Big Chili | 'Dam!' | Eating Chicken!

To say that the most popular game of 2018 may not be the king's glory, nor is it LOL. Many young buddies are only afraid to have 'chicken' in their minds. This FPS shooting game called Jedi Survival has been held since 2017. 3 Since its release in the month, Thunder has swept through the world's major game charts, and its sales have steadily increased. At the same time, it has captured a number of game loyalty.

A safe zone (commonly known as the 'donut ring') will randomly appear in the game. Under the premise of not being killed, the player needs to manipulate the character to stay in the safe zone at all times, otherwise it will continue to lose blood and cause the game to end. In fact, Putting the game settings into everyday life, the design of the 'doxen' is no different from the situation in Beijing's pollen, fog, and besieged city. It is only that relative to the random refresh of the safe area in the game, real life is often more cruel. When the pollen is hazy At the time of arrival, the so-called 'safe zone' will not appear out of nowhere, no holes will not enter the pellets, and the dust will be merciless.

What's the most important equipment to successfully 'eat chicken'? Not the legendary shot of a 98K headshot, nor the three-tiered, pan-arm to the teeth, but the sharp control of the safety zone plus adequate supplies Responsive goods. In real life, to create a safe breathing environment away from smog dust, a reliable air purifier is essential.

For many of the friends who live in the Royal Park, the hazy weather seems to have been a long time ago, especially in the spring and summer April and May, when the dust haze appears, the catkins pollen spread with the wind. The scenery can always let people unconsciously relax their vigilance. When the dim yellow sand gradually disperses, is the air quality really upright? From the Central Meteorological Observatory's monitoring data, it is known that the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region’s future air quality is still mild Pollution and even moderate pollution are the main factors. On the 14th, the average PM2.5 concentration in Beijing reached 186 μg/m3, and the overall air environment was far below the World Health Organisation standards. It would be premature to put the air purifier in a cabinet.

At present, the air purifier market has become stable, and the new standard of clean air has been promulgated for many years. In the present, air-to-clean technologies are relatively mature, consumers need to pay attention to two points when they purchase air-purchased products: First, look at quality, second, look at Actual demand.

After the survival of the fittest in recent years, well-known brands such as Samsung, Blueair, Philips, AOSmith still occupy a leading position in the industry, and its air-free products are highly praised and trusted by consumers. In terms of product quality protection, major brands It can be said that there are unique tricks, especially among Samsung. It is reported that each product of Samsung Air Purifier needs to pass the performance test of circulation, life, full noise elimination, EMI, wind tunnel and many other laboratories in the assembly process. Including 'noise', 'energy efficiency', high temperature, high humidity, corrosion resistance, product particulate matter purification ability and other basic performance, and CADR outlet, fan, air duct, filter and other air volume, air circulation testing and other structural tests, multiple detection , Layers of checks, formed a strict quality and quality inspection process, which is difficult for many manufacturers.

In the premise of ensuring product quality, consumers also need to pay attention to their actual needs. For many newly-renovated homes, formaldehyde, toluene, and TVOC are the top threats to the indoor respiratory environment. For allergic people, Pollen, catkins is the real problem that needs to be solved. Different requirements for use, the requirements for air purifiers are also very different.

Samsung used different requirements for different scenarios to launch different series of air purifier products to fully cover consumers' daily lives:

In addition to the haze series: Except the original Samsung KJ719F-K7580WW / long-lasting Samsung KJ400F-K5586WF

In addition to formaldehyde series: strong aldehyde addition Samsung KJ713G-K7050WD/ guest bedroom practical Samsung KJ393G-K5050WD

Mood lighting series: taste choice KJ350F-M3035WM (bedroom-specific)

Healthy Humidification Series: Run and sterilize KJ330F-M6056WM (both humidifying and purifying functions)

With the advent of the pollen season, Samsung and Jingdong launched a promotional campaign to protect pollen allergies, offering consumers discounted prices for flash purchases. A variety of Samsung's popular purifiers are involved. In the hot summer weather, Samsung is willing to meet everyone. Enjoy a cool, refreshing breath together.

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