The first phase of China's water purifier brand reputation ranked top 20 in five dimensions

In March 2018, Xinhuanet invited users to vote in order to maintain a healthy and rational development of the water purifier industry, from the effects of water purifiers purification, safety and convenience, noise size, water volume, and after-sales service to five major dimensions. China's water purification brand reputation rankings', after more than a month of active users vote, the top 20 list of all dimensions has been released.

Among them, in the dimension of good water purification effect, Gree, Haier, and Xiaomi had 10655 votes, 10605 votes, 10395 votes, respectively, and they were listed in the Top 20 among the top three, and Meixi, Philips, Jiuyang, Smith, Dalton, etc. Qinyuan, although it has a certain reputation in the society, this time it failed to break into the top three.

China water purifier brand reputation ranking

Dimension 1: Good Water Purification

Among them, in the safe and convenient dimension, Smith, Xiaomi, and Gree scored 10,725 votes, 10,575 votes, and 10,535 votes, respectively. They were also ranked among the top three in the top 20, while Haier, despite being in the top three in terms of clean water efficiency, was among the top three. This dimension was 10,531 votes, ranking fourth.

Dimension 2: Safe and Convenient

Among them, in the dimension of low noise, Rong Sheng, Ai Huipu and Philips respectively scored 10,769 votes, 10,551 votes and 10,487 votes. They were ranked among the top 30 among the top 20 in terms of noise, but were ranked higher in the previous two dimensions than Haier. Millet, Gree, and Smith failed to enter the top three in this dimension, basically slipping into the second tier.

Dimension 3: Small noise

Among them, Haier, Philips, and Midea in the dimension of large volume of water output accounted for 10,681, 10,592, and 10,529 votes, respectively, and were ranked among the top 20 in the top three, and in the second round, Haier’s performance was particularly good, and the United States also ranked first. For the first time, they entered the top three and ranked third. The previously ranked Xiaomi also slipped to No. 5 in this dimension.

Dimension 4: Large amount of water

Among them, in the dimension of after-sales service excellence, Changhong, Haier, and Joyoung each had 10487 votes, 10459 votes, 10457 votes, and they were ranked as the top 30 in the top 20 in the second round, and Changhong ranked first in the second round. In the top five dimensions, the top three players rushed in. The previously ranked Gree, Xiaomi, and Midea, although ranked in the top 20 in this dimension, are not ideally ranked.

Dimension 5: Aftermarket Service Excellence

To sum up, in the five dimensions, no brand can enter the top three, and some brands are present. Although they can occupy a place in one dimension and enter the top three of the top 20, their performance in other dimensions is not good. In the five dimensions, the brand with relatively stable performance is Haier. In the top five, it broke into the top three of the top 20, and twice ranked fourth. The second is Xiaomi and Gree. They entered the top 20 twice in different dimensions. The top three in the game.