water purifiers and have no real contact with them. Over-production has severely restricted the release of market potential. Due to the lack of an effective promotion path, the promotion of water purifiers is far behind that of traditional home appliances. Water purifiers are still limited to word-of-mouth communication, how consumers can be exposed and experience the charm of water purifiers. It is difficult to tackle in the future.

The companies alone can't solve the bottleneck problem mentioned above. From the perspective of many people in the industry, innovation is the key to unlocking the water purifier market. It is necessary to dig deeper to effectively solve the problem of pain points for users. At the same time, eliminate Consumers' sense of distance to the water purifier is a good way to promote around the daily application scenarios. Next, it should promote the daily properties of water purifiers, such as comprehensive service, water saving value, and intelligence. The market's cake is bigger, let more consumers feel the charm of the water purifier.

The water purifier industry is still in the initial stage of consumer diffusion. Some people need to take the lead to establish a common promotion path to achieve brand dominance and industry momentum. The industry believes that more measures should be taken to increase consumer awareness of water purifier equipment and build businesses and consumers. Communication bridges trigger public enthusiasm for new products such as water purifiers and push water purifiers into millions of households.