Speed ​​cooling | Haier invents speedy and comfortable self-cleaning air conditioner

Since May, the country has entered the 'spring and summer' season-changing mode. At home and in the office, the air-conditioners are in the air, and they come back from the outdoor steamer. The most urgent thing is to cool the body quickly by air-conditioning, but the problem will also occur. Here, the temperature is down, but the temperature difference between this cold and hot is too large. Plus sedentary air-conditioned rooms are prone to air-conditioning problems. How to improve indoor comfort and healthy air experience?

On May 12th, Haier United Nations United States released the industry's first self-cleaning air-conditioner, the new Platinum self-cleaning air conditioner, in Beijing. At the site, China National Institute of Standardization and Haier released the “Human Thermal Comfort Research Report”, which was first announced. The research results of China's human thermal comfort model. As the first air-conditioner brand in the Internet of Things era, Haier's new product is based on the rapid cooling, through the dual temperature difference PID frequency conversion technology and China's first thermal comfort model, to make self-cleaning air conditioning. Quickly blow comfortable air that conforms to China's physique. Really achieve the best user experience of 'speed, comfort, clean'.

Air conditioning is not comfortable for long periods in summer

From the perspective of the development of inverter technology, speed cooling is not a problem. The industry invented AC frequency conversion technology from 1981, DC inverter technology in 1982, and full DC inverter technology in 1989. Over 30 years of frequency conversion technology iterations have achieved high efficiency from control motors. Energy-saving, quickly reaching the set temperature. But in the summer, inverter air conditioners inevitably have problems such as 'low air temperature and poor comfort' in the process of rapid cooling, which easily induces a series of air-conditioning diseases such as colds and dizziness. Causes users to feel uncomfortable.

With the upgrading of consumption, users need not only a cooling and heating air-conditioner but a comfortable and healthy air experience. In response to the poor comfort of traditional air-conditioning, Haier switched from researching air-conditioner to researcher as early as in 2010, and combined The China National Institute of Standardization jointly conducted research on human thermal comfort and released the “Human Thermal Comfort Study Report”. It analyzed the temperature, humidity, and wind speed of 28,600 samples of different regions, ages and genders, as well as the simulation of intelligent bionics. The human body's comfort assessment determined the human thermal comfort model suitable for the Chinese physique, and applied this comfort model to Haier's self-cleaning air conditioner.

Self-Cleaning Iteration Haier invents a comfortable and comfortable air conditioner

In terms of extreme comfort, Haier pioneered the dual temperature differential PID frequency conversion technology to achieve a comfortable experience with extreme comfort. It is reported that this technology already has 65 patents for inventions. This technology solution will be used in more than 30 years in the industry. Energy-saving wind vane steering comfort research has filled the gaps in the industry. An experimental data shows that Haier's ultra-speed comfortable self-cleaning air conditioner accelerates 28% faster than ordinary air conditioners during indoor temperature reduction from 30°C to 26°C. Based on China's human thermal comfort PMV equation output by the model, Haier speed comfortable and self-cleaning air conditioner can always blow out constant temperature and comfortable air, avoid the problem of low air temperature, etc., effectively alleviate air conditioning disease.

In terms of air cleanliness, Haier's ultra-quick and self-cleaning air-conditioner is equipped with six patented self-cleaning technologies that can be quickly and completely peeled off by internal and external self-cleaning to remove dirt from the evaporator surface and keep it healthy inside. Together with the evaporator surface The antibacterial coating inhibits the growth of bacteria inside the air conditioner and ensures the clean air from the source to allow the air conditioner to operate efficiently and healthily for a long time.

Haier gradually shifted its research focus from air-conditioning hardware to home air solutions to achieve the transition from 'building air-conditioning' to 'air-making'. Zhao Zhaoyi, director of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory of the China National Institute of Standardization, introduced the two sides based on the human body heat in China. The comfort research has exported a number of air-conditioning comfort groups and standards. Currently, of the 24 national standards in the air-conditioning industry, 21 are developed under the leadership of Haier, involving air-conditioning performance, safety, installation, and comfort, among others. Haier took the lead in formulating two national standards for comfort. It is also the only user experience standard in the standard field, filling the gap in the air-conditioning industry.

Haier has achieved remarkable results in the field of smart living since it explored the 'one person's oneness' model. According to the latest data from Euromonitor International, Haier has achieved the highest sales of globally connected air conditioners (including smart air conditioners) for the second consecutive year, with a share of 30.5%. .