Four Seasons Muge Opens Large Hot Water Strategy | Assisting the Rise of Chinese Brands

For the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, China’s economic growth has created a miracle that has never been seen in the history of human economics. Learning to be an excellent company, and producing excellent products. The rapid development of the national economy has provided a rich soil for the rise of Chinese brands. The brand's strategy is ready to go.

In April of last year, the State Council approved the establishment of the China Brand Day on May 10 each year. The purpose is to expand the brand awareness and influence of independent brands, promote the building of a strong brand, and meet people’s needs for a better life. This also indicates that China’s emphasis on brands has grown from The corporate level has officially risen to the national level. The Chinese brand is standing in a new highland and rises in the wind.

The government's top-level design policy has created a relaxed policy environment for the implementation of brand strategy and the development of the brand economy. Many high-quality, deep-rooted Chinese brands have ushered in a new historical opportunity. Four Seasons Mu Ge also entered this wave with confidence. .

Break the pain points in the hot water industry to lead the trend of consumption upgrade

China has entered a new era of consumer upgrading. People from product consumption to brand consumption and quality consumption upgrade. This is the 'big trend' brought about by economic and cultural development. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China analyzed the new transformation of the current major social contradictions. That is, the contradiction between the people’s ever-growing needs for a better life and the imbalanced development. In fact, this is also a profound insight into the “big trend” of consumption escalation.

Four Seasons Mu Ge seized this 'big trend.' A closer look at the water heater industry will reveal that some good water heaters on the market can meet the basic needs of heating rate, hot water quantity, insulation, appearance, etc. , Further digging consumer demand will find that consumers ultimately need 'hot water' rather than water heaters. The industry should strengthen the concept of 'water solutions' to provide consumers with a deeper level of domestic water security, environmental protection, health, etc. Demand. At the same time, the 'Bathing Culture' was initially formed, and the concept of comfort consumption has also been deeply rooted.

Based on this profound understanding of the trend, in 2018, Four Seasons Mu Ge's “Great Hot Water Strategy” was born. Around the 'establish new standards of hot water, upgrade the new experience of hot water', all seasons Mu Song opened up the whole product chain of heat source, Build a full value chain of R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and service to create a comprehensive range of system solutions from stand-alone to systems, from cities to the countryside, from home to business, offline to online, to lead Chinese consumers. Into the comfortable hot water, clean hot water, efficient hot water new era.

Four Seasons Mu Ge has been deeply pampered in the hot water industry for 18 years, stepping from a water heater manufacturer to a solution provider and service provider centered on hot water life. The core of this change is to change the original traditional water heater to 'heat source' The centered solution is to truly turn into a 'people' center and a user experience as the center, thereby giving users a better experience and giving them a beautiful, quality new life. This is also ' Big hot water strategy's significance.

Subversion of traditional bathing awareness Integrated hot water machine available

As the launch of the 'great hot water strategy', Four Seasons Mu Ge innovatively launched the integrated hot water machine at the AWE 2018 exhibition and realized the subversion of traditional bathing awareness through the integration of related equipment. Around the concept of 'integration', Four Seasons Mu Ge Integrate heating equipment in heating methods, water purification, space-style building structure and many other demands, fully satisfying users' needs for hot water bathing in terms of comfort, beauty, intelligence, entertainment, personality, etc. For users, this will be A major change in hot water experience.

Under the guidance of consumer upgrades, energy saving and environmental protection, health and comfort are the current development trend of home appliances, and the newly-built luxury shower panel integrated integrated hot water machine of Four Seasons Muge incorporates instant water heaters, shower panels, energy-saving plates, Massage meter, Bluetooth music player and other functions, not only do not have the traditional space-consuming water heaters take up a lot of space, but also achieved the 'leading open, hot water is coming' effect, while having the characteristics of massive hot water supply. In energy saving and environmental protection Driven by the thinking, more consumers began to pursue 'low-carbon life', and this integrated hot water machine energy-saving disk can recycle shower water preheating, thermal efficiency up to 168%.

With the escalation of consumer demand and the development of industrial technology, intelligent household appliances are also a common topic. Intelligent appliances gradually become the rigid demand of the mainstream consumer groups after 80 and 90, especially the modern young consumers are eager to enjoy the pleasure of life brought about by technological advancement. And quality services, to promote the development of a variety of smart home appliances.

An all-in-one intelligent hot water unit with integrated smart bathroom cabinet introduced by Four Seasons Muxie has no intelligent function. It integrates 'Smart Mirror', electric water heater, soft water and reverse osmosis membrane water purifying equipment, and basin, faucet, The cabinet integrates, while satisfying the hot water, washing, dressing, and storage. The bathroom cabinet has a 'Smart Mirror' on it, which can be connected to wifi and bluetooth. It can be used as a dressing or human-machine interaction. Voice control , Understand current water conditions, personal health management, weather conditions, and infotainment to make our life simpler and more comfortable.

The intelligent terminal hot water system shows that Mushi Song adheres to the mainstream technology of the world and has strong independent innovation capabilities. By building intelligent, interconnected and other core technology tags, Four Seasons Muge also effectively establishes high-end brand awareness. , Be an example of innovation in China, quality in China, brand in China.

Open up a new blue ocean market to help the rise of Chinese brands

Over the past 18 years, Four Seasons Mu Ge has maintained a leading position in the hot water field. The reason why it stands out from many water heater brands is that it is inseparable from the many representative innovative core technologies developed during the 18-year history of solar thermal development. It effectively improved the brand's vitality, high-tech sense, and a sense of value. This year, Mu Song's integrated hot water machine was introduced to the industry to create a new blue ocean.

According to Ove Cloud Network data, the retail sales of the water heater industry in 2017 reached 74.9 billion, a year-on-year increase of 13.5%, and in the overall development of home appliances in recent years, it has been leading the entire appliance cluster with advantages. Industry commentators bluntly: 'In the market Under the favorable circumstances, the Four Seasons Muge integrated hot water machine has come out in the traditional water heater painful click, and the prospects are even more promising. In the future, the hot water market must have a place to integrate water heaters, and it is even expected to become hot water consumption. Mainstream. '

In the new era of globalization, building a world-renowned Chinese boutique brand is a new historical responsibility for Chinese manufacturing companies. The new era of high quality development, the rise of branded consumption, the globalization of Chinese brands, all of which will help China has achieved a trilogy of manufacturing powers, manufacturing powers, and brand power. In today's China-US trade war cloud, the opening of the Four Seasons Muge Hot Water Strategy, the development of an integrated hot water machine, will create the most beautiful China made smart business cards, making China’s wisdom the focus of the world’s attention.