Hot water industry collectors? Four seasons Mu songs to create integrated heat era

On May 10th, the second Chinese brand day arrived on schedule. From China's manufacturing to China's transformation, from China's speed to China's quality change, from Chinese products to Chinese brands, the establishment of China Brand Day marks the brand's leading role. Has risen to a new height.

When brand building meets consumer upgrades, China’s home appliance brands have radiated tremendous vitality. How to tap the pace of consumer upgrades and achieve brand upgrades? Four seasons of Mu Hai, a senior water heater brand, followed the national call, 'increasing variety, improving quality, creating brand', From the point of view of solving consumer's consumption pain points and improving the quality of life, the company launched a new series of integrated hot water machines, leading the water heater industry into a new era of integrated heat.

How can we describe the seasonal slogan Mu Ge’s report card on the Chinese brands' day? The author believes that the brand is the common pursuit of producers and consumers, and that the winners of Chinese brands will surely achieve significant results in satisfying consumer demand and leading the development of the industry. The brand of influence.

Satisfying consumer's good life demand is the highest expectation for water heater products

Consumers' desire for a better life demands higher requirements for the upgrade of water heaters. How do we take on the mission of helping people to live a better life? Starting from the needs of users and starting from product innovations. China Yikang research shows that in recent years, users Bathing habits have undergone tremendous changes, and the scene has become a product development trend.

First of all, the bathing habit changes from going out to returning home. This places higher demands on the bathing environment. Most family bathrooms are toilets, bathing space, pattern design and other issues that are of concern to consumers. In view of this, the Four Seasons Muge integrated hot water. The machine, especially the integrated shower screen hot water machine, smart bathroom cabinet integrated type has been greatly improved from the space. Such as integrated shower screen hot water machine only takes up one shower space, effectively releasing more bathroom space; smart bathroom The cabinet integrated type starts from the space design aspect, increases the bathroom cabinet that can hide the electric water heater, avoids the hidden dangers and space suppression caused by traditional wall-mounted water heaters.

Secondly, the need for cleanliness and hygiene is more important. The frequency of bathing increases. Once a week in the past, conditions are now available for 1-2 times a day. Under the high-frequency bathing requirements, conventional water heaters preheat slowly, and the use of pain points highlights unstable temperatures. Muge integrated hot water machine starts from the heating technology and enhances the energy supply to achieve instant heat wash, zero bath wait. Such as the Four Seasons Muge family hot water center, the use of smart constant temperature system, solar energy, air energy, gas and other multi-energy Composite, 24 hours constant temperature hot water, 365 days hot water no worries.

Again, hot water consumption points increased. In addition to bathing needs, there are brushing teeth, washing your face, washing hands, kitchen water, etc. The product is calculated using 3 water points for a family of 3 people, and the frequency of use is 9-10 times a day, 63-73 times a week. The integrated thermal design is specifically designed for more water consumption in the home, especially the Four Seasons Mugee Family Hot Water Center. The inside of the body is made up of a large water tank and a gas boiler, with plenty of hot water supply, bathing, washing, laundry and washing. Dishes can satisfy multiple points of water demand at the same time.

Finally, the user's need for hot water bathing is not just basic health needs, but extends to a higher level of needs, such as adding personal dexterity through bathing, adding value to personal contacts, gaining respect, etc. Sterile water, pure Soft water, and configuration of antibacterial bladder, water purification before water, is the four seasons Muge integrated hot water machine for the health of the user care; set the display to achieve intelligent interaction, add massage device, music and other multi-functional design, it is to the user Satisfaction of comfort living needs.

Responding to the trend of consumer upgrades, starting from the user experience, and constantly satisfying users with unlimited desires for a better life, is the core support for the Four Seasons Mu Ge to enhance its own brand strength. Gatherers, set heating, purification, space style, health, comfort, intelligence, etc. Omni-directional features lead the consumer trend.

To promote the change of consumption concept with brand strength is the highest goal of enterprise development

Compared with gas stoves and other kitchen and bath products such as gas stoves and hoods, the Chinese brand leading edge of the water heater market is slightly inferior. According to the monitoring data from the China Yikang line, the ratio of Chinese gas stoves in the range hood market in 2017 was as high as 91.5% and 91.4 respectively. %, while the water heater market in China accounted for only 55.7% of the brand. However, from the perspective of growth, the water heater industry in the past ten years in line with the growth rate leading the home appliance market, the market sales in 2017 exceeded 40 million units.

Driven by consumption upgrades, the Chinese water heater brand is also accelerating product upgrades. There are many new products on the market equipped with innovative technologies. For example, in order to increase product comfort, increase the number of large-scale product layout; in terms of art, Adding special-shaped designs and even using crystal inlays on the material to enhance the product's face value; in terms of health, adding antibacterial technology and innovative breakthroughs in intelligence. However, in the overall improvement of user life experience, providing users with customized life There are very few companies that have made breakthroughs in this area. The integration of water heaters is precisely for this purpose.

In particular, with the rise of the younger generation of consumers, users’ demand for water heaters has begun to show a trend of personalization and diversification. They may be busy and prosperous young people. Four Seasons Musee shower screen integrated water heaters carry luxury home SPA designs. Large water flow to achieve waist massage to relieve fatigue; they may be high pressure work practitioners (such as doctors, lawyers, etc.), Hot-smart smart Internet technology, built-in Bluetooth, can take a bath while listening to music to get spiritual relaxation, but also to answer the phone Do not miss important calls; they may be 'beautiful' young female literary women, invisible one-piece design plus fresh water without water storage design to meet their home beauty, people more beautiful dual needs. They may have a bath at home is very difficult to get The baby, choose the water mode, add interesting fairy tales, four seasons Mu Ge shower screen integrated hot water machine let the baby also fall in love with bathing time.

The “big hot water strategy” initiated by Four Seasons Muge is to customize the beautiful hot water life for the escalating consumer demand. Break the path of traditional product upgrades, proceed from the user's usage scenario, start from the user's pain points, and customize the user's needs Starting from the establishment of new standards for hot water, upgrading the high quality of hot water, upgrading the new experience of hot water, and thus driving the transformation of the concept of consumption. Formed from single machine to system, from urban to rural, from family to commercial, from offline to online full Azimuth, scenario-based system solutions, leading Chinese consumers into comfortable hot water, clean hot water, a new era of efficient hot water.

Awarded the “Oscar” of the home appliance industry, the Aipulan Award is clearly the best evidence for the innovation and product upgrading of Muxi Four Seasons. In terms of marketing, Mu Si Song has led the U-run2018 Tsinghua campus and has partnered with Chime Long. People bikini voice SHOW, pass the energy-saving, high-efficiency, health, high-tech brand image to a new generation of young consumers.

From product innovation to strategic layout, from technology research and development to marketing diversification, Four Seasons Mu Ge is setting user needs to make innovations, set the power of the brand to fulfill industry responsibilities, and accelerate industrial change. Open up new waterways for water heater Chinese brands to achieve industrial breakthroughs , While satisfying the needs of users for a better life, promote the continuous upgrading of the industry.