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It is not unfamiliar to mention the Three Stars and Stars series of notebooks. Its simple shape design, pure body color, like a clear spring in the notebook market, is deeply loved by many young office workers nowadays. And the 2018 models of three stars In addition to inheriting this series of simple design concepts, the notebook has also undergone bold innovations in many details. For example, its body is made of magnesium alloy, allowing the body to have a more lightweight body. The processor was upgraded and equipped with a discrete graphics card. The performance of the entire machine has also been greatly improved and it can be used for more high-load tasks.

Simple and elegant appearance:

Let's take a look at the overall feeling of the Samsung Notebook's 2018 version. It inherits the simple, lightweight and elegant gene of the three stars series. First of all, its coloration will be simple and elegant enough. The Samsung Notebook Starry 2018 Edition is extremely classic. The silver light color scheme gives people a very pure feeling. It is simple but not simple. It is plain and elegant. Its size is 347.9mm x 229.4mm x 15.4mm. This is a standard 15-inch body, but the thickness of the body is With a thickness of only 15.4mm, it can be said that the body is quite thin, which is considered to be outstanding in the 15-inch notebook.

With a 15-inch body, it is not only thin, but also lighter. Bare metal weighs only 1259g. It's very rare to have such a weight with the Samsung Notebook 2018. It is necessary to know that a lot of 13-inch thin and light books are basically the weight. The secret to its thinness lies in its material. Its body is made of magnesium alloy. This material is less dense than the aluminum alloy on the market, so the weight of the body is lighter than other brands of computers of the same size.

The simple design concept is best reflected in the A-side. Apart from the silver-white body panel and Samsung's iconic logo, A-side is no other thing, there is no other artificial decoration. Also worth mentioning is that Samsung The notebook version 2018 is not the same as other notebooks. It places the logo on the center of side A. It moves the logo to the left side of side A. It breaks the old law-abiding design, but it does not lose its beauty.

Let's take a closer look at the Samsung notebook's 2018 version of the screen. Its screen is a full HD display with a resolution of 1920×1080. Its brightness is up to 500 nits. It supports 11-screen brightness adjustment, and the viewing angle is up to 178 degrees. This screen quality allows users to view extremely clear images in a wider range of angles and in more scenes. In addition, the Samsung notebook's 2018 version of the screen also uses a narrow bezel design, allowing users to have a broader The visual field and immersive viewing experience can also enhance the overall value of the notebook.

Next, let's take a look at the keyboard. The keyboard of the Samsung notebook is still using a minimalist style design. The keyboard color is the design of the silver gray at the end of the keyboard. It matches the overall style of the camera body. The design of the key path is relatively modest. The key elasticity is also soft, and there is no obvious fatigue when using the keyboard for a long time. In addition, this keyboard has a detail that is not easily noticeable, that is, the shift key on its right side is narrower. , This is because a fingerprint reader is placed on the right side of it. This design makes people look unobtrusive, maintains the overall aesthetics of the body, and the fingerprint recognition speed is quite fast.

The D-side design of the Samsung notebook is still very simple. The integrated design is adopted. The battery is built-in, and no cooling window is placed. It gives a perfect sense of beauty. However, there is still a speaker on the D surface. It can form a certain degree of curvature with the desktop, leaving a certain amount of reflection space for sound transmission, and the user can enjoy a stereoscopic realistic sound experience.

Having a thin and light body does not mean sacrificing scalability. The Samsung Notebook 2018 still has a very rich extension interface. The right side of the fuselage has an HDMI interface, a USB3.0 interface, and a USB2. 0 interface, 1 SD card slot; On the left side of the fuselage, it is a power interface, a USB 3.0 interface, a USB-C interface and a 3.5mm interface. This design can be said to be in place , To meet the needs of users to connect storage devices, video expansion and other needs.

In addition, the Samsung Notebook Star Plus 2018 also supports a maximum of 180 degrees of opening and closing, this design allows users to observe the screen in a more liberal perspective, but also make it more competent for more work scenarios.

Outstanding performance configuration:

CPU-Z test:

We used the CPU-Z software to collect the information of this laptop. The Samsung notebook is equipped with an Intel Core i7-8550U processor. The clock speed is 1.8GHz, and the maximum acceleration speed is 4.0GHz. 4 cores, 8 threads, 3 levels cache 8MB, thermal design power 8MB, using 14nm process and Kaby Lake architecture, this is a typical processor. Compared to entry-level Intel Core i5-8250U processing Its frequency and frequency are all increased, so it can handle some tasks with higher loads while saving energy.

In addition to collecting basic processor information, CPU-Z can also test processor performance. Its single-core processing power is 374.3 points and its multi-core processing power is 2072.3 points. Intel Core i5-8250U processor is The multi-core capability running in the software is divided into about 1700 points, so it seems that the performance of this processor has indeed improved a lot.

In addition to using CPU-Z to collect processor information, we also collected Samsung notebook memory information by the way. It is equipped with on-board DDR4 memory and has a memory frequency of 1196.8 MHz. Compared to many lightweight DDR3 memories DDR4 memory has more efficient transmission efficiency and data reliability has been further improved.


In order to demonstrate the performance of the Intel Core i7-8550U processor in a more three-dimensional way, we used the CINEBENCH R15 software to do a special test. It renders a high-resolution image, and finally gives a processor's score and ranking. Relatively high reference value. Intel Core i7-8550U processor in this software's multi-core processing power score of 452cb, single-core processing power score of 163cb. Description of this processor to handle the general task of the task is still good.

Fritz Chess Benchmark Benchmark Test:

Fritz Chess Benchmark is a software for testing computer chess. It is also commonly used to test the processor's multi-core processing capabilities. The test standard for this software is mainly to see how many steps the computer can take in one second. Intel Core i7-8550U processor Step 10215 further confirmed the excellent multi-core processing capabilities of this processor.

GPU-Z test:

In order to have excellent office performance, it is necessary to have a relatively good discrete graphics card in addition to upgrading the processor. Unfortunately, many thin and light notebooks are now omitted for their slim size. And the Samsung notebook star 2018 version is equipped with a NVIDIA Geforce MX150 graphics card for users. According to the GPU-Z test results, MX150 has 2GB of memory capacity, operating frequency is 1469MHz-1532MHz, memory bit width is 64bit. This kind of graphics card can make this Samsung notebook has excellent graphics processing capabilities.

3DMark benchmark test:

What kind of performance does the MX150 discrete graphics have? We used 3DMark to test the graphics processing capabilities of this Samsung notebook. We chose to use the Sky Diver mode specifically for testing midrange computers. It scored 6229 points. The notebook equipped with the same model is not equipped with a single laptop, running in this mode is about 4,000 points. So it seems that alone can significantly improve the graphics capabilities of the notebook a lot.

Hard disk read and write speed test:

In addition to the processor and graphics card, excellent notebooks of course need a hard drive. The Samsung notebook is equipped with a 256GB SSD. The hard drive has an M.2 interface, compared to the traditional SATA interface. Said, M.2 interface speed transmission faster, more stable, more compact size. We used the AS SSD Benchmark this piece of software to test the hard disk: Its continuous reading speed of 2253MB / s, continuous reading speed 2253MB/s; 4K random read speed is 1061MB/s, 4K random write speed is 328MB/s; the overall score of the hard disk is 2564 points. Overall, the performance of this Samsung notebook SSD is still very good , The performance of the entire notebook will have a qualitative improvement.

PCMark 10 benchmark:

The above evaluations are all independent tests on one of the core components of the notebook. We think it may be more abstract and do not know what these scores represent. We used the PCMark 10 software for comprehensive performance testing. The test items are mainly Storage, computing, graphics, games, etc. Some of the features we often use, this data is closer to the actual use of the situation, and the Samsung notebook star 2018 version of the score is 3877 points. Such scores indicate that it has a good ability to handle daily affairs. 5. It is a good choice to use it for daily office or home entertainment.

Endurance test:

In order to maintain the long-lasting life of the Samsung notebook, the Samsung 2018 version continues to exert its performance. Samsung's battery design is also very powerful. Its battery capacity is 77050mAh, which is much higher than the power of some mainstream slimmer notebooks. It also supports the fast charging mode. Even if it takes a long time to travel, it will not worry about insufficient power. In the special test of PCMark 8's battery life, we have adjusted the power of this computer to 50%. The final test result is 9 hours and 58 minutes. The result is simply suffocating. It must be pretty good to know that many notebooks have a battery life of up to five hours.

Smooth and comfortable use experience:

Judging from the above evaluation, Samsung's notebook version of the 2018 version is still quite good, but to fully understand its performance, we still have to look at its actual experience.

File extraction test:

File decompression is a function often used by people. Although it is not operational, it is used frequently. In particular, when decompressing some large stand-alone games or large-scale software, computers need to be able to complete tasks quickly. Strong performance. We decompressed a 4GB compressed package. It took only 2 minutes or so to use it. It can be said to be very fast and efficient. In this way, even if you unzip a stand-alone game with a tens of gigabytes in size, it does not It will take too long.

Video transcoding test:

Sometimes due to the limitation of the performance or capacity of mobile devices, we want to play videos on these devices normally, we must transcode the video. We will convert a 4K video to a 720P video suitable for playback on mobile phones. Samsung notebooks The 2018 version of Xingye is 1 minute and 48 seconds. It can be said to be very efficient and fast. It also reflects the video processing capability of this laptop is still good.

Graphics processing ability test:

Image processing is also a function frequently used in people's daily life. In the graphics processing capability test, we used Photoshop to import 100 SLR photos. The Samsung Notebook 2018 is only about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. , showing its excellent graphics processing capabilities.

Product configuration table

product information
Samsung Notebook Star 2018 Edition
15.6 inch (1920×1080) IPS-level display
Intel® CoreTM i7-8550U
Video card
NVIDIA GeForce MX150
hard disk
Theoretical performance test
Test score
CineBench R15

6229 (Sky Diver)

PCMark 10 3877
Life test

PConline evaluation room summary:

Samsung Notebook Starbucks 2018 is an excellent thin and light business book. The minimalist design contrasts with the noisy urban environment, allowing people to enjoy a pure lifestyle. Magnesium alloy design material makes the body become More lightweight, more portable, more suitable for business travel. In addition, the upgrade of the computer configuration allows the Samsung Notebook Star 2018 to handle more complex tasks, the actual application experience is extremely smooth and natural. How do you choose the right one? Business tangled, Samsung notebook star 2018 may be a good choice for you.