New mold brings cool game experience | No longer worry about overheating

Eight generations of the Core Duo processors have been released for some time. During this month, major notebook makers scrambled to release their latest game titles. Asus is no exception. The new Asus Flying Fortress FX80 is equipped with eight generations of Core processors. And GTX1050 Ti, from the positioning point of view is the mainstream of the amount of games, let us take a look at the new Flying Fortress FX80 in the end how it!

Features : Cooling System | Game Exclusive Keyboard Design

insufficient : No interface on the right side of the body

Upgrade proposal : The size of the SSD is 128GB. If necessary, a larger SSD with more memory can be added later.

Hardware Reviews:

The configuration of the Flying Fortress FX80 equipped with the new 8-generation i7-8750H and GTX 1050Ti is in full compliance with the configuration requirements of the current mainstream game. 8GB of memory and 1TB HDD, 128GB SSD is standard for the game, but it is worth It is mentioned that the memory frequency is 2666MHz.

Game frames:

From the game's test point of view, this Flying Fortress FX80's performance is also in line with the requirements of the mainstream game, the average frame number can reach more than 60 frames. Although the performance of the eighth-generation standard processor Core Duo is stronger than the Seventh Generation, but in In terms of games, there is not a lot of lead. After all, graphics are more important in terms of games.

Running scores:

From the running point of view, it fully meets the requirements of players for an 8th generation standard pressure processor. The performance of the processor is significantly improved compared to the 7th generation i7. The GTX 1050Ti graphics card can also bring us a good game. Experience. The consumption of 80% battery power for 2.5 hours is also a good achievement for a game. The only shortcoming is that the speed of this SSD has not reached my psychological expectations, but after some time Replacing a larger, faster SSD can be a good solution.

PConline evaluation room reviews

Judging from the performance of the game's frames and the results of running software, this ASUS Flying Fortress is still satisfactory, and has found a good balance between performance and cooling. The fan is adjusted by Fn+F5. The mode can be selected to operate in its own mode. It can be very quiet when there is no need for excessive performance. When you run a large game and adjust the fan to Overboost mode, it can play its full power.

A feeling of warmth

The appearance of the ASUS Flying Fortress FX80 uses a brand new design. The combination of red and black is the classic color of the game. It makes the entire computer look full of fighting. According to the official introduction, this is the introduction of the future Battle Armor X design. Let the original relatively simple flying fortress become heated.

The center of the A side is the red ASUS logo. From the four corners of the A surface, the red ASUS logo extends out of the red line, making the shape more three-dimensional, giving the player a strong visual impact.

The screen is, of course, a 15.6-inch screen. Today's game books seldom use a narrow bezel design because once the narrow bezel design is adopted, the size of the camera body will be further compressed, leading to internal space on the main board and the body. Become smaller, so that heat dissipation will be affected and then affect performance.

The overall design of the C-plane is the same as that of the A-plane. The keyboard uses a red backlight to motivate the player's fighting spirit. The power button is also an independent design, which avoids accidentally touching the power button during the fierce battle or text entry process. The area of ​​the control board is not large, but for a game book, everyone will have an external mouse? The touchpad also uses a red line to decorate, the same with the A surface.

In terms of interface, the left side of the fuselage provides a cable interface, HDMI interface, a USB2.0 interface, two USB3.0 interfaces and an audio interface. The right side of the fuselage provides ... interface on the right side of the fuselage None provided. If you can also provide a USB interface on the right side of the fuselage and an SD card reader is perfect!

In terms of weight, the bare-metal weight is 2.341Kg, but consumers who want to buy a game book are not too worried about weight, but this weight is also lighter in the same class. Thickness, the thickest place in the fuselage 24.23mm. Overall, both the weight and the size of the game are relatively portable.

'Cruel' experience

The most influential game play experience is heat dissipation. Good heat dissipation can keep the computer in the best state in the fierce game. The Flying Fortress FX80 uses a new V-shaped heat vent design, and then with the Overbost fan booster The reasonable layout of the model and dual brass dual fan, so that the cooling effect becomes better.

In particular, the Fn+F5 combination button can be used to adjust the FX80's fan operating mode. During daily use, you can adjust to Silent mode. In this mode, the computer will control the fan to keep quiet, but the performance is Retained. When it is required to provide powerful performance, you can adjust the mode to Overboost mode. The performance of the entire computer will be fully utilized. Of course, the fan will work at full speed.

Use FurMark to conduct a copy test on Flight Fortress FX80. It can be seen from the infrared temperature chart that the high temperature area of ​​this computer is located on the right side of the middle of the keyboard. The maximum temperature is 56.5°C. The temperature near the commonly used WASD key during the game is only 28.4°C. , can see from the color WASD temperature is significantly lower than the surrounding. Does not let the finger feel any temperature caused by the discomfort, of course, will not let the computer overheated down, performance always online.

In addition to cooling, the screen also uses a 1080P Full HD IPS screen, which can have perfect color without manually adjusting the screen angle. The gaming version of the FX80 is equipped with a 120Hz refresh rate, 130% sRGB screen, not only refresh The rate is very high and it also has a very wide color gamut. It is very powerful for retouching the map.

On the keyboard, the full-key no-bump has no need to introduce too much. WASD highlights, 1.8mm key range is not the biggest highlight. This flight fortress FX80 keyboard keys using a 0.25mm key belly curve, let the use of feel More perfect. At the same time the key also uses the Overstroke accurate key technology, so that the peak pressure of each key is 62 grams, trigger more quickly, more accurate, to give players a faster, more smooth experience.

Strong performance and strength

First of all, the point to be explained in the foregoing is that this test case is under the condition of plug-in, and the data in the case of the fan mode through Fn+F5 is adjusted to the condition of Overboost. Except the battery life, the fan mode is Slient during the test run.

Watch pioneer

The number of frames in Watch Pioneer is the lowest among these three games, but the average number of frames is also 64.6 frames. The quality of the picture is the system's preliminarily high picture quality. In this case, the game can be played smoothly without any extremes. If required, I believe that the number of frames can be further improved.

Jedi survival

Jedi Survival With the update of the version, the optimization is also getting better and better. In this test, I chose anti-aliasing, the material and visual field distance is very high, and the rest choose very low screen settings. It can be seen in the game The number of frames can still be maintained at more than 60 frames, although the number of frames fluctuates too much but do not have to worry about, open the vertical synchronization to solve this problem perfectly, so that the number of frames to maintain a stable play in 60 frames.

Call of Duty 14

Call of Duty 14 as a 3A masterpiece, the requirements for the configuration is not low. In the game screen settings select the default, this game can provide different screen settings for different hardware configurations, so do not tangle in the game how to set The screen, directly using the settings given by the game. In the game, the minimum number of frames has reached 86 frames, the average number of 109 frames.


With the GTX 1050Ti's Flying Fortress FX80, the Fire Strike Exreme option will naturally be selected when running 3DMark! After real measurement, the Flying Fortress FX80 received a score of 3505, which is a result that a mainstream game should have.

CineBench R15

CineBench R15 is a software for CPU performance testing. With this software's multi-core performance test, the Flying Fortress FX80 with 6 cores and 12 threads has scored 946cb.


Although the battery life is not very important for the game, but if you need to go out and use it, you still can't find the power connector. Tested by the working mode of PCMark 8, the time of 80% of the power consumption is 100%, and the time is 2 hours. Minutes, in the game this is a middle level.


SSD speed is more important for game loading and daily use. After all, who doesn't want to read a 2-hour game for 5 minutes? The 4K read speed of the Flying Fortress FX80 is 32.19MB/s. 4K write speed is 66.53MB/s. This result is quite satisfactory, but players with SSD speed requirements can replace a faster SSD with higher speed.