The new eight-generation Core blessing! Acer Shadow Knight 3 advanced version evaluation

For most entry-level players, Acer Shadow Knight game has always been a good choice, compared to the same type of game book, there are certain advantages in cost-performance and personalization. With the advent of Intel's eighth-generation Core processor, The series also introduced new products -Acer Shadow Knight 3 Advanced Edition , Next we pass the evaluation, specifically to understand the new game.

First, product appearance and design style

In terms of design, Acer Shadow Knight 3 Advanced continues the series's iconic cool styling. Both sides A and C face are made of light carbon fiber texture, sturdy body lines, and ejector outlet design. , The whole machine is richer in texture, and it has full attraction for game players.

Light carved carbon fiber texture appearance

The screen, the Shadow Knight 3 advanced version is equipped with a 15.6-inch full-HD IPS display with a resolution of 1920×1080. The overall visual effect is good, but unfortunately it does not use the popular narrow frame design.

15.6 inch IPS display

At the same time, this game is equipped with a full-size red backlit keyboard, reasonable key design, moderate feedback, can give game players a comfortable control experience. It is worth mentioning that the shadow Knight 3 WASD highlight design, more It highlights the series of professional game attributes.

Full-size red backlit keyboard

WASD highlighted design

The Shadow Knight 3 Advanced Edition is also equipped with Dolby Audio, which provides rich, clear and powerful sound effects. It is very helpful for players who like Jedi for survival.

In terms of interface, Acer Shadow Knight 3 Advanced Edition is equipped with a network port (RJ-45) × 1, Type-C interface × 1, HDMI interface × 1, USB 3.0 interface × 1, USB 2.0 interface × 2, and SD card The slot, interface type is very rich, can meet the basic daily expansion needs of players.

Rich body interface

Second, hardware configuration and performance

In terms of hardware configuration, Acer Shadow Knight 3 Advanced Edition is equipped with Intel® CoreTM i5-8300H processor, NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 (4GB), 8GB DDR4 memory, and 128GB SSD+1TB HDD hard disk combination. This new product also provides i7 version of the processor, follow-up will also launch a higher level graphics card for users to choose.

Hardware Configuration
Acer Shadow Knight 3 Advanced Edition
Intel® CoreTM i5-8300H
Video card
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 (4GB)
hard disk

Intel® CoreTM i5-8300H processor

Acer Dark Knight 3 advanced version of the processor is Intel® CoreTM i5-8300H processor (basic frequency: 2.30GHz, maximum Turbo frequency: 4.00GHz, cache: 8MB), quad-core eight threads, TDP is 45W.


Compared with the previous generation of products, the performance of the new generation of Coffee Lake architecture of the eighth-generation Core processors is very clear, and the results of the processor performance test (CINEBENCH R15) can also be seen, the i5- equipped with the advanced version of Shadow Knight 3 8300H processor (multi-core: 860cb, single-core: 175cb), far superior performance in the previous generation i5-7300HQ processor (multi-core: 513cb, single-core: 148cb), and even comparable with the i7-7700K processor.

Processor Theory Performance Test

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 (4GB)

The evaluation model lost NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 (4GB) graphics cards to meet the needs of entry-level gamers (Time Spy: 1687, Fire Strike Extreme: 2744). Users with higher requirements can choose other configurations.


Graphics performance test

8GB DDR4 memory and 128GB SSD+1TB HDD.

In terms of storage devices, the Acer 3D Cavaliers Advanced Edition uses 8GB DDR4 memory (up to 32GB of memory) and 128GB SSD+1TB HDD, which is a common storage configuration in entry-level gaming books. In SSD testing (CrystalDiskMark), This SSD has a continuous reading speed of 554.5MB/s and a sustained writing speed of 134.0MB/s. The overall performance is at the same level as the upstream level. The combination of the two hard disks can also provide players with even greater speed at the same time. storage.


Third, thermal performance and built-in tools

● Thermal performance

In addition to the above, thermal performance is an important indicator in the evaluation of the game. We tested the prototype with full load. The initial conditions for the test are as follows:

Test Tools: AIDA64, FurMark, Room Temperature: 28°C, CPU Load: 100%, Test Time: >1 Hour

AIDA64 and FurMark are two commonly used copying tools. AIDA64 can test the heat dissipation ability of the product through the system stability test and provide real-time update voltage. The temperature can monitor the thermal performance of the product. FurMark It is through the fur rendering algorithm to measure the performance of the graphics card. At the same time, it can also test the stability of the graphics card. We will use this software to double-fire the machine. It is worth mentioning that during the actual use, the use of long-term high loads is relatively rare, so the temperature in the test results is usually not reached.

The test prototype runs continuously for 1 hour, 41 minutes and 25 seconds under the full CPU load until the CPU temperature is stable.

AIDA64 System Stability Test

It can be seen from the image generated by the infrared thermometer that, at room temperature 27.4°C, the high temperature area is mainly concentrated on the top of the keyboard, the maximum temperature is 53.8°C, and it has a certain impact on the middle of the keyboard, but it is not used during actual use. Will feel uncomfortable.

Body surface temperature distribution

Since the heat dissipation hole is behind the fuselage, the product D surface has also been affected. The maximum temperature has reached 59.7°C. At the same time, taking into account the high temperature of 27.4°C in the room, the thermal performance of this game is still relatively good, but There is still room for improvement.

D surface temperature distribution

● Acer NitroSense

NitroSense Control Sensing System enhances the gaming experience, allowing you to more easily monitor system information in real time, CPU/GPU temperature and load, and manually control the fan speed to cool it to its full potential to avoid frame dropping or instability.

Acer NitroSense

Fourth, popular game test

In order to understand the actual game performance of the Acer Shadow Knight, we selected several games including Jedi Living, Witches 3: Wild Hunt, and Tomb Raider: Rise.

Jedi Survival (PUBG)

Resolution: 1920×1080

Vertical sync: off

Game Settings: Medium

Jedi Survival game settings

During the testing process, we selected 50 frames under medium quality as the sampling result. The maximum number of running frames of the game is 62 FPS, the minimum is 35 FPS, and the average number of frames is 51.52 FPS. Theoretically, it can run smoothly.

"Jade survival" frame number distribution

"Witcher 3: Wild Hunt"

Resolution: 1920×1080

Vertical sync: off

Game Settings: Medium/High/High

"Wizard 3: Wild Hunt" game settings

The number of 50 frames under different image quality (middle/height/height) is taken as the sampling result. The game effect under medium quality is smooth (maximum: 46FPS, minimum: 39FPS, average: 41.7FPS), high quality And the performance under the ultra-high image quality is also acceptable (high image quality: 33.68FPS, high image quality average: 25.84FPS), but it is recommended to run the game under medium/high image quality.

"Sorcerer 3: Wild Hunt" Frames Distribution

"Rise of The Tomb Raider" (Rise of The Tomb Raider)

Resolution: 1920×1080

Vertical sync: off

Game Settings: Medium/High

"Tomb Raider: Rise" game settings

In the hilltop scene, the maximum number of running frames under medium quality is 61 FPS, the lowest is 43 FPS, and the average number of frames is 51.62 FPS. The game performance is good. The performance under high image quality is also relatively stable at an average of 36 frames. Smooth running without any problems.

"Tomb Raider: Rising" frame number distribution

Fourth, PConline evaluation room summary

● Product configuration and running information

Product configuration
Acer Shadow Knight 3 Advanced Edition
Intel® CoreTM i5-8300H
Video card
NVIDIA® GeForce® 1050
hard disk
Performance Testing
Test score (the higher the score, the stronger the performance)
Cinebench R15
554.5MB/s (continuous reading speed) 134.0MB/s (continuous writing speed)
Time Spy: 1687, Fire Strike Extreme: 2744
Game testing
High quality 1920*1080 resolution (the higher the score, the smoother)
Sorcerer 3: Wild Hunting (Quality: Medium)
Highest: 46FPS, Lowest: 39FPS, Average: 41.7FPS
Tomb Raider: Rise (Quality: Medium)
highest: 61FPS, Minimum: 43FPS, Average: 51.62FPS
Jedi Survival (Quality: Medium)
Highest: 62FPS, Lowest: 35FPS, Average: 51.52FPS

● Evaluation summary

The Acer Shadow Knight series has a good user base among gamers due to its excellent price/performance ratio and unique body design. The Acer Shadow Knight 3 advanced version of the game book was launched while inheriting the classic features of the series. , It also brought light carbon fiber surface and simple and sturdy body lines, so that the overall appearance is more texture. In terms of performance, the latest eight-generation Core processor + GTX 1050 alone significant hardware combination, although not in the highest special effects Under the big game, but the effect of the game in the medium / high quality is still very good, smooth running popular online games is not a problem. For entry-level gamers, Acer Shadow Knight 3 advanced version can learn about.