Amy Rui diatom mud lands in Times Square, USA | Let the world cheer for diatom mud

On May 10th, Beijing time, 'Amerui Diatom Mud' was listed on the 'First Screen in the World' of Times Square in New York, USA. It showed the brand concept and its product characteristics to the world, and also showed the beauty to the global consumers. Swiss brand global perspective.

( 'America's Diatom Mud' is a huge advertising investment in Times Square in the world)

Times Square in New York is located in the heart of the most prosperous Manhattan, known as the “crossroads of the world,” and the most-watched NASDAQ screen here has a reputation as the “world's first screen”. Previously, Alibaba, Tencent and a series of commercial giants are using Nasdaq to display their image and strength to the world.

Amare’s debut was also reported by nearly 400 overseas media such as 'The American Frontier Magazine', 'The Daily Herald Daily', 'World Electronics Weekly' and 'European Post Gazette'. Google News and Microsoft's Bing News are included. This AmeriSail diatom mud was invited to land on Nasdaq's Big Screen. Instead of insisting on product R&D, strict production, the brand's multi-dimensional and full-coverage efforts are inextricably linked, marking the beauty of the United States. Rui diatom mud has gained wider recognition.

( 'Ameri Diatom Mud' landed in Times Square, overseas media rushed to report)

China Brand Day was invited to land in Times Square

The strong is not born strong, but in the years of grinding, has grown into a strong man's appearance. This sentence is not only suitable for Ameili diatom mud, but also for the entire Chinese manufacturing industry in the era of Industry 4.0. May 10th , is also a year of Chinese brand day, as the first diatom mud brand in history to land on Times Square, the brand strategy of Amy Di Rui rose to a new height.

Amerui diatom mud, Since its inception in 2013, the brand has attached importance to the cultivation and absorption of professionals. It has a professional product research and development team, a rigorous production team, and a design team that follows fashion trends. Products have always met the needs of different consumers. , With the excellent performance of the product has been sought after and loved by consumers.

This time, Amy entered the Times Square in the United States and not only allowed the brand to circulate in China's domestic market, but also conveyed the brand's influence to the world. The beauty of the diatom mud did not forget the beginning of the heart and adhered to the long-cherished wishes. This is Amy's A small step is a big step in the diatom mud industry. It is also a leap in the healthy home industry. Ameri-Rui has demanded strict standards since its inception. Landing in Times Square is a trend for the development of the enterprise. , is a fully upgraded version of the brand 2.0.

Walk into Ameili diatom mud to a healthy home

Aimeirui is a new environmental protection technology brand that specializes in the research, development, production, joining sales, and construction services of high-quality diatom mud environmental protection wall materials. Relying on research and cooperation with Japanese scientific research institutions Technology has been integrated into the research and development of diatom mud to form a dilute alkaline diatomaceous earth environment. Whether in terms of product quality stability, quality, or functionality, or construction convenience and craft aesthetics, Are in the forefront of the industry.

The core product 'Aromei Diatom Mud' is a natural environment-friendly product. As a kind of decorative wall material, its products have the environmental characteristics of purifying formaldehyde, anti-mildew and humidity control, eye protection, noise reduction, fire retardant and flame retardant. The wisdom of choice in environmentally friendly wall materials on the market.

Amy Rui diatom mud brand has a professional marketing team to implement brand strategy planning, guided by market demand, consolidate and enhance the existing market share, and constantly build brand awareness, reputation and loyalty.

In the future, there will be more and more families that have a desire for healthy homes to choose Amare, and more and more families will enjoy healthy breathing.