Haier's self-cleaning air-conditioner blowing wind all over Anqiu

2018 Haier Global New Product Experience Expo - Anqiu Station will be held on May 19th in Qingyunshan Square, Anqiu City. As a leader in the Wi-Fi era of the Internet of Things, Haier will present a one-stop smart package solution to this experience. Exhibition, for Anqiu consumers to bring a 'one-stop design, one-stop sales, one-stop service' of a good life solution. Among them, Haier's world's first 'empty and clean one' self-cleaning air-conditioning will debut this experience Exhibition, to meet the health needs of consumers in Anqiu.

Anqiu City has deep historical and cultural backgrounds, beautiful ecological environment, and relying on unique modern agriculture. In recent years, the economy has developed rapidly. The level of residents' consumption has gradually increased. The concept of consumption has also undergone major changes: More emphasis has been placed on quality and health. Consumption. In response to the escalation of consumer demand in Anqiu, as well as the growing demand for intelligent and comfortable home appliances, on May 19th, the 2018 Haier Global New Product Experience Expo – Anqiu Station will be held in Qingyunshan Square, Anqiu City. As a leader in the smart home of the Internet of Things, Haier will present its one-stop smart solution solution to this experience show.

At the 2018 Haier Global New Product Experience Expo, Haier’s world’s first “air-cleaning” self-cleaning air-conditioner is undoubtedly the most popular. At the first station Pingyao Station, it achieved a record of 1.15 million in three days. As an Internet of Things. Haier's healthy air program of 'Clean Your Own Cleaner' defines the highest standards of good air conditioning in the era of the Internet of Things.

Anqiu under the upgrade of consumption, is about to usher in a 'healthy wind'

The air quality status has always been one of the important reasons that plague modern people's healthy life. In recent years, the economy of Anqiu has developed rapidly and the level of residents' consumption has gradually increased. The focus of consumers in Anqiu is gradually shifting from the 'price ratio' to the 'quality' of the product. In the past, the product's 'will be' limited by spending power, and now also evolved into more 'fancy' for life. At the same time, traditional single-function air-conditioners that can only be cooled and heated are no longer able to meet the Anqiu people. Growing consumer demand for health.

As the first brand of air conditioners in the era of Internet of Things, Haier focused on user needs, shifted the focus of product research and development from air-conditioning hardware innovations to home air solutions, and created the world's first air-cleaning smart self-cleaning air-conditioner with self-cleaning air-conditioning. With the professional level purification, it takes only one quarter of a minute to clean the entire house. During the purification process, the cooling or heating function is turned on synchronously to purify and regulate the temperature. The upgrade from the air-conditioning clean to the clean air in the room is achieved; the original soft and wet frequency conversion technology is realized. The dual control of temperature and humidity can not only inhibit the indoor air mold and virus breeding, but also care of human skin. The experience exhibition, Haier will be more diversified product demonstrations to invite Anqiu consumers to experience together, to meet consumer quality in Anqiu consumption At the same time as demand, bring a healthy air.

砥砺Innovation, the first brand of air-conditioning era Internet of Things

From 2015, original self-cleaning air-conditioner, through 6 patented self-cleaning technologies, the air-conditioner blows clean air, and on this basis, the world’s first self-cleaning air-conditioner series is launched, from both the air-conditioning itself and the indoor environment. Redefining healthy air, Haier air conditioning took the lead in breaking the industry's persistent hardware thinking, shifting research and development focus from air-conditioning hardware to home air solutions, adhering to exploring in the field of healthy air, optimizing air experience, and outputting smart air solutions.

From the transformation of 'air-conditioning' to 'air-making', Haier began deploying healthy air-conditioning as early as 3 years ago, and actively sought for breakthroughs with technology as the guide. Not only the hardware-to-user subversive change has been made at the level of thinking, but also complied with the ' What users need is no longer an air-conditioner, but rather a good upgrade trend of consumption in the air. It has achieved fruitful results in the market and smart living areas. Haier's self-cleaning air conditioners have been listed for less than three years, sales have exceeded 10 million units, and become star products. At the same time, it also created a new air-conditioning category and a new industry outlet, which was imitated by the whole industry. With the promotion of Haier, connected air-conditioning has become the fastest growing category in the global air-conditioning market. The global air-conditioning industry has entered the age of self-cleaning.

Since the past ten years, users have defined quiet air-conditioning, energy saving, temperature control, health, comfort, and wisdom. Haier has completed the transition from the product manufacturer to the air system solution provider, and has become a leader in healthy air conditioning. In order to let more people feel the great changes brought about by the development of science and technology, on May 19, Haier Air Conditioning will bring its self-cleaning products to the 2018 Haiqi Global New Product Experience Expo Anqiu Station. This exhibition covers the entire consumer technology ecosystem. The latest products and services showcase Haier’s world-leading cutting-edge high-end appliances and good living solutions. By then, consumers in Anqiu will experience the intelligence and convenience of Haier products at close range, as well as the beautiful life brought by home technology.

Activity address: Qingyunshan Square, Anqiu City

Event time: May 19, 2018

Experience ticket hotline : 4966999

Experience ticket pick up store: Anqiu Haier store Cathay home appliance Haier Park