Tenth Anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake |

On May 12, it was the 10th anniversary of the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan Province. It was also China's tenth disaster prevention and reduction day. Compatriots who died in memory of disasters learned from disasters, Chengdu Municipal Communist Youth League Committee, UNDP, Shenzhen Funds and other units jointly organized the 'Chengdu-Chongqing Fund Youth and Future Disaster Prevention Experience Center and the UNDP's and China's Risk Management Innovation Project Chengdu Base' launch activities.

Chengdu-Chongqing Fund Youth and Future Disaster Prevention Experience Hall Launching Ceremony

Dewen Wende, Deputy Director of the United Nations Development Program, Zhang Yi, Deputy Director of the International Economic and Technical Exchange Center of the Ministry of Commerce, Ma Weihua, Chairman of the Handan Foundation, Li Lianjie, Founder of the Yanjing Fund, and Wang Shi, Board Member of the Handan Foundation, attended the inaugural meeting. Representatives of outstanding contributions to social welfare enterprises, Four Seasons Mu Song was invited to participate in this event.

Adolescents and Future Disaster Prevention Experience Hall started for our safer home

On the 512th Anniversary of the Memorial Day, the Chengdu-Chongqing Fund Youth and Future Disaster Prevention Experience Hall was officially launched. The Disaster Prevention Center is a comprehensive venue featuring experiential disaster reduction education, including earthquakes, fires, geological disasters, and flood disasters. Topics such as daily security, through an interesting and immersive experience, inspire young people's interest in recognizing and preventing disasters, improve their thinking and judgment in disasters, and learn the knowledge and skills of disaster response. The disaster prevention building also has disaster reduction. Education personnel training, curriculum development, demonstration and promotion are also functions as the Chengdu base of the United Nations Development Program and China's risk management innovation project. They will work together to promote the experience and advocacy of youth and public safety education for disaster prevention and reduction.

In the disaster prevention building, the children experienced and learned the principles of earthquakes, fires, day-to-day accident injuries, hidden danger investigations, emergencies, self-help and help, and family collaboration.

Natural disasters cannot be avoided, but we must learn from past experience and do daily disaster prevention and reduction work before we can reduce the impact of disasters. Based on this, we will use post-disaster reconstruction as an opportunity to learn from international advanced disaster prevention and reduction. Philosophy and technology, combined with the actual needs of the affected areas to explore, strengthen the resilience of communities and schools, and enhance the comprehensive ability to respond to disasters and risks.

Ma Weihua (first from the right), Chairman of the Yantai Fund, Li Lianjie (left)

Certificate of appreciation to love companies (second from right: Four Seasons Mu Song)

In earthquake-prone countries and regions, disaster-relief halls for disaster prevention, disaster reduction, education, experience, training and other activities will be built in disaster-recovery and disaster-relief education. Consciousness and ability to respond positively to future disasters that may occur. International experience has shown that we must start with education for disaster prevention and reduction, start with children’s education, promote families through children, and spread and promote disaster prevention and reduction through family-based society. Skills and culture.

Responsibility for Corporate Social Responsibility in Disasters with Core Competencies

The 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan and the 2013 Lushan earthquake in Sichuan caused natural disasters to people's lives and property and caused a serious impact on normal life. The tenth anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake was a major part of this conference. Participants reviewed and summarized the experiences of social forces participating in disaster response, summed up the experiences and lessons of disasters at home and abroad, and researched and promoted education technologies for disaster prevention and disaster reduction.

Wenchuan Earthquake 'Ten Years' Look Back' Theme Forum

Four Seasons Muge Brand Director Li Wenping (second from left) shares the topic of “Corporate Social Responsibility in Disaster Response”

According to Li Wenping, Brand Director of Four Seasons Mu Ge, as a social citizen, the enterprise is rooted in the development of society and needs backfeeding and giving back to the society. The more disasters occur, the more they can see the responsibility and responsibilities of a company. The more they can see it, Whether or not a brand is trustworthy and respectful, a diversified social structure is very important for improving the resilience of disasters. As an important force outside the government and social organizations, enterprises can combine their own products. The market is played from different perspectives and in different regions. Do my best for unique value.

Four Seasons Muge Donates Ten Boarding School Solar Hot Water Projects in the Earthquake-affected Area

For corporate social responsibility in disaster response, enterprises should give full play to their advantages and timely supplemental materials to make use of their unique value. For example, in the Wenchuan earthquake, the solar shower tents established by Mu Ge of Four Seasons can well ensure the disaster victims. The personal hygiene situation slows down the spread of the epidemic; during the Lushan earthquake, the photovoltaic power station donated by Four Seasons Muge can ensure that the mobile phone's electricity, lighting and lighting are just used, and the water purifier products can meet everyone's daily drinking water needs. In addition, post-disaster reconstruction, It is not only necessary to do a good job in infrastructure construction, but more importantly, to do a good job in the psychological construction and guidance of the affected people. To help them escape the misfortune label and to rectify the correct and positive life confidence with an equal public interest.

Family members visit Ya'an Disaster Reduction Demonstration Campus

With the progress of society, corporate values ​​have also been re-interpreted. A qualified company must not only provide better products and services to the society through technological innovation, but also create corporate value, and must also strive to be a 'corporate citizen' and pay attention to it. Earthquakes, pollution, diseases and poverty and other social issues create more social value.

In the past ten years, Four Seasons Muge has donated more than RMB 15 million in the Lushan earthquake and the Lushan earthquake. It has improved the public bathing conditions of 37 schools and hospitals, and improved the quality of life for more than 30,000 people. We have never forgotten our hearts and love. 3. The reverence of life, thanksgiving to life, advance in love and hope.