"I am your mother" join hands with TCL air conditioning to express Chinese style | 'kinship'

The movie "I am your mother" is released on Mother's Day. It is a joyous story without losing the warmth. The audience can't help but remember the bits and pieces of their growing up, and they relived the greatness of motherly love. The so-called companionship is the longest love. Confessions, like TCL air conditioners, have always been silent to accompany consumers, and always serve the forefront of the public, its purpose is to create a comfortable life for consumers.

to this end , TCL air-conditioning has injected a lot of funds in production, quality inspection, research and development, etc. With high reliability, cost-effectiveness, high value, and high intelligence as its main product concepts, air conditioners have evolved from standardized products to personalized products. While pursuing the quality of traditional air conditioners, it integrates current innovation, fashion, comfort and new concerns of consumers. With intelligence as the core and consumer's real needs as the starting point, TCL's pursuit of air-conditioners is also a result. Its 8 years of rapid growth has become the fastest growing company in the air-conditioning industry. In 2017, TCL air-conditioning has passed the threshold of 10 million sets of annual production and sales, rushing into the top five industries. TCL air-conditioning has become China. The core strength of the air-conditioning industry, but still not forgetting that the early days will always build the user's quality of life as a goal, and continue to work hard.

TCL Air Conditioning starts from consumers and aims to create a comfortable life

Maternal love can accompany people for a lifetime, giving people a lifetime of care, and TCL air-conditioning to abandon complex, return to real practice, is it not a long-term companionship. Its one-time upgrade aims to create a comfortable living environment for consumers. From the aspects of energy saving, comfort and health, fitness, etc., all dimensions are approaching consumer demand. However, many consumers have recently responded that air conditioning is too expensive. In many cases, electricity charges are a misleading account. TCL air-conditioning uses artificial intelligence. "Algorithm," "Intelligent Energy Management," and "1Hz ultra-low frequency control," three options to achieve more energy-efficient goals. Specifically, TCL's smart air conditioners save about 30% more energy than normal air conditioners under all operating conditions. The "Power Manager" function allows real-time understanding of the use of air-conditioning electricity tariffs. It can also achieve fixed-rate power savings based on the user-defined electricity charges, so as to achieve a real one-night dollar price.

In terms of comfort and health, the TCL intelligent air-conditioning system has a 'Cool Feeling Soft Breeze' system. The 1372 micro-holes on 14 flexible blades can transform the eddy currents of ordinary air-conditioning outlets into a soft laminar airflow. Comfort satisfaction rate increased by 25%. At the same time, the quick cooling function can reduce the outlet temperature to 17°C in 30 seconds, and the quick heating function can increase the outlet temperature to 40°C in 60 seconds, which greatly improves comfort. The unique air-cooled electric control box technology can ensure that the air-conditioner can still effectively cool in 60°C high-temperature weather, which solves the pain point of poorer thermal and air-conditioning cooling effect. 55°C titanium double steam self-cleaning, can be periodically Wash the evaporator of the air-conditioning indoor unit once to remove the dirt and heat the mold at 55°C to ensure the health of the family.

In adapting to user habits, TCL intelligent air conditioning system equipped with voice interaction, voice command recognition accuracy rate of up to 95% can be achieved very natural voice human-computer interaction. Cloud-based cloud and big data self-learning function, tracking, learning Users use the habit of air conditioning, and intelligently match the optimal air conditioning work plan, but also push messages , Reminder, guide users to use correctly.

TCL air-conditioning intelligent era is coming, the five technology gorgeous debut

2018 TCL air conditioner will achieve the transformation and upgrading brand value, the goal is to achieve the output from a simple product to the brand across the output. With the Energy Smart, smart and comfortable, smart healthy, intelligent self-learning, intelligent adaptive five key technologies, again Refresh consumers' awareness of air-conditioning, lead consumers into a new era of smart, enjoy a new era of intelligent air-conditioning.

Intelligent energy-saving: 1HZ ultra-low frequency control, to maximize energy savings, but also set the tariff set, one dollar a night, more real-time query to the end of the electricity savings in the end how much!

Smart Comfort: TCL's unique non-inductive breeze system, the wind is more cool and gentle! 60°C still strong cooling, 66HZ high frequency start fast cooling and fast heat! Cool and moisturizing.

Smart Health: Drive from physical conditioning, intelligent detection filter fouling state, and gives information presentation cleaning; using double-distilled titanium temperature self-cleaning technology, mold bacteria, resorted air cleaner and healthier.

Intelligent self-learning: It can also be set arbitrarily in multiple scenarios, recording its usage habits according to user preferences, so that a key to open use.

Intelligent adaptive: the human body by different groups comfort and adaptive analysis and research on the environmental temperature changes, the introduction of FPID frequency control, automatic identification of the user sleep mode, the display automatically dims the light source, lowering the air conditioning running most adapted to adjust the volume. The temperature of the human body.

Excellence, never stop, focus on user needs, is the commitment of TCL air conditioner to consumers. Like in “I am your mother”, Yan Ni plays the same mother as her daughter's growth. TCL air conditioner has been the consumer of the system. Demand, and consumer demand is the driving force of its constant innovation. Finally on the great day of Mother's Day, TCL air-conditioning and "I am your mother" work together to pay tribute to the mother.