Smart and easy to use | After washing and wearing | May 21 Yun Mi let you re-understand the washing machine

What can your home's washing machine do? Maybe you will tell me quickly that it can wash your clothes. But in fact it was able to do it as early as 1858. This was really a great thing in that year, but now it is In 2018, centuries passed, don't you think the washing machine should be changed?

When it comes to a washing machine that can be regarded as 'good', many people must first be able to wash clean clothes before they are actually washed. In fact, washing clothes is just the most basic requirement for a washing machine. Increasingly today, coupled with the Internet of Things, the rapid development of artificial intelligence, more and more home appliances have gradually become simple and intelligent, washing machines are no exception. Yunmi Technology will soon be listed on the cloud meter Internet washing Baking machine is a cutting-edge high-tech product that meets the needs of people today.

Yunmi Internet washing and drying machine main washing and drying integrated functions, support 40 °C gold wash and 45 minutes fast washing and drying, and with frequency conversion energy-saving features. Users can press one button to complete the entire washing and drying, can also be remotely booked through the Internet laundry, Is a AI-enabled washing machine product.

As a washing machine, it is a prerequisite to clean clothes. Yunmi Internet Washing and Drying Machine has a built-in VioBrain artificial intelligence system, and is equipped with a high-end frequency conversion energy-saving motor up to 1400 rpm. Its cleaning ratio can reach 1.03, through fuzzy control. The technology controls the variable frequency motor precisely, and intelligently regulates the washing and dewatering speed according to the weight of the laundry to improve the cleaning ratio and the washing uniformity. In addition, the cloud rice washing machine can greatly reduce the washing time while washing efficiently, and quickly wash. Bake only takes 45 minutes, at the same time its energy consumption is only China's national manufacturing standard of a level of energy consumption, to save users a lot of electricity costs.

For modern people who are busy with work and life, it's quite nerve-wracking to dry everything after washing, especially when it comes to rainy weather. Washed clothes are even after drying. It is difficult to dry, but it will inevitably lead to taste or moldy. It is really annoying. The Yunmi Internet Washing and Drying Machine has joined the condensing hot air drying system, which can realize intelligent constant temperature drying with the inner cylinder tumbling. In the drying process, a plurality of temperature sensors in the inner cylinder are used to detect the temperature change, so that the temperature of the air outlet is constant, thereby preventing the clothes from being deformed, shrinking, wrinkling, etc., and always keeping fluffy and soft. When the temperature sensor in the cylinder detects that the clothes have been baked After drying, the work will be stopped immediately to ensure that the material of the clothing itself will not be damaged.

Many people believe that it is difficult to accurately control the amount of detergent used. It is unavoidable that there will be more laundry detergent. This will not only result in incomplete rinsing of the clothes, but also leave some residual amount in the clothes. After that, it may cause some skin problems. Yunmi washing machine specially added an automatic defoaming function to intelligently detect the foam inside the barrel. When too much foam is found, it will automatically defoam water, thus avoiding the problem of incomplete foam filtration. .

In recent years, people have been paying more and more attention to the problem of washing machines. That is secondary pollution. Indeed, after a long period of use in a washing machine, dirt and bacteria are likely to remain in the barrel. This can lead to Originally, the clothes to be washed in were re-contaminated. In order to solve this problem, Yunmi washing machine added a 90 °C high temperature cleaning barrel washing mode, which can perform high-temperature self-cleaning inside the washing machine to keep the inner cylinder clean as new. , Let the clothes really washed.

Although this product has many functions, it is very simple in operation. Its unique 40°C golden washing function only requires you to press one key to let the laundry process complete automatically from beginning to end. Even parents at home can have no师自通. Also heated to a temperature of 40°C allows the detergent molecules to exert their strongest activity and thus achieve a higher washing efficiency. In addition, Yunmi washing machine also supports mobile remote booking function. Through the exclusive mobile APP, users can not only make an appointment. Laundry, real-time monitoring of laundry and drying status, letting it pack everything when you go out, eliminating the need for waiting time.

Yunmi Washing Machine is stylish and modern. The ergonomically designed 57° tilting operation panel and full touch buttons make the operation process comfortable and intuitive. 8KG's large capacity allows the entire family to wash clothes once, even as a curtain , Bed linen, quilt cover and other large fabrics can only be washed and dried directly, ie, washed and used, eliminating many drying troubles.

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