19th anniversary drive, TCL air-conditioning to show the power of major brands

At the time of the 19th anniversary of TCL Air Conditioning, the official 5.15 big event held by TCL officials and JD.com was opened today. It brought great benefits and surprises to consumers, and this made TCL air-conditioning a favorite. Topic. In the previous few days, TCL Air Conditioner won the 'Guangdong Province Famous Brand Title' in 2017 and caused concern in the industry. The launch of the 5.15 Big Event has once again made TCL air-conditioning a hot topic in the Internet. It can be called 'Internet Red' in the air-conditioning industry. .

Behind the identity of “Net Red” is the unremitting pursuit of quality by TCL Air Conditioning, and it is also the unremitting endeavor of product-driven. TCL has invested more than RMB 500 million in research and development in the past three years, and invested RMB 220 million in 2016. Currently, TCL has Air-conditioning has 1842 independent intellectual property rights, including 297 invention patents. With a strong technology-driven, TCL air-conditioning in the industry has made the industry can not be overlooked progress speed.

As the fastest-growing company in the air-conditioning industry, TCL air-conditioning maintained a rapid growth for eight consecutive years. In 2017, it also passed the threshold of 10 million sets of annual production and sales, rushed into the top five of the industry, and achieved a milestone leap. Today TCL air-conditioning Won the title of “Guangdong Province Famous Brand Products 2017”, it also reflects the recognition and high recognition of TCL air-conditioning brands from consumers, industry experts and local governments.

In 2018, TCL Air Conditioning proposed a new strategy of 'leading air conditioning into a new era of intelligence', focusing on intelligence and variable energy efficiency, continuously improving product strength, and leveraging new growth momentum to steadily move toward a period of rapid growth. To make the product more adaptable to the individual user's individualized usage habits, TCL Air Conditioner has launched a flagship, a star, and popularized three series of new products.

The flagship 'T Rui' series, celebrity series 'e涟', and the popular series of 'Zhi Duo Bao' not only condense the concept of high reliability, cost-effectiveness, high value, and smart products, but also save energy. The three dimensions of comfort and health, as well as adapting to user habits, provide users with an improvement in experience. In terms of energy saving, TCL air conditioners can use the new 'power steward' function to know the usage of air-conditioning electricity charges in real time, and set the electricity tariff quota effectively. Work, easy to achieve one dollar a night electricity, energy-saving operation than normal air conditioning operating around 30%; In terms of comfort and health, TCL air conditioning equipped with 'cool feel soft breeze' system and self-cleaning technology, can be said to bring users more comfortable and healthy In terms of adapting to user habits, TCL air-conditioning is equipped with a voice interaction system. The accuracy of voice command recognition is as high as 95%, enabling very natural voice human-computer interaction and control of temperature and humidity through intelligent systems. Always create the best environment. With the promotion of these new smart technologies, the intelligent upgrade of TCL's air conditioners will also be officially launched.

In addition to product upgrades, TCL, a big country brand that practices 'going out', has also promoted brand marketing strategy upgrades from a global perspective. Through a series of advertising, sports, and entertainment marketing methods, TCL has represented its global brand spokesperson Ma Tianyu and global brand ambassadors. Neymar's marketing traffic has been integrated into the brands of big countries, and it has created a much-anticipated 'TCL Air-Containing Iron Powder Carnival' event on a global scale, which has attracted more and more people's attention to TCL air conditioners, and also made the brand younger. , diversification, internationalization.

Of course, in order to thank consumers for their support and attention, TCL Air Conditioning also often gives thanks and feedback to users. The current 5.15 brand event also gives consumers a great opportunity to pick air conditioners. At the same time, TCL air-conditioning not only meets people's demand for cool, but also brought a new experience of smart home life. I believe this summer, TCL air conditioner will be favored by the majority of consumers.