Ariston Gas Water Heater Creates New Concept of Smart Home Appliances

With the proliferation of artificial intelligence concepts spreading to the appliance market, it seems that they are not embarrassed to say that they are new products. Even in the field of household appliances, some experts predict that in the next few years, the penetration rate of smart appliances will exceed 50%. However, with the increase in sales volume, consumers have experienced a lot of so-called smart home appliances that use networking as a smart device. Many operations are more cumbersome than traditional control methods. It is inconvenient and confusing. What kind of experience should smart home appliances bring? What?

True intelligence requires no user intervention

In fact, real smart appliances are not only simple to control through mobile phones. In a relatively fixed application scenario of living appliances, people actually hope to achieve a better application experience with less intervention, which is far more than adding networking functions. Important. What exactly is intelligence? In my opinion, a qualified smart home appliance must first have the ability to perceive the environment, and be able to solve the contradiction between user needs and environmental changes, without human intervention, without being perceived to provide comfort. Experience is the real advantage of smart appliances. For water heaters, satisfying users with the same comfortable feeling of hot water in different seasons is the embodiment of true intelligence.

Under different ambient temperatures in different seasons, the body's perception of water at the same temperature is actually not the same, but to achieve the same comfort, you need to intelligently complete the temperature adjustment. To improve the ultimate comfort of gas water heaters, Ariston In 2018, the newly launched Next EVO 2.0 Perpetual Gas Water Heater, equipped with a patented Auto Sensing System (Patent No. 201220258671.4), adopts a dual temperature-sensing dual adjustment system that intelligently senses water temperature fluctuations, detects incoming and outgoing water temperatures at the time, and adjusts combustion levels in seconds. The multiple parameters such as water volume, air volume, etc., can intelligently set the optimum outlet water temperature, which can not only reduce the difference in human body feeling caused by changes in the external environment temperature, but also avoid sudden changes in water temperature caused by multi-channel water usage, and truly achieve a constant comfortable experience.

Ariston engineers collected a large amount of data in various regions of China to achieve this goal. After a lot of real machine tests and temperature simulations, engineers installed temperature models across the country into the 'intelligent sensor' system. By building a data model, the water heaters Can intelligently 'identify' outside seasons and temperatures, and accurately determine the right bath temperature. This looks like the now popular AI concept of 'machine learning', through repeated training, to make the machine itself to make the right select.

In this way, the Auto Sensing system is like having a personal butler. When you are dragging a tired body and want to take a comfortable hot bath, you don't need to repeatedly adjust the bath temperature, because the Perpetual Gas Water Heater is ready for you. Comfortable, warm bath water.

In addition, Ariston Next EVO 2.0 family of new constant gas water heater is also designed for children, adults, the kitchen three temperature exclusive button, each button can be individually stored and memory temperature, one-click to switch modes. Humane The smart operation, to meet the comfort experience of the family, is to create a new model of smart home life.

Smart home needs to guard against potential safety hazards

Safety is a key link for all home appliances. Ariston's new Next EVO2.0 Persistent Gas Water Heater incorporates a CO Carbon Monoxide Alarm System to quickly detect harmful gas concentrations. Once a CO concentration exceeds 150ppm, a second-level sound and light alarm is set. Exclude any security risks for a time. The internal system can achieve a total of 48 security protections, including 45-minute timed protection, 48-degree high temperature security lock, flameout protection, overheating protection, and so on, to protect user's security with true wisdom.

In addition to the product's own safety, the safety impact of the external environment on product operation was also taken into consideration by Ariston. Next EVO2.0 Perpetual Gas Water Heater adopts intelligent constant current source technology, which can sense the outside wind speed and automatically adjust the machine operation. State, to prevent air inrush caused by strong wind, ensure full combustion, and provide comfortable and continuous hot water continuously. This technology is specially approved by KIWA GASTEC, the European authoritative gas safety agency, and can resist 9 gales. It is the gospel of high-level users.

Everyone or different use scenarios have different needs and definitions for hot water 'comfort'. Ariston sees such personalized needs as the ultimate test standard for the user to obtain maximum comfort experience. True smart technology is integrated into the product, reflecting the new concept of smart home appliances.