Haier Air Research Center of New Zealand is promoting the prevention of dirty air

The latest global air quality database released by the World Health Organization on May 2 shows that annual indoor and outdoor air pollution will cause about 7 million deaths worldwide. However, current global air-conditioning companies pay more attention to hardware research and cooling. New Zealand time May 14 Haier Air-conditioning announced in Auckland, New Zealand: “Creating air” in the local area, through the establishment of the Haier-New Zealand Healthy Air Research Center, the acquisition of Fisher & Paykel’s technology research in motors, fans, etc. Incubate the world's best air technology solutions to mitigate and prevent current indoor air pollution damage to human health.

According to reports, in early April, Haier had just established a Healthy Air Research Center at the Geneva University in Geneva, Switzerland, focusing on the study of the world's best air composition. New Zealand is Haier’s second healthy air center overseas and mainly undertakes technical solutions for good air. the study.

As to why the center was established in New Zealand, the person in charge of Haier Air Conditioning stated that: Fisher & Paykel, the Haier merger and acquisition brand, has leading technological advantages in the research and development of motors and fans, and is currently communicating through these development advantages to achieve technological transformation in the air. The University of Auckland also has a leading edge in comfort airflow, which will open up Haier's transition from researching air conditioning comfort to air comfort.

It is reported that before the establishment of the center, Haier has developed a technology to avoid secondary air pollution in New Zealand. This technology can intelligently identify and timely remind users to clean air-conditioning filters. This technology is the first application in the field of air-conditioning, the future Will be popular in Haier's all air-conditioning products.