Car | "National VI" | Standards are coming soon, what will it mean again?

In recent years, the tail gas emissions of automobiles have always been the focus of global attention. Naturally, China is no exception. The Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a report on the implementation of the National 6th emission standard for light vehicles on July 1, 2020. Strictly 40% to 50%, with great visibility.

In fact, there have been a lot of impacts on the launch of State VI. Let’s talk about individuals first. We know from the perspective of national conditions. As we all know, the quality of fuel in China is very low, and there is still a big gap compared with foreign developed countries. Fuel quality is poor As a direct result of the increase in exhaust emissions, so if you want to achieve universal access to the country, the quality of the national fuel is one of the necessary to overcome.

For consumers, isn't it worried that their old standard vehicles are going to be eliminated? At present, the state has canceled mandatory scrapping measures. That is to say, even if a car is not forced to be scrapped for 20 years, you must In order to pass the emission test, the vehicle will be inspected once every year for more than six years. In fact, the extent of the impact is not as bad as it should have been. However, it has been affected by the preservation rate of the car. I think it is inevitable, especially for the Buy the country's five new car consumers.

The person who feels most want to cry without tears is the owner of the cart. If it is a truck with more than 500,000 vehicles, it will be replaced in less than five years because the exhaust gas is not up to standard. The driver’s loss is huge. There is also the owner of the National IV. It is inevitable that the transfer of cards will be more difficult, but what you must accept is that from the current conditions, the implementation of the Sixth National Standard by the state is a matter of fact.

The above content is the basic point that Guoliu will have in the future regarding individuals and countries. At the same time, for major car companies, it is also the pressure for R&D and upgrade. Even I think, such as hippocampus, Lifan, etc. The car companies, which have lost money year after year, have no economic foundation to do R&D. This will be a test of life and death, and it will be the trend of the times. If it fails to advance with the times, then it will be eliminated by the big market. Extremely possible.

The basic framework of the regulations and the direction of future development is in place, and the regulations are also very clear. Since January 1, 2019, all new engines and new automobiles undergoing type inspection should meet the requirements of this standard, dated January 1, 2020. Any new vehicle that does not meet the 'National VI' emission standard will not be able to produce, sell or register. New engines that do not meet the requirements of this standard may not be produced, sold, or put into use.

Things are such a thing. The situation is just such a situation. How do you look at the officials?